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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"I would like to visit Seiffen in September. I will be flying from Washington DC in USA. Which international airport is the closest to Seiffen. Can I get public transportation from the airport to Seiffen? I would appreciate any information you can give me." (posted 07/07/2014)

Good day, to my knowledge, there are the only two airports in Germany, which are served by the U.S.: Munich and Frankfurt / Main. These airports are 400 and 450 km from Seiffen. Our nearest airport is in Dresden. It would certainly be beneficial to take a connecting flight to Dresden. From Dresden, take get the train about 30 minutes to Freiberg, and from there by bus about 60 minutes directly to Seiffen. By public transport from Munich or Frankfurt, it takes about 6 to 10 hours to Seiffen. Alternatively, you could rent a car or you can take a taxi from Dresden. I hope I could help you. If you have further questions, please contact us. Many greetings from the toy village! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 07/09/2014
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Good day, the nearest international airport to Seiffen is Dresden (60km). From there you can take the train to Freiberg, Saxony, and then go by bus to Seiffen (journey time approx 2 hours). If you are still looking for accommodations, you will find us at www.ferienwohnung.erzhuette.de
Answer provided by Jacqueline Rathjen on 07/08/2014
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"Hello! We are going to be in Seiffen for a couple of days in September. We hope to go from Seiffen to Prague and we noticed on a Czech transportation site that there is a 7:05 bus from Kliny to Litvinov. At Litvinov, we should be able to take a train to Prague. How does one go about getting from Seiffen to Kliny? Or, is there a better way to get from Seiffen to Prague without renting a car?" (posted 04/27/2015)

1. If you stay in Seiffen, I would suggest that you ask the landlord if he can go as far as Kliny. It's not far. ..? But you could also order a taxi, for eg http: //www.taxi-börner.de/ page = home Tel 0049 37361 45268 2. Another option would be: Bus - Seiffen to Freiberg http: // www. .vms.de / schedule / timetable informative / train - Freiberg to Dresden to Prague http://reiseauskunft.bahn.de/bin/query2.exe/dn?ld=9643&seqnr=2&ident=0g.01532643.1430244067&rt=1&rememberSortType=minDeparture&jumpToDetails=yes&HWAI=CONNECTION I hope I could help you with that! Greetings from the Toy Village Seiffen! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 04/28/2015
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"Does anyone know if the 737 bus from Freiberg stops in the city center of Seiffen? I will be traveling without a car from Freiberg and want to make sure that I can reach my hotel (next to the tourist office in Seiffen) on foot from where the bus stops. Thank you for any help you can give me." (posted 08/30/2015)

Yes, the bus from Freiberg stops in the center of Seiffen. The stop is called "Seiffen-Mitte" and not far from the hotel "Colorful house" away.
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 08/31/2015
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"We have a reservation at the Hotel Sonne kit Bergmannschanke in October. We are planning to arrive from Berlin by train. I see that we con connect in frieburg to the 737 bus (as well as other bus routs). Is the stop at Kurot Seiffen Schauwerkstatt a reasonable walk to the hotel (with luggage)? Is there taxi service within Seiffen to pick us up at the bus stop?" (posted 09/29/2015)

The bus service from Freiberg to Seiffen is the best solution. A taxi service, there is not in Seiffen. Please do not get off the bus demonstration workshop, but later one stop "Seiffen - Mitte" station. From there it's not far to the hotel "Sonne".
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 09/29/2015
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"Hallo! I imagine this is a common question, so I apologize if you are sick of seeing it... My wife and I will be staying in Dresden in late November and she would like to visit Seiffen for a day trip. We will not have a car, and the train/bus option takes way too long; are there no other options, like direct buses, tours, or shuttle services? Vielen Dank, Atg" (posted 11/03/2015)

From Seiffen from there day trips with a minibus to Dresden, Prague etc. Which day trips to Seiffen, offered in the reverse direction, ie from Dresden, I do not know. Since you would have to ask in Dresden. Here is the link to the Tourist Information in Dresden: info@dresden.travel I'm sure you can help you there. Many greetings from Seiffen!
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 11/05/2015
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"Hello, I will be staying in Nurenburg and would like to take a day trip to Seiffen. Does anyone know if there is a train between the two cities and how long the train ride would be? Thank you for your help." (posted 11/13/2015)

A day trip from Nuremberg to Seiffen is not to provide public transport in one day. Sometimes there Coaches make a day in Seiffen Station. For this purpose they had to but me directly in Nuremberg at the tourist office or at a travel agency. Many greetings from Seiffen! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 11/14/2015
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"Hello and good day. How is the best way to travel around Seiffen? Also how is the best way to get from the town of Mulda-Zethau to Seiffen? Thank you." (posted 03/03/2016)

Good day, to Seiffen come best from Chemnitz by train to Olbernhau Olbernhau and buses to Seiffen. A direct bus is also available from Freiberg to Seiffen. So from Dresden you could take the train to Freiberg and from there by bus to Seiffen. Unfortunately Mulda is not on the route. From Mulda you would after Freiberg or Sayda, there to get on the bus to Seiffen. Greetings from Seiffen! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 03/06/2016
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"We would like to come to Seiffen on Saturday Dec.10, 2016 and return to Dresden on Sunday the 11. Since we will use public transportation could you let me know what the bus schedules from Freinerg on weekends are. Are there taxis in Seiffen that would take us to Frieberg to get the train back to Dresden? Thank you forever your help" (posted 09/29/2016)

http://www.regiobus.com/fileadmin/Freiberg/Fahrplaene/Regionalverkehr/737_h.pdf http://www.regiobus.com/fileadmin/Freiberg/Fahrplaene/Regionalverkehr/737_r.pdf top standing 2 links to the schedules. From Freiberg train station on Saturday: 8:40 12:55 or 18:15 from Seiffen center on Sunday: 10:34 and 16:04 Journey time is approx 1 hour 15 minutes There are also 2 Taxi in Seiffen: Taxi Börner 0049 37362 889422 Mobil. 0049 162 2812628 claudia (at) t-online.de taxi cherry Tel. 0049 37362 8217 I wish you a good time in Seiffen! Sincerely from the toy village!
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 10/04/2016
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

"Seiffen has become our favorite city in Germany. We have been to the Christmas markets twice and have made our reservations for November, 2015. We would like to visit at Easter time but we are having trouble fnding information. Is there an Easter market in Seiffen or in the near by cities. What are the dates for 2015. Thank you! Mary Alice" (posted 01/27/2015)

An Easter market does not exist in Seiffen. All appointments of Seiffen You can visit the website: www.seiffen.de a large market there are interesting Easter in Prague, the capital of the Republic tschech.. Of Seiffen from there day trips by minibus to Prague. More information: http://www.altes-bergmannshaus.de/tagesfahrten/tagesfahrten.html Greetings from the snowy Seiffen! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 01/29/2015
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"I am planning to visit Seiffen on December 24-26 this year. I checked the Seiffen official website and found out that Xmas market will be closed before December 24. Is other shops / restaurant will be closed on Dec24-26 ? It will be big disappointment if every visiting areas are closed on this 2 days." (posted 05/28/2015)

The Christmas market always ends on Sunday the 4th Advent. At 24.12. are open until midday some stores and restaurants. For overnight guests, the hotels have also opened in the evening the restaurant. On 25 and 26.12. Holidays are with us. But these days many shops, restaurants and museums are open. You can come at this time to Seiffen so much. Book your hotel but as soon as possible, the days during the Christmas season are always booked up quickly.
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 05/29/2015
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"Are shops open on holidays-- Oct 3, 2016- German Unity Day?" (posted 08/21/2016)

In Seiffen are the stores that sell Erzgebirge wooden art, open every day - even on Sundays and holidays; So also on October 3 is open. Greetings from Seiffen!
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 08/22/2016
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"We will be with a tour group in Meissen in August and have an afternoon free. We would like to visit Seiffen - are there day tours available? Should we take a taxi? Would appreciate any information. Emily Moore" (posted 04/21/2014)

From Meissen, there unfortunately are no guided day trips or excursions to Seiffen. By car, it takes about 1.5 hours to get there. A taxi would be an alternative. Here is one taxi service the Meissen tourist info recommended: Herper Chauffeurservice Limousinen und Vans Dresdner Straße 39 01662 Meißen T. +49 3521 7190713 F. +49 3521 7190714 info@herper.eu www.herper.eu When you come to Meissen, I would be happy to see you visit my store at Bahnhofsstrasse 11, of course! Please note that, in the summer, most stores and museums close at 5 pm. Wishing you a great stay in Germany; best wishes from the 'toy village' Seiffen! Ina Gläßer
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 04/22/2014
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"My wife and I will be visiting Seiffen for the day on Tuesday, December 8. Are there any activities, sights or workshops that require an advance reservation?" (posted 11/16/2015)

No, I do not know that you would have to sign up for anything. The museums, demonstration workshops, etc. are open and can be visited spontaneously. But you are welcome to look around even on the side of our Tourist Information, where you will find the most current information: www.seiffen.de I wish you a good time in our toy village!
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 11/17/2015
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

"Are the shops in Seiffen open on Sunday - Aug. 17?" (posted 08/08/2014)

Yes, many shops are open on Sundays.
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 08/09/2014
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"what hours are stores open on Sunday's in December?" (posted 08/25/2015)

In December, the shops and the Christmas market 10-18 Clock open on Sundays.
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 08/25/2015
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"When we were there a few years ago we went into a store that you can pay to do a tour while you watch employees working on pyramids and other wooden items. What is the name of that store?" (posted 09/17/2016)

There are 2 shops in Seiffen, where you can watch: open workshop Seiffen - web host Race 12 Richard Glässer - Main Greetings from Seiffen!
Answer provided by Ina Gläßer on 09/17/2016
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Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Seiffen

  • Ore Mountain Toy Museum, Seiffen
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Ore Mountain Toy Museum, Seiffen

    The Ore Mountain Toy Museum in Seiffen (German: Erzgebirgische Spielzeugmuseum Seiffen) is an internationally known museum of Ore Mountain toys and Ore Mountain folk art. It was opened in 1953 in Seiffen. In 1973 it was joined by the Ore Mountains Open-Air Museum (Erzgebirgische Freilichtmuseum), a folk art and local historic museum with 14 houses typical of the Ore Mountains before 1900 on the edge of the toy village.

    The history of the toy museum began with the Seiffen Wooden Toy and Merchandise Exhibition (Holzspielwaren- und Holzwaren-Ausstellung Seiffen) that took place from 9 July to 3 August 1914 in the Albert Salon. For an entry fee of 50 pfennigs – 25 pfennigs for children – visitors were fascinated, for example, by a Noah's Ark with 300 animals, chess pieces, products of the reifendrehen woodturning craft that was only carried out in Seiffen at the time by a compulsory guild (Zwangsinnung), as well as larger animal figures, that were cut out of posts. On show were products of Runddreherei, a form of woodturning and ornate carvings, as well as straw-covered objects, which were actually not part of the business, but were made at the request of the leader.

    The exhibition was organised by a priest, Hermann Härtel (b 30 September 1864 in Lichtenstein; d 7 August 1919 in Seiffen/Sa.) together with the district trade association which he had been chairman of for many years. Härtel enhanced the exhibition with a part of his parish collection.

    In a room that had been furnished in the manner of an old Ore Mountain parlour were displayed a painted four-poster bed (1764), a huge chest (1734), a chest with a lid painted on the inside (1785), a colourful wardrobe covered with flowers (1798), a giant farmer's table with a tabletop of valuable wood, stone items, guild tankards, glasses and other household items. On the table stood a might clay pitcher (1739), a tin lamp (Gockel-Lampe) and an open family bible. The whole was completed by a wood-shaving candlestick (Spanleuchter) with wooden shavings. After a tour visitors could buy a "miniature farmhouse room with a stove in a matchbox" at the counter.

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Seiffen Overview

The town of Seiffen is located in the district of Erzgebirgskreis, which is the south-center of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. The earliest record of the town is from 1324 when it was referred to as Cynsifen.

Seiffen sits in the heart of the Erzgebirge, or the Ore Mountains, which are famous for many Christmas traditions. As the silver and tin deposits declined, former miners had to look for new ways to feed their families. In addition to lace making and weaving, the inhabitants went into wood carving. Nutcrackers, smoking men, pyramids (carousels with figures of the Christmas story or from mining) and Schwibbogen (wooden arcs with candles in the windows, symbolizing the opening of a mine) are some of many Christmas goods made in the Ore Mountains. Seiffen is a center of the wooden toy industry.

Things to See in Seiffen

Schwarte Berg

Seiffen Erzgebirgischer Toy Museum-The museum opened in 1953 and shows the evolution of the Erzgebirge wooden toys from its mining roots to the world famous merchandise. Since 1973, the museum attached to an open-air museum, whose building houses using a variety of workshops.

Evangelisch-lutherische Kirche


[ source: wikipedia ]

More about the History of Seiffen

The history of Seiffen started when miners opened up the district 700 years ago. With the recession of ore-mining in the area, Seiffen turned to wooden toy manufacture as a matter of economic survival. In 1699, Seiffen resident Johann Friedrich Hiemann took Seiffen toys to market at Nuremberg (Nuremberg vacation rentals | Nuremberg travel guide). Nuremberg was a toy distribution market for much of Europe at that time. Seiffen was able to break into this large toy market due to two factors. First, the low cost of living and economic depression in the Erzgebirge allowed prices much lower than the rest of European toy manufacturers selling at the Nuremberg market. Second, the high quality of toys being produced in Seiffen.

[ source: wikipedia ]

The town of Seiffen is located in the district of Erzgebirgskreis, which is the south-center of the Free State of Saxony in Germany. The earliest record of the town is from 1324 when it was referred to as "Cynsifen".

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