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"Is the Schildkrot Doll Museum there? Thanks!" (posted 08/17/2014)

Sonnenberg is an ancient city of toys. Here, dolls, wooden toys, stuffied animals (bears), etc. were produced. In Sonnenberg, it's a toy museum. The turtle dolls are being restored in Rauenstein, a neighboring town of Sonneberg. There is also a small museum. Greetings! H. Helk
Answer provided by Hede Helk on 08/18/2014
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Here in the vicinity of Sonnenberg, our toy city, there is a "Turtle & Doll Museum". Location: Rauenstein We have found the website for you: http: // www.schildkroet.de The opening times: Monday to Friday 9.00 am - 12.00 pm and 1:00 - 5:00 pm. In Sonnenberg, there is also a great toy museum and various manufacturers of teddy bears (eg "Martin Bear") and factory sales of Dickie u. Tamaya (Sonnenberg), Hummel figurines, and Zapf dolls (Rödental) We hope that we could help you! We look forward to many bookings! Sincerely from the Thuringian Forest Klaus Gottschlich
Answer provided by Klaus Gottschlich on 08/17/2014
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"Hi, I collect antique German character dolls, most of which have their start in Sonneberg. Are there one day, or half day tours on the antique doll business that originated in Sonneberg? We will be in Berlin in early September. Thanks Julie Thanks" (posted 01/25/2015)

Sonnenberg is an old toy town, but not specifically
Answer provided by Hede Helk on 01/26/2015
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Berlin is about 4 hours. Drive from Sonnenberg. There are in Sonneberg the Toy Museum, Kathe Kruse dolls in Mengersgereuth-hammers. Sincerely, Christine God Schlich Greenland 26 96515 Judenbach toy town Sonneberg HOMEPAGE: www.haus-am-wald-judenbach.eu
Answer provided by Klaus Gottschlich on 01/25/2015
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Sonneberg

  • Sonnenberg (Harz)
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    Sonnenberg (Harz)

    The Sonnenberg is a ski resort in the Upper Harz surrounded by the Harz National Park. The settlement of the same name located there is part of the borough of Sankt Andreasberg.


    About a kilometre southeast of the Großer Sonnenberg is the Kleiner Sonnenberg which is only 40 cm lower. The L 519 state road runs over the 830 m high saddle between the two mountains and between the village of Sonnenberg and the main town of Sankt Andreasberg. Following the line of the crest further to the southeast for a further kilometre and beyond another saddle, 833 m high, one reaches the 892 m high Rehberg.

    On the eastern slope of the Großer Sonnenberg is a triangulation station at a height of 838 m; this is the height shown on most topographical maps and is frequently misinterpreted as the actual height of the Großer Sonnenberg.

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Sonneberg Overview

Sonneberg has long been a centre of toy making and is still well known for this. It is the home of PIKO, a model railway manufacturer which became one of the few such enterprises in the Warsaw Pact countries and as such supplied model trains depicting railway stock of all the Soviet bloc countries. Sonneberg is home to the German Toy Museum ("Deutsches Spielzeugmuseum").

Things to See in Sonneberg

Museum Sonneberg

Astronomie-Museum Sonneberg

Schauaquarium and Heimattiergarten

Stadtkirche St. Peter

Pfarrkirche St. Stephanus


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More about the History of Sonneberg

The city was first mentioned in the 12th century in regards to its city castle. The castle and thus the society has had a tumultuous history having been transferred between powers several times.

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Sonneberg is a city in Thuringia, Germany, which is seat of the district Sonneberg.

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