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Sindelfingen Overview

Neighbouring towns and cities: Böblingen (Böblingen vacation rentals | Böblingen travel guide) (continuous), Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) (15 km), Leonberg (Leonberg vacation rentals | Leonberg travel guide). The highest point is 531 metres above sea level and to the north is the Glemswald (Nature reserve).

Things to See in Sindelfingen

Old city hall (Rathaus), now the city museum (free admission)

St Martin's church (Martinskirche) (built: 11th–12th century)

A short alley with half timbered houses (Fachwerkhäusern)

Old cemetery (behind city library)

Witch jump

Cloister Lake

Large public swimming pool with a long water slide

Water-tower on Goldberg

Water-tower Sindelfingen-Steige

Water-tower Sindelfingen-Eichholz

Friendship Fountain on the market place, designed by Bonifatius Stirnberg. Around a central fountain with the Pegasus are six small fountains representing the six partner towns of Sindelfingen. The figures can rotate.

Powerline-branch Maichingen


High-based pylons

TV repeater Darmsheim

Transmitter Tower Fuchsberg

Transmitter Tower service area Forest of Sindelfingen

Daimler AG factory. Tours can be arranged through Mercedes dealers.

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More about the History of Sindelfingen

1155 First documented mention of Sindelfingen

1263 Founding of the city by Graf Rudolf von Tübingen-Herrenberg

1962 S. became "Große Kreisstadt"

1971 Maichingen and Darmsheim were incorporated

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Sindelfingen is a German town at the Schwippe river headwaters that has automotive and computer industry.

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