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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

"Could you tell me please the names of the knife manufacturers still making knives and in what factories in Solingen. thank you Terry C." (posted 06/23/2017)

Https://www.goyellow.de/suche/besteck-hersteller/solingen LG, Claudia Franz
Answer provided by Claudia Zippmann-Franz on 06/25/2017
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Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"I am looking forward to my first trip to Solingen and Cologne. I will be there to explore and also watch my son who will be playing baseball in both cities. Could someone recommend the best way for me to get from one stadium location to another. If I take a train or bus, will there be taxis available if the distances are too far to walk? Thank you for your help!" (posted 06/27/2014)

I assume that, in Cologne, the place in question is the Circlewood Stadium on Aachener Str 800, 50858 Cologne, since baseball is played here. The connection would be like this: Solingen main station to Cologne -Messe/Deutz, travel time about 35 minutes. Then take a bus about 25 minutes to Cologne-Weiden, then its a walk of about 3 minutes to Aachener Strasse. Taxis are also available at both stations. Here is the Google Maps link from Solingen to the ballpark in Cologne https://www.google.de/maps/dir/Solingen+Hbf/Aachener+Straße,+50858+Köln/@51.0656265,6.9323621,11z/am=t/data=!3m1!4b1!4m16!4m15!1m5!1m1!1s0x47b8d31f1abffc1d:0xaf747dd337191dac!2m2!1d7.00377!2d51.160582!1m5!1m1!1s0x47bf3b022a3dc5d1:0x5779f45e8d9abdb3!2m2!1d6.844819!2d50.9380319!2m1!6e4!3e3
Answer provided by Kerstin Rossbacher on 06/27/2014
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Hello, the Solingen Alligators Stadium is located right in the center of the town, about a 250m walk from the central bus station. When traveling from Cologne, a railway connection is available up to three times per hour from Cologne to Solingen Central Central (about 25 minutes); a bus connection from there to the central bus station is available several times an hour. These connection will work in the opposite direction as well, taking you to Cologne Central, where you take a tram to the Cologne Cardinals Stadium, which is located only 150 meters from the tram stop. For your convenience, there will be taxis available in both towns, but this is much more expensive. I hope these hints are helpful. Greetings from Solingen, Manfred Lieber
Answer provided by Manfred Lieber on 06/28/2014
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The best connection is by train. The distance is about 25 km. Buses and taxis are possible. We hope to have served you. Greetings, Friedhelm Kirchner
Answer provided by Friedhelm Kirchner on 06/27/2014
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

"I am trying to find a recipe that my grandmother, who is ffrom Solingen, used to make. It was for Semmel, but it was sweet and had golden raisins in it. My mother said it was the one from Schloss Burg Castle. Can anyone help?" (posted 10/22/2015)

Here is the recipe: http: //www.oetker.de/rezepte/r/rosinenbroetchen.html www.chefkoch.de/rs/s0/rosinen+semmel/Rezepte.html This bread there in "Schloss Burg". MfG Friedhelm Kirchner
Answer provided by Friedhelm Kirchner on 10/23/2015
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What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Why should someone do a vacation in Solingen? Can you possibly tell me 2-3 popular travel tips for Solingen, which everyone visiting Solingen should see? Also let me know 2-3 special insider travel tips for Solingen that a typical tourist may not know about, but that you can highly recommend. Thanks!" (posted 07/02/2014)

Solingen, an old sword-making town, has a museum about the development of the sword. Schloss Burg is a must see. From Unterburg with the cable car to oberburg. Solingen's old town Müngsten Bridge with the adjacent Bridge Park. Fauna, a small zoo. Streetcar museum, very interesting
Answer provided by Bernd Beyermann on 07/02/2014
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"Hello, we would like to tour the Zwilling and/or Wusthoff factories. I can't seem to find anything on the internet on when tours are available or how to scheudule. Thanks for your help." (posted 01/05/2017)

The Gemini company has provided upon request, they do not offer factory tours. Messrs. Wusthoff arranges such visits only individually for larger groups. This shall be agreed with the Executive Committee. We hope this information is helpful. Sincerely Friedhelm Kirchner
Answer provided by Friedhelm Kirchner on 01/06/2017
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Good evening, they may like to look fair on the side of Solingen makers, if they find something about the company and the Wüsthof Zwilling there. We had you ever guests who have come especially for this exhibition five times in a row from another state to us. There have also private individuals access. The fair takes place in May. http://www.messer-macher-messe.de/mmm/de/home.html http://www.wuesthof.com/deutschland/ http://www.werksverkauf-in-solingen.de/lagerverkauf/zwilling / I hope I could help you and they see the links given an email address to which they can turn for maybe a factory tour. Regards Claudia Franz
Answer provided by Claudia Zippmann-Franz on 01/05/2017
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

"I have a pocket knife collection and am very interested in knowing what manufacturers are presently making knives in Solingen as it is widely considered to be where the best knives are made. Trying to follow what makers were bought by who, where they are now being made and who went out of business and when is very difficult to find. Thank you for any information. Terry C" (posted 02/20/2017)

Good morning, unfortunately I did not quite understand the question. But it would give opportunities on the homepage of the city of Solingen to obtain information. https://www.solingen.de Sincerely, Claudia Zipmmann-Franz Landhaus Lerchenhof Wermelskirchen
Answer provided by Claudia Zippmann-Franz on 02/23/2017
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Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Solingen

  • Schloss Burg
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Schloss Burg

    Schloss Burg, located in Burg an der Wupper (Solingen), is the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and a popular tourist attraction. Its early history is closely connected to the growth of the Duchy of Berg.

    In the beginning of the 12th century (after 1133), count Adolf II von Berg built Schloss Burg on a mountain over the river Wupper. The old castle of the counts, Castle Berge in Odenthal near Altenberg, was abandoned. The original name of the new castle was Castle Neuenberge (Newmountain). Not until the 15th century, after significant reconstruction as a hunting castle, did it receive its current name reflecting its palatial extension.

    Today’s appearance does not exactly match the condition documented by Erich Philipp Ploennies at about 1715. The reconstructed castle of today contains the Museum of the Bergische Land, and the castle church is popular for weddings. The castle also is home to the Memorial for Deportation and the Memorial of the German Eastern Provinces with church bells from Königsberg and Breslau.

    Hours: Monday 1pm - 6pm, Tuesday - Sunday 10am - 6pm (closed on Mondays in the Winter.

    Admission: Adults 5 €, Concessions 3 €.

    The surroundings offer hiking trails to the forests and to Unterburg, that is where the village is located, at the foot of the mountain. There you can buy the Burger Brezel, a local pretzel specialty; the pretzel bakers even have a monument. An aerial train connects Unterburg and the castle
  • German Blade Museum
    [ source: Museum website ]

    German Blade Museum

    The Deutsches Klingenmuseum (Blade Museum) in Solingen arguably has the most extensive collection of knives, swords, daggers and culinary cutlery in the world. The collection spans more than 4000 years starting in the Bronze Age (about 2000 B.C.) up to contemporary times. The museum documents the history of Solingen, Germany, and beyond from the perspective of the knife. Nearly everything that defines a society can be seen in the design, popularity and manufacture of blades. The development of technology, the rise and fall of the economy, the turbulence of war, the excess or depletion of natural materials, the level of crime and violence all effect the design and manufacture of certain kinds of edged weapons, knives and cutlery. There is also a children's museum adjacent to the main building.

    Hours: Tuesday - Thursday, Saturday and Sunday 10am - 5pm, Friday 2pm - 5pm.

  • Burg Castle (Solingen)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Burg Castle (Solingen)

    Burg Castle (German: Schloss Burg), located in Burg an der Wupper (Solingen), is the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany and a popular tourist attraction. Its early history is closely connected to the growth of the Duchy of Berg.

    Linguistically, "Schloss Burg" would be translated as "palace castle" - a tautology, yet in German "Schloss" refers to a representative building and "Burg" to a fortification - an oxymoron.

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Travel Insider Tips for Solingen

Solingen Overview

In Medieval times, the swordsmiths of Solingen coined the town's image, which is preserved to this date. In the latter part of the 17th century, a group of swordsmiths from Solingen broke their guild oaths by taking their sword-making secrets with them to Shotley Bridge, County Durham in England. Some 90% of German knives are produced in Solingen.

Solingen lies southwest of Wuppertal (Wuppertal vacation rentals | Wuppertal travel guide) in the Bergisches Land. The city has an area of 89.45 square kilometers, of which roughly 50% is used for agriculture, horticulture, or forestry. The city's border is 62 kilometers long, and the city's dimensions are 15.6 kilometers east to west and 11.7 kilometers north to south. The Wupper river, a right tributary the Rhine, flows through the city for 26 kilometers. The city's highest point at 276 meters is in the northern borough of Gräfrath at the Light Tower, previously the water tower, and the lowest point at 53 meters is in the southwest.

Things to See in Solingen

Schloss Burg, the Castle of the counts of Berg

Rhineland Industrial Museum Hendrichs Drop Forge, an Anchor Point of ERIH, The European Route of Industrial Heritage

Klosterkirche, church, built in 1690

Deutsches Klingenmuseum, German Blade Museum, presenting swords and cutlery of all epochs

Müngsten Bridge, a railroad bridge connecting Solingen with the neighbour town of Remscheid (Remscheid vacation rentals | Remscheid travel guide). Standing at 107 m above the ground, it is the highest railroad bridge of Germany.

Botanischer Garten Solingen, a botanical garden

[ source: wikipedia ]

More about the History of Solingen

Solingen was first mentioned in 1067 by a chronicler who called the area "Solonchon". Early variations of the name included Solengen, Solungen, and Soleggen, although the modern name seems to have been in use since the late 14th and early 15th centuries. Coins issued after World War I by the City of Solingen. Blacksmith smelters, dating back to over 2000 years, have been found around the town adding to Solingen's fame as a Northern Europe blacksmith center. Swords from Solingen have turned up in places such as the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms in the British Isles. Northern Europe prized the quality of Solingen's manufactured weaponry, and they were traded across the European continent. Solingen today remains the knife-center of Germany. It was a tiny village for centuries, but became a fortified town in the 15th century. In World War II, the Old Town was completely destroyed by an air raid in 1944 and 1,040 people died, so there are few sights in the center. In 1929, Ohligs, located in the Prussian Rhine Province, 17 miles by rail north of Cologne (Cologne vacation rentals | Cologne travel guide) became part of Solingen. Its chief manufactures were cutlery and hardware, and there were iron-foundries and flour mills. Other industries are brewing, dyeing, weaving and brick-making. Before 1891, it was known as Merscheid. More recently, the city has been well known because of a May 29, 1993 arson in which two women and three girls died in an arson attack on the house of a Turkish family in Solingen. Seven more people were severely injured. The fire was set by local followers of Neo-Nazism. The incident ignited further controversy when the German Chancellor, Helmut Kohl, refused to attend the funeral for the Solingen victims.

[ source: wikipedia ]

If you swear by the German knives in your kitchen, then perhaps you should consider a trip to Solingen, North Rhine-Westfalia. This so-called "City of Blades" has a long and distinguished history of knife and sword making, and today it is home of the world-renowned companies of Henckels and Wuesthof. Although the first official reference to Solingen dates from the 1000s, the history of this area as a center for blacksmith smelters stretches back 2,000 years. Unfortunately, few pre-World War II period buildings remain in Solingen. In 1944, a fire storm started by a British bombing attack resulted in the old town being completely destroyed. Nonetheless, there are still some interesting sites to visit here, including the German Blade Museum and a botanical garden. Also, the Muengsten Bridge, which connects Solingen with its neighboring town of Remschied, is the highest railroad bridge in Germany. Schloss Burg is worth seeing as well. Completed in 1914, it is the largest reconstructed castle in North Rhine-Westphalia. It also contains the Memorial for Deportation and the Memorial of the German Eastern Provinces, which are commemorated by church bells that once hung in churches in Koenigsburg and Breslau. Once you are done seeing the sites in Solingen, consider catching a train to the nearby cities of Wuppertal and Cologne.

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