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"Hello from Colorado! We are coming to Spiekeroog in 2015 and we are wondering if there is a ferry from Hamburg to the island or at least nearby. Would driving from Hamburg be the easiest? Thank you for the information. Susan Spieker-Olsen" (posted 03/30/2014)

Unfortunately there is no direct connection from Hamburg to Spiekeroog. You would have to take a train via Bremen, Oldenburg, and Sande. From there, by bus to Neuharlingersiel. Then by boat to the island.
Answer provided by Christel Janßen on 03/31/2014
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Unfortunately there is no ferry from Hamburg. Spiekeroog is a small East Frisian island where there is no car traffic. A car would be the easiest way, as the train and bus connections are rather limited and going from Hamburg by public transport is, thus, complicated. So, take the car from Hamburg and drive to Neuharlingersiel, about 250 km. Here, the car must be parked and thre is a ferry to the island running several times a day. If you need further information, the ferry schedule, etc, please just let me know. Regards, Steffi www.friesenkate-friesland.de
Answer provided by Stefanie Caldwell on 03/31/2014
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Hello, Unfortunately, we also don't quite know. I checked things out online. There does not seem to be a ferry from Hamburg to Spiekeroog! The only connection I found runs from the ferry harbor in Neuharlingersiel. This town is located on the North Sea coast right across from Spiekeroog. From Hamburg, however, it's a distance of 250 km. It is possible to take a train (Deutsche Bahn) to Esens and then a bus to Neuharlingersiel. Or book a bus from Hamburg to the coast via www.meinFernbus.de. The timetable of the ferries from Neuharlingersiel to Spiekeroog and other important info can be found on www.spiekeroog.de The airport in Bremen may be the better choice. From there, it's only about 130 km to the coast.
Answer provided by Marcus Jenichen on 03/30/2014
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We have a holiday home near Spiekeroog and we know the area rather well. There is no ferry from Hamburg to Spiekeroog. Only to Cuxhaven. Thus, we would recommend driving a rental car from Hamburg via Bremen, Oldenburg, and past Wilhelmshaven to Neuharlingersiel on the coast. From there, one can take the direct - and only - ferry to Spiekeroog.
Answer provided by Oliver Kienzle on 03/30/2014
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Spiekeroog Overview

Spiekeroog covers an area of 18.25 km², the shortest distance to the mainland is 5.7 km. The island is - with the exception of fire and rescue vehicles - free of cars. A daily ferry service from the harbour of Neuharlingersiel connects the island with the German mainland.

Things to See in Spiekeroog

The "Old Island Church" (Protestant) was built in 1696 and is therefore the oldest of all the churches on the East Frisian Islands. The portrait of the Virgin Mary within the church is supposed to have come from a ship of the Spanish Armada that was stranded on Spiekeroog in 1588.

Drinkeldodenkarkhof, also known as "Cemetery of the Homeless" is the graveyard for the 84 victims from the sinking of the ship Johanne in 1854.

The Island Museum shows historical artefacts from the island, the development of the coastal resort and the nature on the island.

The Shell Museum at Kogge House has an exhibition of 2000 shells from all over the world.

From April to September (depending on holiday times), a horse-drawn railway operates between the old railway station and Westend.

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More about the History of Spiekeroog

Spiekeroog was first mentioned in 1398 as the island of Spiekeroch. At that time, it was a hiding place for pirates. They were supported by the islanders, but were not averse to robbing them too.

In 1625, 13 families lived on the island, making a living from farming, fishing and the production of muschelkalk or shell-bearing limestone. In later years, whaling and shipping became increasingly important to the island. During the Napoleonic occupation, shipping came to a halt due to the blockade against England which led to great poverty. Smuggling goods to and from the then English Heligoland was the only source of income during that time. In 1812, England attacked the French settlements on the island, but was repelled.

At the beginning of the 19th century, the idea of coastal resorts - having originated in England - became popular among the German North Sea islands. The first coastal resort was founded 1797 on the island of Norderney. Since 1820, guests have been using Spiekeroog for holidays. A weekly ferry service was established from Neuharlingersiel in 1792 and, since 1842, the service has operated on a daily basis. To improve the comfort of tourists and guests, a 1.7 km long horse-drawn railway was built in 1885 between the village and the western beach. It was extended in 1892 to the newly-built harbour in the southwest of the island. This horse-drawn railway was replaced by diesel trains on May, 31st, 1949 which makes it the last horse-drawn railway in Germany.

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Spiekeroog is one of the East Frisian Islands, off the North Sea coast of Germany. It is situated between Langeoog to its west, and Wangerooge to its east. The island belongs to the district of Wittmund, in Lower Saxony in Germany. The only village on the island is also called Spiekeroog.

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