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"Hello, Are there any facilities in Tettnang for vegetarians and vegans (Vegetarier und Veganer)? Dankeschön." (posted 12/04/2015)

Since I am neither vegan nor vegetarian Unfortunately, I know with this regard Gastronomy unfortunately not made. Please ask nevertheless times by at the tourist information office in Tettnang. Here is the contact information: tourist-info@tettnang.de +49 7542 510-500 I hope you get the information you need there. Yours sincerely, Dr. J. Bertsch
Answer provided by Joachim Bertsch on 12/07/2015
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Tettnang

  • Tettnang Castle
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    Tettnang Castle

    Tettnang Castle - usually referred to as Tettnang New Castle (Neues Schloss) - is one of three castles in the German town of Tettnang.

    Originally a fort stood on the site of the New Castle. From 1260 under 1780 it was the residence of the Counts of Montfort. The old fort was destroyed in the Thirty Years War in 1633. Count Anton III of Montfort subsequently started rebuilding the castle in 1712, hiring the architect Christoph Gessinger, a Benedictine friar from Isny, to draught designs for a new castle. His aim was to tear down the remains of the mediaeval fort to make way for a completely new palace. In 1728 construction work came to a grinding halt when the funds of the Count ran dry. Count Anton died in 1733 and the castle remained unfinished.

    A major section of the facade along with parts of the interior decoration were damaged by fire in 1753. Under the partronage of Count Franz Xaver, restoration work was subsequently completed in 1770. The fine sculptures and paintwork inside the castle were carried out by Joseph Anton Feuchtmayer, Käte Schaller-Härlin and Andreas Brugger. Jakob Emele was responsible for the rococo work.

    When the county of Tettnang was sold to Austria in 1770 (to pay off debts), most of the interior fittings were sold and the castle passed into public ownership. When Tettnang was handed over to Bavaria as part of the Peace of Pressburg, the castle returned into German ownership. Final restoration of the castle was carried out between 1960 and 1982. In 1997 the castle was opened to the public.

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Tettnang Overview

Tettnang is a small town just 7 kilometers north of Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in southern Baden-Württemberg, a region called Upper Swabia. Famous for the cultivation of hops, Tettnang is ideally situated to explore the Bodensee and the entire Allgäu region. We feature several fully-equipped Bavarian-style vacation apartments at remarkably reasonable rates!

Things to See in Tettnang

Montfort Museum presents the history of the city Tettnang built in 1955

Tettnang hops Museum displays over 150-year history of Tettnang hops: old equipment, depicted scenes from the life and work life in the hop garden.

Neue Schloss

Gallus holy church

Loretokapelle Tettnang, the oldest of its kind in Baden-Wurttemberg, is located in the street named after her in the south of the Old Town.

St. Anne's Chapel


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More about the History of Tettnang

Tettinang or Tettinac was first mentioned in 882 in a document of the Abbey of St. Gall. In the beginning of the 10th century the castle of the Counts of Montfort was built near the town. The town privileges were granted in 1294 by King Adolf of Nassau. The reign of the Counts of Montfort ended 1780 when they sold the county to Austria, along with Tettnang Castle to pay debts. The county became part of Further Austria under the house of Habsburg. In the Peace of Pressburg of 1805 it became Bavarian property which gave it to Württemberg five years later. With the merge of Baden, Hohenzollern and Württemberg in 1952 it became part of the new formed state Baden-Württemberg. Until 1973 it was capital of the district Tettnang which was merged with parts of district of Überlingen to form the Bodenseekreis

[ source: Wikipedia ]

Tettnang is a small town just 7 kilometers north of Lake Constance (the Bodensee) in southern Baden-Württemberg in a region called Upper Swabia. Famous for the cultivation of hops, Tettnang is ideally situated to explore the Bodensee and the entire Allgäu region. While in the city, be sure to explore some of its historic sites and museums, including the Tettnang Hops Museum, the Loretokapelle, the New Castle, and the Montfort Museum.

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