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Schmalkalden Overview

It is situated on the southern slope of the Thuringian Forest at the Schmalkalde river, a tributary to the Werra. As of 2009 the town had a population of 20,231.

Things to See in Schmalkalden

St. George, a late Gothic hall church finished in 1509 with stained glass windows designed by Charles Crodel

Town hall

Reformed school

Lutheran Deanship

Todenwarth's stone house

The island and the Salt Bridge

The Rose Pharmacy

Luther's house

The Court of Hessen

The Liebaug House

Large stone house

Weidebrunn Lane 30

Town fortifications

The hospital and its chapel

Wilhelmsburg Castle, the former residence of the Hessian landgraves, built about 1590 in Renaissance style

Stengel's house

The cemetery church

A 30-40 m diameter crater, formed on 1 November 2010 by the collapse of a natural cavity

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More about the History of Schmalkalden

First mentioned in a 874 deed, Smalcalta in the Frankish duchy of Thuringia received town privileges about 1180. When Landgrave Henry Raspe died without issue in 1247, it passed to the House of Henneberg-Schleusingen, while the major part of the landgraviate fell to the House of Wettin in Meissen (Meissen vacation rentals | Meissen travel guide). To secure their acquisation the Counts of Henneberg allied with the Landgraviate of Hesse, including the conclusion of an inheritance treaty. In 1360 they together with Landgrave Henry II of Hesse paid off Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide), son of Elisabeth of Henneberg.

In 1531 the town hall of Schmalkalden was the site of the establishment of the Schmalkaldic League by Protestant princes under the lead of Landgrave Philip I of Hesse, in order to protect religious and political interests within their domains. In 1537 the Smalcald Articles were drawn up by Martin Luther, Philipp Melanchthon and other reformers.

When the Counts of Henneberg became extinct in 1583, their share was inherited by William IV, Landgrave of Hesse-Kassel. William made the town a residence and had Wilhelmsburg Castle erected, finished in 1590. The Lordship of Schmalkalden remained an exclave of Hesse, from 1868 on it was part of the Prussian province of Hesse-Nassau until it was incorporated into the Free State of Thuringia in 1944.

The town sustained heavy bomb damage in World War II. From 1949 on, with Thuringia, it belonged to East Germany. After reunification, it attained its present political configuration.

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Schmalkalden is a town in the Schmalkalden-Meiningen district, in the southwestern portion of Thuringia state in Germany.

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