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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

"How is the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg/Schweinfurt ? How's the city for international students ?" (posted 06/19/2015)

Hi, I have an acquaintance who rented to students "Hannelore corn" in Schonungen who contacted via fb a friend who has more info about the school: Mr. Senol Arslan or www.FHWS.de more, I can not offer. mfG Jo Gräf
Answer provided by Matthias Gräf on 06/20/2015
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I think the University is very good, but I dont know. Because the American military which many years in the City, the flair is international. Best regards Charlotte
Answer provided by Charlotte Wahler on 06/25/2015
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Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"Hi, I will be traveling to Schweinfurt in mid October. I cannot find any information on local gyms. I will be in the Euerbach area; can you tell me if there are any gyms in the local area? I was in the US Army in Schweinfurt in 1979; I have not been to Schweinfurt since 1983. I am looking forward to the trip." (posted 10/01/2014)

There are in Schweinfurt 4-5 gyms and Euerbach ca 4 km from Schweinfurt. Body & Health Butler My Health Studio, Wilhem Strasse 8 City Fitness, High Street 15 EMS-Sports-Lounge GmbH, Kirchgasse 1 Gschwender gym, Christian Kettelerstraße 18 McFit GmbH, Rudolf-Diesel-Straße 14A
Answer provided by Matthias Gräf on 10/01/2014
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There are in Schweinfurt some gyms. You can find the details and a location map for google.de under the keyword "fitness studio Schweinfurt" Kind regards Charlotte Wahler
Answer provided by Charlotte Wahler on 10/01/2014
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Schweinfurt Overview

Schweinfurt is a city in the Lower Franconia region of Bavaria in Germany on the right bank of the canalized Main, which is here spanned by several bridges, 27 km northeast of Würzburg (Würzburg vacation rentals | Würzburg travel guide).

Schweinfurt is known for its metal industry, especially ball-bearing plants and bicycle manufacturing; see also FAG Kugelfischer, ZF Sachs AG and SKF. The pigment Schweinfurt Green, which is extremely toxic, was manufactured here. Due to its heavy concentration in primarily one industry, Schweinfurt has suffered high unemployment rates (over 6%) relative to the Bavarian average, especially since the German reunification. Politically, with its heavy concentration of workers and labor unions, Schweinfurt is traditionally the most left-leaning county in the otherwise heavily right-leaning Bavaria.

Why go on vacation in Schweinfurt?

Schweinfurt is an industrial city, but it also offers a few good museums, for example the Museum Georg Schäfer. It houses the private collection of the industrialist Georg Schäfer with works of German painting from the 19th century. Its focus lies on the periods from the late Rococo via Classicism and Romanticism to Impressionism.


Brückenstraße 20, 97421 Schweinfurt
Telephone: 09721 51-920

And, the Kunsthalle: This gallery of contemporary art has existed since 1984. In May 2009, in time for its 25-year anniversary, the new Kunsthalle in the former Ernst-Sachs-Bad was opened.

It’s not far to Bavarian state spa Bad Kissingen (25 km), where Empress Sissi of Austria already went for spa treatments. Beautiful historic buildings from the imperial time and a modern spa, Kissalis.

It’s 70 km to Coburg, where the Veste Coburg castle, also called the “Franconian Crown” with its giant walls and towers rises above the town. “Koburgk” was first mentioned in documents in 1056. The beginnings of today’s castle reach back to the time of the Staufer at the beginning of the 13th century. A cultural flourishing came with the epoch at the beginning of the 16th century, when the Saxon electors often stayed in this castle of theirs. In the 19 th century, the dukes of Sachsen-Coburg and Gotha started to build art collections of world renown there. The entire cityscape is historic and romantic; in July, there’s a Samba festival providing a little feeling of carnival in Rio.

The charming wine-villages Volkach, Sommerach, Nordheim, Prichsenstadt are only 30 km away. This is where the well-known Franconian wine has its origin, and in summer, between the old walls, there’s a feeling almost as if spirited away into the Toscana.

Würzburg (44 km) offers a visit to the residence with its baroque gardens (UNESCO world cultural heritage) as well as Veste Marienberg castle.

In Bamberg (70 km), the entire old town is a world cultural heritage; Rothenburg ob der Tauber is 98 km away. The city has completely preserved its medieval look, down to the complete city wall with defensive towers – and a torture museum. Nature lovers can go for a hike in the biosphere reserve Rhön or the nature park Steigerwald and have lunch or dinner in one of the many small, down-to-earth restaurants which offer tasty and inexpensive food.

So, a great place to go for excursions of all kinds!

Things to See in Schweinfurt

The Gothic Town Hall (1570–1572)

The church of St. Johannes (1554–1562)

The Old Gymnasium, seat of the local museum

The Museum Georg Schäfer, founded by Georg Schäfer, shows among others important pieces of Altdeutsche Malerei.

The Schweinfurter Rathaus (town hall) square has a large Friedrich Rückert monument in the center around which weekly markets and many city festivals are held. A large number of immigrants from many other countries add to the crowded innercity traffic-free Markthalle shopping area.

Motherwell Park connects the surrounding medieval buildings to the innercity market square. To avoid car-filled streets, walking through the park with part of the original city walls offers pathways and shortcuts bringing one on foot from one end of town to another, reminiscent of medieval town life.

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More about the History of Schweinfurt

The city is first documented in the year 791, though as early as 740 a settlement called Villa Suinfurde is mentioned. In the 10th century Schweinfurt was the seat of a margraviate. Early history includes count Henry of Schweinfurt (Bavaria) and Judith, who married and became a duccess of Bohemia. In the first half of 13th century Schweinfurt was expanded to a real city with city wall, towers and city gates. At that time the Nikolaus hospital was founded, a mint was established and construction work on the Saint Johannis church began. After the war Schweinfurt became a stronghold of U.S. military and their dependents. Even today a large number of US military are still stationed in Schweinfurt. Thus Schweinfurt relatively quickly recovered from its third period of destruction and the new suburbs of Bergl, Hochfeld and Steinberg were developed to settle the increasing population. In 1954 the city laid the first stone for the new town hall and commemorated the 700th and 500th anniversaries of the two earlier respective destructions, as well as the ongoing reconstruction following World War II. In 1998 German and American veterans and survivors of the bombing raids came together to erect a war memorial to the fallen.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Schweinfurt is a city in the Lower Franconia region of Bavaria in Germany on the right bank of the canalized Main, which is here spanned by several bridges, 27 km northeast of Würzburg.

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