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"I will come to Sinsheim by train, for two days, and want to also visit the Speyer museum. How to arrange it ?" (posted 07/02/2014)

There is no problem. Both Sinsheim and Speyer can be reached by S-Bahn. For example, from the S-Bahn Rot-Malsch station: change in Heidelberg about 1.h.12Min. To Speyer without changing trains, via Mannheim, 59 min
Answer provided by Jürgen Kolhof on 07/03/2014
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"Please, how can I go, from Frankfurt to both museums (Speyer and Technikmuseum Sinsheim) in the same day? I have one free day and my husband wants to go." (posted 10/02/2014)

Not at all. the museums are too large to them both in one day to visit this makes no sense. Speyer is a historic town that offers more attractions. There I would spend the "rest" of the day. for 1 Museeum need at least 6 hours.
Answer provided by Christian Klust on 10/03/2014
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To mannheim by train. From mannheim you can go to Both speyer and sinsheim using the s-bahn. You can buy a day ticket from VRN in Mannheim.
Answer provided by Jürgen Kolhof on 10/05/2014
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

"I am short of time; what is the preferable museum of technology to visit, in Sinsheim or Speyer?" (posted 08/15/2014)

The museums are actually the same, the exhibits are changed regularly because the same curator wants to provide variety.
Answer provided by Christian Klust on 08/18/2014
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I would prefer Sinsheim for the museum. Speyer I would prefer if I wanted to visit the beautiful city and the famous cathedral as well.
Answer provided by Jürgen Kolhof on 08/16/2014
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Sinsheim

  • Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum

    The Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim is a technology museum in Sinsheim, Germany.] Opened in 1981, it is run by a registered association called "Auto & Technik Museum Sinsheim e.V." which also runs the Technik Museum Speyer. As of 2004, it has more than 3,000 exhibits and an exhibition area of more than 50,000 m² (indoors and outdoors). In addition to exhibitions, the museum also has a 22m x 27m IMAX 3D theatre. It receives more than 1 million visitors per year and is the largest privately owned museum in Europe.

    In 2003, Air France donated one of its retiring Concorde aircraft (F-BVFB) to the museum. With a Tupolev Tu-144[3] on display since 2001, it is the only place where both supersonic passenger aircraft are shown. Both are fully accessible by the public.

    The museum's alliance acquired a Russian Buran space shuttle in 2004 which opened as a walk-in exhibition at the Technikmuseum Speyer on October 3, 2008.

  • Steinsberg Castle
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Steinsberg Castle

    Steinsberg Castle is a castle in the village of Weiler, a suburb of Sinsheim in the German state of Baden-Württemberg.

    The castle was first mentioned in the year 1109. In the thirteenth century the owners of the castle were the Counts of Oettingen. Later the castle became home to the Counts palatine of the Rhein. In 1517 the castle was purchased by the Lords of Venningen. Shortly after this purchase the castle was burnt down during the Peasants' revolt. The rebellious peasants had to pay 5000 Gulden for the rebuilding of the castle. After heavy damage in 1777 by a strike of lightning the castle was left in disrepair. Since 1973 the castle has been owned by the Sinsheim council, who had large parts of the castle restored. The keep, the moat and the towers may still be viewed today.

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Sinsheim Overview

Sinsheim is a town in southwestern Germany, in the Rhine Neckar Area of the state Baden-Württemberg about 22 kilometers southeast of Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide) and about 28 kilometers northwest of Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide) in the district Rhein-Neckar. It consists of a city center and 11 suburbs with a total population of 35605 (as of December 2006).

Sinsheim's area encompasses 127 square kilometers (49 square miles). The Elsenz, an unnavigable left-bank tributary of the Neckar, flows through the town, reaching the Neckar at Neckargemünd (Neckargemünd vacation rentals | Neckargemünd travel guide).

Things to See in Sinsheim

Sinsheim's main tourist attraction is the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum, actually situated in the suburb Steinsfurt, displaying a collection of historic vehicles to over 1 million visitors per year. In 1989, a trade fair area was established that features all kinds of industrial and popular events.

Additionally, Sinsheim has a medieval city core; the Altes Rathaus (old Town Hall) is a museum for the town and its role in the 1848 revolution. An old fortress, Burg Steinsberg in the village of Weiler, overlooks Sinsheim. With its octagonal tower, dating back to the 13th century, the fortress has sometimes been called the "compass" of the Kraichgau region, and nowadays contains a restaurant.

On September 19, 2006 the mayor of Sinsheim announced a stadium would be built not far from the Sinsheim Auto & Technik Museum, for the town's football club 1899 Hoffenheim. Construction of the €40 million stadium, which seats 30,164, was funded by Dietmar Hopp, a cofounder and major share holder of software giant SAP and chief investor in 1899 Hoffenheim. The club christened their new stadium on 31 January 2009 with a 2–0 win over Energie Cottbus (Cottbus vacation rentals | Cottbus travel guide).

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More about the History of Sinsheim

The region around Sinsheim has been settled since 700,000 BC, as shown by the finding of the fossil Homo heidelbergensis in the village of Mauer, about 12 km (7 miles) north of Sinsheim. The Romans ruled the area from 90 AD to 260 AD. The city was possibly founded in about 550 AD by the Frankish nobleman Sunno. It was first historically mentioned in 770 AD in the Codex of the cloister Lorsch (Lorsch vacation rentals | Lorsch travel guide). Since 1192, the town had "city rights" (special privileges), first granted by Henry IV, Holy Roman Emperor.

Sinsheim has been a rather poor town throughout the ages, and has been affected heavily by wars from the 16th to the 18th century. Sinsheim-born revolutionary Franz Sigel became a famous Union general in the American Civil War.

The first railroad in Sinsheim was built in 1900; electricity and public water pipes were introduced into the city from 1910 on. The World Wars and the Great Depression kept Sinsheim from growing until the A6 Autobahn was built in 1968. It connected Sinsheim to national and international roads, with Mannheim (Mannheim vacation rentals | Mannheim travel guide), Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide), Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) am Main, Heilbronn (Heilbronn vacation rentals | Heilbronn travel guide), Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide), Ludwigshafen (Ludwigshafen vacation rentals | Ludwigshafen travel guide) all now within 1 hour by car. While traditionally being an agricultural town, the highway made it into a small industrial center, but it has been hit by recession and international outsourcing in recent years.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Sinsheim is a town in southwestern Germany, in the Rhine Neckar Area of the state Baden-Württemberg about 22 kilometers southeast of Heidelberg and about 28 kilometers northwest of Heilbronn in the district Rhein-Neckar. It consists of a city center and 11 suburbs with a total population of 35605 (as of December 2006).

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