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"Our family will move from US this summer to Schluchtern for one year. I would like to know more about this town. How many elementary schools in the town? When is the school started for new semester? Which area is good and safe for rent? Thank you in advance. Lily" (posted 05/27/2014)

In Schlüchtern, there is 1 general high school (Hauptschule), 1 elementary school, 1 high school (Gymnasium) and 1 school for the Fachabitur. The new school year begins September 5, 2014. In Schlüchtern and surroundings, one can live in quiet surroundings.
Answer provided by Heidemarie Goette on 05/27/2014
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We live 35 km away; I have been there quite often; it is a beautiful city. Shool starts on September 8, 2014; I do not know when the semester starts. You could ask with the city administration to learn what the rent index is.
Answer provided by Helga Holzmann on 05/29/2014
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In Schlüchtern, you can find the Bergwinkel-Grundschule (elementary school): Bergwinkel-Grundschule Struthweg 39 36381 Schlüchtern Fon: 06661 6074940 Fax: 06661 60749499 E-Mail: poststelle@bergwinkel.schluechtern.schulverwaltung.hessen.de Homepage: http://bergwinkel.schluechtern.schule.hessen.de/ Beginning of the school year should be September 8, 2014. Where living/rent is concerned, there should not be any problems in Schlüchtern. It is a rural area. The following is the link to the Schlüchtern city info with many sections to help with initial questions: www.schluechtern.de
Answer provided by Gudrun Schiebelhut on 05/28/2014
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Hi Lily, the school in Schlüchtern begins the new school year on 25/08/2014. I do not live there, but I could ask an acquaintance which schools exist and where there are good homes.
Answer provided by Angelika Hildmann on 05/29/2014
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Schlüchtern Overview

Schlüchtern is a town in the Main-Kinzig district, in Hesse, Germany. It is located on the river Kinzig at the southwest of a hill called Landrücken, approx. 30 km southwest of Fulda (Fulda vacation rentals | Fulda travel guide).

Schlüchtern is a small town in the Main-Kinzig-Kreis in Osthessen in the state of Hesse in the Federal Republic of Germany. Schlüchtern is located in the eastern Main-Kinzig-Kreis, about 30 km southwest of Fulda at the southwest end of the back country and on the A66 between Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) and Fulda. The region is closer to the mountain, because here the foothills of the Rhön Südrhön run to the east, the Spessart in the south and the Vogelsberg in the north meet. The river Kinzig flows through the city, in Sinntal-Sterbfritz at Kinzig spring and Hanau (Hanau vacation rentals | Hanau travel guide) in the Main River.

Things to See in Schlüchtern

  • Angle Mountain Heritage Museum in the "castle Lauter'schen"
  • Fire stone castle in the village of Elm wood with appliances and Sieboldmuseum
  • Kloster Schlüchtern-Schlüchtern monastery - now building Ulrich von Hutten - Gymnasium and the church music training facility (KMF)
  • Alte Synagoge is now a Community Center with cinema, cabaret, theater, readings and jazz concerts
  • Kriegsgräberstätte
  • Ruine Burg Steckelberg-the birthplace of Ulrich von Hutten
  • Castle Ramholz with Schlossgarten
  • Ramholzer Music Festival (since 2005)

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More about the History of Schlüchtern

The town evolved from a monastery founded in the 8th century, enlarged during the following centuries and closed down during the reformation. Since then the convent buildings hosted a public school. They were reconstructed - including the gothic church - during the 19th century. Even so as the oldest part of the monument a crypt from carolingian times is preserved.

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Schlüchtern is a town in the Main-Kinzig district, in Hesse, Germany. It is located on the river Kinzig at the southwest of a hill called Landrücken, approx. 30 km southwest of Fulda.

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