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"Are rental bikes available in or near Schotten? If so, please recommend a bike rental business." (posted 07/15/2014)

Unfortunately, we do not have a bike rental in Schotten. However, I can recommend a MTB school at the Hoherodskopf (8 km). Here is the web page: www.koko-pelli.de. Mr. Marbe himself has lived a long time in America, and he most certainly would give only good information. However, he only rents mountain bikes. I hope I could help you with this. Best regards from the beautiful Vogelsberg, Karin Reiber
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Schotten

  • Vogelsberg Mountains
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Vogelsberg Mountains

    The Vogelsberg Mountains or Vogelsberg (German for Bird's Mountain) are a large volcanic massif in eastern Upper Hesse separated from the Rhön Mountains by the Fulda River and its valley. Arising approximately 19 million years ago, the Vogelsberg, Germany's only shield volcano, is also Central Europe's largest basalt formation, consisting of a multitude of layers which, having flowed over each other, fall downward from their peak in ring-shaped terraces to the base.

    The main peaks of the Vogelsberg are Taufstein, 773 m (2,536 ft), and Hoherodskopf, 763 m (2,503 ft), both now enclosed in a nature park, the Hoher Vogelsberg Nature Park.


    In recent years the Eurasian Lynx returned. There are rumors about wolves being sighted in the region. Sightings have been confirmed in an area north of the Vogelsberg. Also wildcats are said to exist in the region, although they, like lynxes, are notoriously hard to spot.

  • Hoherodskopf
    [ source: Wikipedia ]


    Hoherodskopf is a mountain peak in the Vogelsberg of Hesse, Germany. It is a Miocene basaltic shield volcano.

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Schotten Overview

Schotten is a resort town on the western slope of the Vogelsberg mountains in the state of Hesse. This area is prized for its reliably high snowfall in winter and extensive hiking opportunities in the summer. You can wander in the Vogelsberg Nature Reserve, hike to the source of the Nidda river, or enjoy watersports on the Nidda Reservoir. We offer a quiet vacation apartment with its own garden, newly built in the style of a country home.

Schotten is a town in the middle of Hesse, Germany. The nearest larger towns are Alsfeld (Alsfeld vacation rentals | Alsfeld travel guide) in the north, Fulda (Fulda vacation rentals | Fulda travel guide) in the east, Friedberg (Friedberg vacation rentals | Friedberg travel guide) in the south and Giessen (Giessen vacation rentals | Giessen travel guide) in the west.

The officially recognized climatic spa lies from 168 to 773 m above sea level on the western slope of the Vogelsberg Mountains. Nearby are Hoherodskopf (764 m) and Taufstein (773 m), the two highest peaks in the High Vogelsberg Nature Park. Schotten is a tourist town thanks to reliably high snowfall in the winter and hiking opportunities in the summer in the extensive forests. Watersports are also possible on the Nidda Reservoir.

In the outermost northwestern municipal area is the source of the river Nidda, a favourite destination for hikers.

Schotten borders in the north on the town of Ulrichstein (Ulrichstein vacation rentals | Ulrichstein travel guide), in the northeast on the town of Herbstein (Herbstein vacation rentals | Herbstein travel guide), in the east on the community of Grebenhain (Grebenhain vacation rentals | Grebenhain travel guide), in the south on the town of Gedern (Gedern vacation rentals | Gedern travel guide) and the community of Hirzenhain (Hirzenhain vacation rentals | Hirzenhain travel guide) (both in the Wetteraukreis), and in the west on the town of Nidda (Wetteraukreis) and the town of Laubach (Laubach vacation rentals | Laubach travel guide) (district).

Besides the main town, which bears the same name as the whole municipality, Schotten is divided into the following communities: Betzenrod, Breungeshain, Burkhards, Busenborn, Eichelsachsen, Einartshausen, Eschenrod, Götzen, Kaulstoss, Michelbach, Rainrod, Rudingshain, Sichenhausen and Wingershausen.

Things to See

Schotten is also home to the Niddastausee, a man-made lake. Here, sailors, surfers and other watersport lovers find a place, as do recreation seekers. In winter, on the other hand, the Hoherodskopf is probably the favourite outing destination in the area.

In the Old Town, the Gothic Liebfrauenkirche can be seen with its famous Marienaltar. The winged altar was made about 1385 by an unknown painter.

In motorsport, the town is known for the Schottenring races.

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More about the History of Schotten

Archaeological finds from the Schotten area reach back to the New Stone Age. Several barrows bear witness to prehistoric times as do the Alteburg and Wildhauskopf ringwalls, whose building date is unknown.

Schotten had its first documentary mention in 778. The Horstburg, a local castle near the constituent community of Rudingshain, may have stood in connection with the town's founding. There were digs at the ruins in the 1970s, and they were interpreted as having been a Carolingian royal court. Schotten is said to have been founded by Irish-Scottish monks. The great Gothic Liebfrauenkirche ("Church of Our Lady") was built in the 14th century.

In the Middle Ages, Schotten belonged to the Eppstein and Trimberg noble families. The Rhenish League of Towns, in a feud with these families, captured the town and destroyed the walls and the stately home. From 1403, Schotten belonged to the Hessian Landgraves. The current stately home, the Schottener Schloss, dates from this time.

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Idyllically located in the Vogelsberg Mountains of central Hesse, Schotten is a popular, officially recognized health spa area. It is located very close to Hoherodskopf and Taaufstein, the two highest peaks in the High Vogelsberg Nature Park. Schotten's high snowfall make it popular with winter sports enthusiasts, as well as the summer tourists who come to take advantage of the area's hiking and biking trails. Mountain bikers can rent GPS units and pick one of eight courses to take around the region, ranging from 30 to 125 miles in length. In addition, the Nidda Reservoir offers water sports opportunities. Schotten is also popular with families, since it offers numerous activities for the younger set. These include miniature golf courses, a climbing course through the trees (Kletterwald Hoherodskopf), a nature interpretive center on Hoherodskopf, geo-caching programs which use GPS technology to teach children about the local ecosystem, and several pool facilities. In search of some cultural sites? The first documented reference to Schotten dates from 778, and with such a long history, there is plenty to see, including Eppstein Castle and the Liebfrauenkirche, which dates from the 14th century. If you are interested in learning more about Schotten's history, visit the Vogelsberger local history museum. Besides excursions into the surrounding forests and mountains, Giessen and Fulda are both within easy reach for the day tripper.

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