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Holidays in Travemünde - The Travemünde Travel Guide

[ source: Flickr]

Travemünde Overview

Travemünde is a borough of Lübeck (Lübeck vacation rentals | Lübeck travel guide), Germany, located at the mouth of river Trave in Lübeck Bay. Travemünde arose out of a stronghold placed here by Henry the Lion, Duke of Saxony, in the 12th century to guard the mouth of the Trave, and the Danes subsequently strengthened it. It became a town in 1317 and in 1329 passed into the possession of the free city of Lübeck, to which it has since belonged. Its fortifications were demolished in 1807.

Travemünde is an old seaside resort (since 1802) and Germany's largest ferry port at the Baltic Sea with destinations to Sweden, Finland and Estonia. The lighthouse is from 1539 and the oldest German lighthouse at the Baltic coast. Another attraction of Travemünde is the Flying P-Liner Passat, a museum ship anchored in the mouth of river Trave.

The annual Travemünder Woche is a traditional sailing race week in Northern Europe. The annual Sand festival in Travemünde ist known as the Sand World.

[ source: Wikipedia ]

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Things to See in Travemünde

Travemünde is with his Skandinavienkai one of the most significant German ferry ports of traffic to Finland, Sweden (Malmö, Trelleborg, Gothenburg, Helsingborg), Latvia and Norway

St. Lawrence's Church

Alter Leuchtturm

Beach promenade on Brodt Shore

Seebadmuseum Travemünde, documents the development as a seaside resort of Travemünde, the history of the use of the site as Priwalls for the development of seaplanes (including Dornier) and as a shipyard location

Travel Insider Tips for Travemünde


Wunderbar ostsee. I was there when i was a small child very pretty and quiet....

Shared by Ulla Marggraff Tibbets, Feb 2010


I have been there. it is beautiful. i have yet to find an area of Germany i didn't like. All in all its amazing!!! holiday in Germany.

Shared by Anne Lang, Feb 2010


Visited this beautiful town in 1986

Shared by Kathy Boehm Ehlers, Feb 2010


thank you so much for another northen travel tip! Travemuende......... fantastic!!!!

Shared by Michaela Hemingway, Nov 2009


Aaah, der Ostsee. When I retire I want to live an der Ostsee. Wunderschöööööön! That area of Germany is wonderful. I still have many friends there.

Shared by Wayne Smith, Feb 2010

Popular Points of Interest in and near Travemünde

Old Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Old Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

[ source: Wikimedia ]

The Old Lighthouse, 31 metres high, is situated on the Trave promenade, and was the first in Germany to become operational, in 1539. Today, it houses a maritime museum on eight floors.

Hours: March - April: Thursday - Sunday 10am - 5pm, May and June: Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm, July and August: Tuesday - Sunday 10am, - 5pm, September and October: Wednesday - Sunday 10am - 5pm. Admission for adults is 2 €, Children under 14 years are 1 €.

Flying P-Liner Passat Museum Ship

Flying P-Liner Passat Museum Ship

Passat is a German four-masted steel barque and one of the Flying P-Liners, the famous sailing ships of the German shipping company F. Laeisz. The name Passat means trade wind in German. Passat is one of the last surviving windjammers. During its long service, the Passat sailed Cape Horn no fewer than 39 times and circumnavigated the globe in 1932 and 1948. The Passat has been anchored in the Travemünde port since 1960 and has since become one of the city's most famous landmarks. It is now a youth hostel, venue, and museum ship.

Hours: Easter – mid May: Sat. and Sun. 11am - 4:30pm. Mid May – mid September: daily 10am - 5pm. Mid September – October: Sat. and Sun. 11am - 4:30pm.

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More about the History of Travemünde

Travemünde was founded in 1187. Even with the freedom Lübecker Reich Letter in 1226 was the city of Lübeck (Lübeck vacation rentals | Lübeck travel guide) by Emperor Frederick II, the rights to Travemuende were unknown. Then came the Priwall to Travemünde. In 1329, Travemuende finally went into the possession of the city of Lübeck. Travemuende had been heavily fortified since the days of Henry the Lion, with the fixations taken down in 1807. Travemünde was severely damaged in 1872 by the Baltic Sea storm floods and many houses fell victim. Traces of the storm are still occasionally visible. In 1913 the city of Travemünde and Lübeck were combined.

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