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Holidays in Spangdahlem - The Spangdahlem Travel Guide

Spangdahlem AB Jets
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Spangdahlem Overview

Spangdahlem is a municipality in the district of Bitburg-Prüm, in Rhineland-Palatinate, western Germany. The USAF Spangdahlem Air Base is situated in the vicinity.

Spangdahlem is located approximately 10 kilometers northeast of Speicher. The municipality consists of the two districts of Dahlem (Dahlem vacation rentals | Dahlem travel guide) and Spang and is characterized by many arable fields and a varied landscape. In addition there is the Spangdahlem U.S. Air Base Spangdahlem.

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Things to See in Spangdahlem

US Air Force Base

Hiking on marked trails and cycling

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Travel Insider Tips for Spangdahlem


Back before I went to Germany as a civilian, and before I was there as a soldier, my dad was in Spangdahlem; he would travel to Trier every Friday. Rheinland Plalz has its cities, but I remember hearing "Porta Negra" and Roman builders.

Shared by William D. Sutherland III, Sep 2010


We had some pretty good times in the Bitburg- Spangdahlem area. Big tents, big Stiens for good beer and big boobs on the barmaids.

Shared by Richard R Bruneau Sr., Feb 2011


Lived in Spangdahlem 1969-1973, Bitburg High School too. I loved the Eifel! And the Mosel wine wasn't too bad either...

Shared by Timothy Olnick, Jul 2010

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More about the History of Spangdahlem

About 10 km northeast of memory is the local church Spangdahlem. The municipal area borders directly on the NATO airfield Spangdahlem, which the U.S. Air Force used. Spangdahlem has about 900 inhabitants. The district encompasses approximately 1343 ha, of which approximately 245 hectares of forest. Until the administrative reform in 1970 the town belonged to the office Binsfeld (Binsfeld vacation rentals | Binsfeld travel guide), Kreis Wittlich (Wittlich vacation rentals | Wittlich travel guide), and was then in the municipality memory, and thus in the Kreis Bitburg-Prüm incorporated. Since the completion of the A 60 in the year 2002, Spangdahlem on a highway exit and is also conveniently verkehrsmäßig on the B 50 to reach. The city is the seat of the municipality NATO airfield Spangdahlem, strongly influenced by the same. Many homes in the village are members of the American armed forces let. Similarly, the main airport employer of indigenous people.

[ source: wikipedia ]

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