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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"Hello, I want to travel to Tubingen from Scotland. Normally I can fly with Ryanair from Glasgow to Europe. Which is the best airport for Tubingen?" (posted 11/01/2014)

The nearest airport to Tübingen is Stuttgart. It could also still Baden-Baden. Kind regards Michaela Hörmann
Answer provided by Michaela Hörmann on 11/03/2014
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The Best Airport is Stuttgart, 30 Km ago
Answer provided by Gerlinde Dürkop on 11/02/2014
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Hello, Stuttgart is the nearest airport to Tübingen ... Regards The budget hotel alternative Team A. Foullon
Answer provided by Ralf Hoffmann on 11/02/2014
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"Hello. My family and I plan to visit your region of Germany in June 2015. If we land in Stuttgart, how best to get to Tubingen? We prefer not to rent a car. Is it practical to take a taxi? Is there a bus line or train from Stuttgart airport to Tubingen? Next question - How far in advance should we book our motel accommodations? We will be there in early June, do motels and B&Bs; book fast that time of the year? Thank you." (posted 12/27/2014)

Hello, thank you for your questions. So, there are different ways of Stuttgart Airport to Tübingen to come. The easiest is by shuttle bus from Stuttgart Airport to Reutlingen Hauptbahnhof ("eXpresso"). Reutlingen Tübingen you come by train. If you send us your request in May 2015 (the date of arrival, date of departure, the exact number of people) e-mail, we can send you an offer of available properties. Sincerely Ankica Foullon the cheap hotel alternative info@hotelalternativen.com
Answer provided by Ralf Hoffmann on 12/29/2014
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Hi there, Here is a direct bus line from the Airport to Tübingen Main Train / Bus Station. From there you Need to get to your accomodation though by bus or taxi. I believe the fare is about € 5 / person, a taxi is about 60-70 Euros But you can ask the driver if he does it for € 50, some go for it. I Would book as early as Possible, we rent out in the summer time rather quick. Greetings Volker Hellweg
Answer provided by Volker Hellweg on 12/29/2014
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Hello, Stuttgart airport is not connected to a railway station. So you must only about 20 minutes by S-Train ride back to Stuttgart and then by the local railway station and the train in about an hour drive to Tübingen. We never do as too cumbersome. Taxi is expensive, the journey to Tübingen costs about 50 euros. Directly from the airport there is a bus (Airport Sprinter) every half hour from Terminal 1 (line 828) to Tübingen. Although the trip takes a little longer (about 45 minutes) because it hits many places. But only costs 8.20 euros per adult (day ticket for group costs 22.00 euros).On weekends the Airport Sprinter runs in hourly Rhythm of Tübingen Bus Station. The accommodation in Tübingen I would book immediately when I know the residence time.
Answer provided by Gerlinde Dürkop on 12/29/2014
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Dear visitor to Tuebingen, From Stuttgart airport to Tuebingen, there is a shuttle bus Which takes approx. 45 minutes. A taxi takes 20 minutes. Concerning the accomodation, Tuebingen is always busy, year round, and you make the reservation shoulderstand 3-4 weeks in advance. Good luck Ulrike Hennemann
Answer provided by Ulrike Hennemann on 12/29/2014
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"we would like to hire road bikes to ride around Tuebingen. We plan to visit for a day and will come by train from Stuttgart. Please suggest a good place to hire good bikes at a reasonable price. " (posted 05/02/2016)

there are numerous places where rental bicycles. Rental on hotline, app or at the terminal. www.nextbike.de hotline 03069205046
Answer provided by Birgit Helten on 05/03/2016
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There is a "trance Velo", a good store, Poststrasse 3 close in Tübingen Train Station. In addition, you can rent bikes at the Tourist Information. Cost is available on the web. regards L.Schreiner
Answer provided by Ludmila Schreiner on 05/02/2016
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Hello, since I never rent bikes here, I do not know much about prices or quality. But I found pages thesis, did might help you. http://tuebingen-info.de/orientieren/fahrradverleih.html http://www.nextbike.de/en/ There are a couple more rentals, but I did not find them on the internet. Have a nice trip Vera
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 05/02/2016
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

"I'm arranging a Junggesellinnenabschiedsparty (hen party) for a friend on 17.5. We are going on a Stocherkahnfahrt for an hour, but would like to have a type of \high-tea event\ after this - a good selection of cakes/bites just for us. Or perhaps a cake decorating workshop. Do you know of anyone who can offer this? We are 8 girls. Thanks - German answers are fine." (posted 05/11/2014)

On the banks of the Neckar, right at the Neckar Bridge, where Stocherkähne can be rented, you will find Restaurant BELLEVUE. It’s in Neckargasse 2 on the second floor and offers a great view across the river. Reservations for groups and events are possible, too. Tel: 07071-253273 Fax: 07071 - 253563 mail@bellevue-tuebingen.de Have fun planning and celebrating! Ulrike Hennemann
Answer provided by Ulrike Hennemann on 05/12/2014
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The confectioner in the Ammergasse is suitable for that. Make great cakes on order. Or Il Dolce.
Answer provided by Michaela Hörmann on 05/12/2014
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Our tip: The restaurant and café Bellevue! Very close to the pier for the Stocherkähne and with stunning views of the Neckar. It is right at the Neckar bridge. Make a reservation in advance, preferably for two tables in the corner room (Erkerzimmer). This is a bit more private and offers the best view! Fun celebrating wishes you Ludwig Michael Cremer
Answer provided by Ludwig-Michael Cremer on 05/12/2014
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Hallo - I am Dagmar - living in Tübingen and I got the question from Mrs Kraft and live-like-a-german I think the best you could do is to ask at the "Ludwigs" this is a Cafe-Bar-Restaurant and belongs to Hotel Krone. If you are interested, their homepage is :www.ludwigs.cc It is a modern Cafe´Bar and near the place where the Stocherkahn -Boats will start and land. So you have 2 minutes walk and then a nice place for your high-tea. But finally you should get in contact and talk to somebody to arrange and to order your cakes and bites,because it is a Little Party.If you are interested iI can give you the name and the phone number of the owner - he is a friend of us and he is taking care of the Hotel and the cafe-bar. Sure that he will arrange everything for you. Near by there are different "normal" Coffee Houses, but they don´t have a nice place to sit and to enjoy- I think you are looking for something different. If I should ask the "Chef" please tell me and I will give you his contact number. With my best regards Dagmar Jakober
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 05/12/2014
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"Greeting! We are planning a trip to Turbingen in May(1/10). I am wondering if any special events or festivals are happening there or in the surrounding areas. We are outdoor folks , active 60 year olds interested in many cultures and historical events . We often like to go off the beaten path to soak up the culture of where are visiting. Any recommendations would be welcomed. Thank you in advance.carol" (posted 03/20/2017)

On May 1 is a holiday - Labour Day and everywhere there are meetings of the trade unions, in the town square is the largest meeting place. On May 2, the pianist festival begins in the ballroom of the new auditorium. For these events is> card purchase required. There are several evenings of concerts - for your guests well-being of 1.5. and 4.5. On 5.5. is a jazz concert in Pfleghofsaal with Jakob Bro Trio. _Kartenkauf Necessary on 6.5. is Fohmarkt Uhlandstrasse - and Figuralchor Heidelberg sings in the Collegiate Church also at 6.5. is in the Hermann-Hepper-hall the lifestyle fair "style game" with young designers - and at 7.5. is to 19.00n concert Collegiate: Britten War Requiem op.66 That's all up to 10.5.
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 03/22/2017
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Hello Carol, there are many outdoor activities on the 1st of May. Special dates are listed if www.info-tuebingen.de For all the other events buy the newspaper Schwaebisches Tagblatt. They will list all the smaller local events. Maybe They even have that online, I am not sure. Hope you have a nice stay in Tuebingen Vera
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 03/24/2017
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"Where can I find information on festivals or special markets in the area?" (posted 07/26/2017)

For Tübingen visit www.tuebingen-info.de For the surrounding area maybe www.tagblatt.de, this is the local newspaper Liebe Grüße and beautiful Aufverththalt Vera Deutschmann
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 07/28/2017
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Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Hi there, what doyou have to see when visiting Tuebingen (as a USA-student)? Thank you!!" (posted 11/17/2014)

Hi there, Tübingen Has a great old Town with cobblestone streets and cafés and bars filled with Students. The Castle is a great to visit, do not forget to take a punt on the river Neckar Tour and Visit One of the Numerous restaurants for local and international food, not to forget the Neckar miller brewery on the banks of the river. It is a great town for Younger people with a good nightlife in a small town setting. Sourounded by the Schoenbuch forest and close to Swabian Alp and Black Forest with lots of interesting planes to Visit. Regards, Volker Hellweg
Answer provided by Volker Hellweg on 11/18/2014
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Tübingen is a beautiful city, protected by Weltkrigen, with narrow streets and a lot of sights. All of tourist environment of 100 km visit Tübingen, his castle, museums, Neckar Island. Absolutely worth seeing. Best regards, L.Schreiner
Answer provided by Ludmila Schreiner on 11/19/2014
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"Dear local resident, I plan to visit Tubingen and Metzingen on the 18th of August 2015. I must "entertain" my two young children (10 years old girl+ and 7 years old boy) for 1 day while my wife and older daughter are shopping in Metzingen outlet. I plan to leave my rented car in Metzingen so I need to use public transportation to get to and from Metzingen. I thought of renting bikes for 1 day and travel in Tubingen / Metzingen area. For example I heard about "Neckar Island". Is there a possibility to bike in this park? Is it possible to rent bikes there? Is there a possibility to rent a small boat and row along the Neckar River? Are there any outdoor activities near Metzingen? Or is there a better possibility in other close-bye villages? I will appreciate your assistance and any tips or recommendations you could offer.. Thank you, David " (posted 02/21/2015)

Yes there is a lot to see. In Tübingen, you can rent rowboats and pedal boats on the river Neckar, and go punting. On the Schwäb. Alb there is a tree top walk, summer toboggan run, caves, Märchenapark .... In Tübingen even dinosaur skeletons, Botanical Garden, Museum of Toys ... see: www.tuebingen-info.de bikes there are many places .You can be booked directly. Children's bicycles suppose you get to rent only in bike shops.
Answer provided by Birgit Helten on 02/21/2015
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"If I will only be in Tubingen for a day, what are the things I really should see or do? I can't wait to get there!" (posted 06/28/2015)

Go over the Neckar bridge in the old town and stroll to the castle - there is over a beautiful view over the city to the Swabian Alb. Ask at the Neckar bridge and the Tourist Office for a punting tour - which are only found here. Take some time for these two proposals, then you have something like this and take a nice impression and memories home with you.
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 06/28/2015
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Hello, first of all enjoy and let Tübingen Take You, Of in. Course You Should Walk across the Neckar bridge into the small streets in Old Town, have ice cream on the way, walk past collegiate church and all the way to Market Square with the City Hall then Further on to the castle. Have a coffee in one of the cafes along the way. If you still have time, take a walk on the Neckar Island with its huge trees and the nice view to the city. You can climb the bell tower of the Collegiate Church. If you spend the night. Have alook at the places again, Because They Will Be Filled with students having agood time on the stairs of Collegiate Church or on the marketplace. There are great places to eat in Old Town (Stern, trout, wine) and lots of bars (Boulanger, Collegium, Liquid Bar), or stay at the beer garden Neckarmueller right next to the Neckar. So of course You Should stay longer than just one day, Because there is lots more to see or DO. Try dumplings or spaetzle while you are there. Have a wonderful time Vera
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 06/29/2015
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Hello, In Tübingen should definitely make a punting trip on the Neckar and visit the old town. Very nice is the Botanical Gardens and the many small restaurants, pubs and shops. It is a great time. Greetings from Tübingen. Volker Hellweg
Answer provided by Volker Hellweg on 06/29/2015
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"what places do you recommend for someone coming here for the first time " (posted 05/26/2016)

Visit the castles Schloss Hohentübingen and Hohenzollern, the ancient city of Bebenhausen, the famous forest Schönbuch, sitting at the market place of Tübingen in a hot summer night and watching peoples and stars in the sky and of course taking a tour on the Neckar with a punt (special boat). Hope you enjoy it :-) Best regards Family Wiedmann
Answer provided by Johannes Wiedmann on 05/26/2016
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"We are planning on visiting Tubingen on Sunday June 12th and was wondering if local attractions will be open. Thank you for your time!" (posted 06/10/2016)

Sorry, i don't know that. Tommorow we have a Art-Market in Tübingen
Answer provided by Gerlinde Dürkop on 06/11/2016
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Hello, "tuebingen-info.de" Find attractions and opening times Greetings Great Alternative Reutlingen
Answer provided by Ralf Hoffmann on 06/11/2016
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"Hi what place can I visit today in the evening for pleasure .I love nature " (posted 06/19/2016)

Hello, at the following link, see what it has to offer Tübingen:> http://tuebingen-info.de/sehenswertes/sehenswuerdigkeiten.html We hope you enjoy. With sunny greetings from Reutlingen. A. Foullon the inexpensive alternative to hotels
Answer provided by Ralf Hoffmann on 06/21/2016
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Hi, take a long walk at the river Neckar or at the Steinlach. Or walk from the castle to the Wurmlingen Chapel. Very nice. Maybe alittle to dark for tonight, but maybe tomorrow. Best regards, Vera
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 06/20/2016
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Old Botanical Garden or plants lake, or just along the Neckar towards Tennis Club.
Answer provided by Ludmila Schreiner on 06/20/2016
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Restaurant Casino or the beer garden Neckarmueller, right on the Neckar punting The tourist office, right on the Neckar bridge offers hiking descriptions in great abundance on. By car to Hohenentringen, Castle restaurant with beer garden
Answer provided by Birgit Helten on 06/21/2016
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"Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren, Wir würden gerne mit circa 50 Personen an einem Sonntag, wenn möglich im Monat Juli einen Ausflug nach Tübingen machen. Was können Sie uns diesbezüglich Interessantes anbieten? Wir dachten in der Richtung Schiffsrundfahrt mit Schlossbesichtigung und anschliessendem Essen gehen. Oder hätten Sie einen Vorschlag für uns?? Gerne würden wir auch einen Tour Guide in Anspruch nehmen, der uns durch die interessanten und speziellen Sehenswürdigkeiten führt! Über eine Rückinfo würden wir uns sehr freuen :) Herzlichen Dank Katja Steidle - Verwaltung - Globus Baumarkt Vaihingen/Enz " (posted 07/02/2016)

On Sundays in July, no special events, with the exception of the City-Triathlon. However, this is a huge spectacle with lots of visitors, so that you no quiet city guide kommen.Eine boat trip in the traditional sense, there are in Tübingen not, but the famous Stocherkahnfahrten enjoy great popularity heit.Stadtführungen with guide should our citizens Tourist Board agree. The staff there can also deliver to the individual sites and the duration of the guides give details. For the launch and return with punts, and a subsequent common food one the "Casino" can you recommend as the Neckar, which offers large spaces and is happy to cater a group of 50 participants well. It is centrally located, beautifully situated on the Neckar - with punt docks and directly from the citizen and the tourist office and the central railway station and Busplatz. I wish you much fun in Tübingen discovery and hope I could help. Dagmar Jakober
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 07/02/2016
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Hello Mrs. Steidle, a punting with SUBSEQUENT palace tour and subsequent chemical food is certainly a super idea. Please contact the Tourist Office, where you can help you surely. Yours sincerely Volker Hellweg
Answer provided by Volker Hellweg on 07/02/2016
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Dear Ms Steidle, certainly would be a good tour guide and a punting tour with several barges. A palace tour or city tour is a good idea. The beer garden Schwärzlocher Hof is also a beautiful location. Or directly in the city on the Neckar, the Neckarmüllerei or casino. It is best to consult as to the tourist office under www.tuebingen-info.de I hope to have helped you and wish you a nice trip. Vera German man
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 07/02/2016
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"Hello Dear Sir/Madam I would liek to study at Tubingen University. i applied . i just want to know more about living there as a new comer and as student. i would be appreciate it if you give me some information about living there and life style. thanks " (posted 10/30/2016)

Tübingen University City. Medieval, small, beautiful. Here 30,000 students study. Not little for 90,000 residents. Studying in Tübingen is a privilege. Student life takes place but to find a room is a big problem. You can go on www.verkehrsverein-tuebingen.de there is a lot of information. I wish you success! Yours sincerely, L.Schreiner
Answer provided by Ludmila Schreiner on 10/31/2016
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

"Are the shops open in Tubingen on Sundays?" (posted 05/20/2015)

No, not in Germany, except gas stations.
Answer provided by Johannes Wiedmann on 05/20/2015
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On Sundays, the stores usually geschlossen.Nur at a few special Sunday shopping is open. Restaurants and hotels are open. At the convenience stores there are the most necessary.
Answer provided by Birgit Helten on 05/20/2015
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No, not usually. However, there is now in Tübingen and the region known as "Sunday shopping" - mostly in connection with various events-events. There are dates in the tourist office and they will be published in the media, but it is this aucvh the Internet via the keyword: Sunday shopping Tübingen see können.Wichtig it should be noted that not all businesses necessarily open on these days. The smaller with staff shortages remain to on Sunday.
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 05/20/2015
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No, just a couple of bakeries and tourist shops (postcards, souvenirs) are open on Sunday.
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 05/20/2015
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"What are the shop opening hours on a Saturday please?" (posted 02/13/2017)

Can not be answered generally. There are small shops that close at 16.00. Others are open until 18:00 and the large supermarkets partly to 22.00. It depends on which purchases one has before.
Answer provided by Dagmar Jakober on 02/14/2017
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Hello, the shop opening hours on Saturdays differentiate from small shops and big stores. Some of the small shops will already close at 4 pm and the bigger department stores will close around 6/7 pm So you can not really say it in general. I hope did did help. Best regards and a nice stay in Tübingen Vera
Answer provided by Vera Deutschmann on 02/14/2017
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Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"My partner and I will be staying in Tubingen for a week in July and would like know where the best place to hire bikes from. We would hopefully be exploring round the town and countryside. Thank you. Graeme " (posted 02/01/2015)

Hello, in Tübingen are numerous locations bikes you about an app or hotline no. for rent. On the Internet about "nextbike Tübingen" the locations and prices can be viewed. Regards Otto Spring man
Answer provided by Otto Springmann on 02/02/2015
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Dear Graeme, Toebingen is a "green" city where you can hire bikes at many places in the town and leave them at one of thesis places. Once you have arrived, inform yourself at the Tourist Information (Neckarbruecke) where the places are hiring. Enjoy your stay Ulrike Hennemann
Answer provided by Ulrike Hennemann on 02/01/2015
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This is not a problem. Almost every bike shop rents bikes. In addition, there are other good deals such as the wheels of the train. Greeting John Wiedmann
Answer provided by Johannes Wiedmann on 02/02/2015
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Dear Family Graeme, thanks for your question. On the internet you will find everything you need. Type "Bicycle Rental Tübingen" and it will give you Displayed whether and where to get a bike hire in Tübingen and under what conditions. Sincerely A. Foullon
Answer provided by Ralf Hoffmann on 02/02/2015
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Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Tübingen

  • Hohentübingen Castle
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    Hohentübingen Castle

    Hohentübingen Castle was first mentioned in 1078. It is now part of Tübingen University's Departments of Classical Archaeology, Primeval and Early History, and their collections are open to the public. Highlights include numerous archeological treasures and replicas, among them a complete ancient Egyptian burial chamber, the early classic Tübinger Waffenläufer and the paleolithic Vogelherdfiguren carved from mammoth tusks.

    Hours: May 1 - September 30: Wednesday - Sunday from 10am - 6 pm. October 1 - April 30: Wednesday - Sunday from 10am - 5 pm. Tours (4 €) on Sundays at 3pm.

    Admission: 4 € Adults, 2 € concessions.

  • City Hall (Rathaus)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    City Hall (Rathaus)

    The visually dominating City Hall was built with three stories in 1435, in 1508 heightened by a fourth level, and in 1511 decorated with an artfully made astronomical clock by Johannes Stöffler. The clock, which still functions, shows the course of the stars and the phases of the moon. The building's main facade, with its picturesque appearance, was completed for the occasion of the 400th anniversary of Tübingen University in 1877.

    On the first floor you will find the Main Conference Hall in Alemanic timber framing construction; on the second floor is the Old Reception Hall (Öhrn) with interesting grisailles, the so-called Pictures of Justice dating back to the 16th century.

  • Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche)
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Collegiate Church (Stiftskirche)

    The Stiftskirche is a late gothic structure built by Peter von Koblenz in 1470. The stained glass windows were designed by Peter Hemmel of Andlau who also designed windows in Ulm, Augsburg, Nürnberg, München and Straßburg. The church has one of the nicest Gothic rod screens in Southern Germany, a resplendently decorated baptistery, a masterfully created lectern and impressive choir stalls. The tower, which is accessible from the choir loft, offers a wide view of the city.

  • Bebenhausen Abbey
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Bebenhausen Abbey

    Bebenhausen Abbey was a Cistercian monastery located in the village of Bebenhausen (now a district of Tübingen). It was built by Rudolf I of Tübingen, probably in 1183. After the Reformation the abbey buildings were used at various times as a school, a hunting palace for the kings of Württemberg and the legislative assembly of the State of Württemberg-Hohenzollern. Most of the abbey is superbly preserved.

    Hours: Apr-Oct: Mon 9-12pm & 1-5pm; Tue-Fri 9-6pm; Sun 10-6pm. Nov-Mar: Tue-Sun 9-12pm & 1-5pm. Closed Dec 24, 25, 31, Jan 1.

    Admission: Entrance 2.50 € tours 3.50 €

  • Alter Botanischer Garten Tübingen
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Alter Botanischer Garten Tübingen

    The Alter Botanischer Garten Tübingen is the former botanical garden of the University of Tübingen, now a municipal park. It is located at Am Stadtgraben 9, Tübingen, Baden-Württemberg, Germany, and open daily without charge.

    The garden traces back to 1535 when medicinal plants were first grown by Leonhart Fuchs (1501-1566) beside the Nonnenhaus (House of the Nuns), which still exists. In 1663 a Hortus medicus was created by direction of Eberhard III, Duke of Württemberg (1614–74), with university gardener appointed in 1666. In 1681 Georg Balthasar Metzger (1623-1687) was named director, followed in 1688 by Rudolph Jacob Camerarius (1655-1721). The first greenhouse was completed in 1744, and noted botanist Johann Georg Gmelin (1709-1755) appointed director in 1751.

    In 1804 a new garden was established by decree of King Frederick of Württemberg (1754-1816) under the leadership of Professor Carl Friedrich Kielmeyer (1765-1844), which grew and flourished throughout the first half of the nineteenth century. By 1809 it contained four greenhouses and a lecture hall, with its first seed catalog published in 1820, and from 1818-1825 its plants were reorganized according to the system of Antoine Laurent de Jussieu. In 1846 a substantial institute building was completed and by 1859 the garden cultivated 5,226 species. In 1866 the garden's final expansion was made with the purchase of adjacent private land. In 1878 Wilhelm Pfeffer (1845-1920) became director, who inaugurated a sizable palm house in 1886. Beginning in 1888, the garden was reorganized to the Eichler system.

    In 1969, the university established a new botanical garden, the Botanischer Garten der Universität Tübingen. The old garden was then converted to today's municipal park.

  • Exotenwald Weinheim
    [ source: Wikipedia ]

    Exotenwald Weinheim

    The Exotenwald Weinheim (about 60 hectares) is a forest arboretum located beside the Schlosspark in Weinheim, Baden-Württemberg, Germany. It is open daily without charge.

    The arboretum was established in 1871 by Christian Friedrich Gustav Freiherr von Berckheim (1817–1889), former Minister of State and Großhofmeister at the court in Karlsruhe, on the grounds of a baroque estate founded in 1725. His initial plantings were extensive – between 1872–1883 he planted some 12,494 trees on 36 hectares – with specimens purchased predominantly from specialist nurseries in Orléans, Ghent, and Exeter. Approximately 1460 sequoia trees were planted in this interval within a 2 hectare site. Although the climate has not proved entirely hospitable, and the original catalog of 150 species has subsequently dwindled to about 50, many mature specimens still remain, including original plantings of Calocedrus decurrens, Sequoiadendron giganteum, Pinus jeffreyi, Pinus ponderosa, and Thuja plicata.

    After Gustav's death, the arboretum was neglected for several decades until his grandson, Christian Philipp Graf von Berckheim, became owner. He planted a further 8.25 hectares of exotic trees, with plantings in the years before World War II focused primarily on East Asia and especially Japan, including specimens of Cercidiphyllum japonicum, Cryptomeria japonica, and Magnolia hypoleuca. In 1955 the arboretum was sold to the state of Baden-Württemberg. Since then, it has been augmented with South American and New Zealand plantings, with continued expansion of its European, Asian, North American, and North African collections, and an emphasis on trees from China and Korea. It now contains about 130 tree species.

  • Choco Art Festival in Tuebingen
    [ source: Flickr ]

    Choco Art Festival in Tuebingen

    Every year - in the first week of december - the university town of Tübingen will become Germany’s biggest chocolate wonderland with atmospheric lighting, sophisticated art and consummate taste – a holistic “chocosophy” for everyone! The Swiss chocolate legend Alois Immoos will teach a sensory language in his seminars, which involves all of the senses and can be tried out immediately at the chocolate tastings. Children can plunge into the secrets of chocolate production with a visit to the chocolate workshop and can share their favourite creations with friends and family. Adults can take part in “Dr Choco’s” popular filled chocolate course and learn more about the manufacturing of high-quality truffles and pralines.

    On the historical marketplace of Tübingen, visitors will encounter the enchanting atmosphere of the illuminated half-timbered houses and the chocolateROOM, the glass-walled confectionery of the “chocolART” festival. Here the most prestigious confectioners of Baden- Württemberg will give a live demonstration of their skills. Visitors can watch as they make “Tübinger Schokotaler”, a filled chocolate specially designed for the festival, and observe how chocolate works of art are produced.

    Africa, North and South America, Europe – 100 international premium chocolate makers will visit the picturesque old town of Tübingen. Over 200,000 grateful connoisseurs will be presented with a wide variety of delicacies: meltingly tender sweets, handmade gourmet chocolates and a huge selection of fair trade chocolate which promises pleasure without remorse. The chocolate programme within the scope of “chocolART” also includes highlights such as relaxing chocolate massages, artistic cocoa painting, inspiring readings and exceptional chocolate theatre.

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Travel Insider Tips for Tübingen

Tübingen Overview

Tübingen's scenic location between the forests, the Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb) and the river Neckar make it a beautiful stop in south-west Germany. Its flair is comparable to cities like Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide) or Freiburg, although Tübingen is smaller than those cities. The primary attraction is the unspoiled Altstadt (city centre) and the lively student population.

Tübingen is a small university town, located near the geographic center of Baden-Württemberg, roughly 30km southwest of Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide).

Tübingen's population of about 85,000 people is a mixture of students, researchers and academics, medical specialists and "Gogen" (the people whose families have been there since forever). The university and its network of hospitals are its economic lifeblood (and the biggest employer in southern Württemberg); Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet, founded in 1477, is reputed to be one of the top 5 German universities for studies in German, medicine and law, and Tübingen serves as a regional medical service hub (they even have a malaria clinic).

About 20,000 students fill Tübingen's pubs, cafe patios and university lecture halls during lecture time (mid of October until mid of February and mid of April until mid of July). Meanwhile, the high concentration of educated folks with lots of free time means that there are plenty of things to do for the size of the town - 16 choirs; 3 theatres; a fine little art gallery; special lecture series at the university; and, of course, constant parties hosted by the student associations of the various departments (it's almost a competition to see whether the chemists or the anthropologists do it better). The town does get quiet, though, in the breaks between semesters (Feb 15 - Apr 15, Jul 15 - Oct 15).

The city dates back to 1078 A.D. and is remarkably well-preserved; only one bomb fell in Word War II - on the house where Goethe lived (or was it Schiller?). The "old town", which lies along the Neckar river, looks much as it would have in the 1600s - its crooked, cobblestoned streets will have you walking in circles, when you're not climbing up and down the stairs built into the sidewalks! The Arts campus of the university lies nearby, while more modern science faculties and student residences perch on the large hills that surround the center of town. Everywhere you go, there are signs of those who went before, sometimes literally (Dr. Alzheimer worked in this building), sometimes less so - you can find Tübingen's traces in the writings of Hesse and Holderlin...

Tübingen has fairly good weather compared to the rest of Germany (slightly worse than Freiburg, though). Sudden changes in the weather can make your ears pop heading up into the hills by bus, or just sitting in the marketplace in the centre of town! The medieval architecture, the students' joie de vivre, the 40% of residents who vote for the Green Party, the absurd charm of the constant festivals that wind through the streets...it's a unique little spot.

Things to See in Tübingen

Tübingen's scenic location between the forests, the Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb) and the river Neckar make it a beautiful stop in south-west Germany. Its flair is comparable to cities like Heidelberg (Heidelberg vacation rentals | Heidelberg travel guide) or Freiburg, although Tübingen is smaller. The primary attraction is the unspoiled Altstadt (city centre) and the lively student population.

  • The city center is full of crooked half-timbered houses, small alleys, cobblestone roadworks and some nice old churches.
  • The river Neckar is next to the city center, on which the students go punting (similar to what they do in Oxford or Cambridge) in summer time, occasionally with a barbecue and a crate of beer on board.
  • In June, there is a famous punt boat race (Stocherkahnrennen) in which more than 40 punting boats race along the river, trying not to come in last, as each crew member of the last boat has to drink half a litre of cod-liver oil. Traditionally, most of Tübingen's student fraternities participate in the race, but also private crews are allowed.
  • About 6 km north of Tübingen, right in the Schönbuch (Schönbuch vacation rentals | Schönbuch travel guide) forest reservation, is the old cistercian monastery (founded 1187 A.D.) of Bebenhausen (http://www.bebenhausen.de/) with a small village next to it, especially nice to visit at night when part of the monastery is illuminated.
  • The Schloss, or castle, can be a fun place to wander around. Look at the intricately carved gate at the entrance. Skip most of the center courtyard and head up the stairs on the back side of the courtyard. This leads to a beautiful garden/courtyard, with some beautiful views from atop the wall to the left. Alternatively, go through the tunnel on the backside of the main courtyard that will take you through the backside of the castle, a much more medieval and beautiful part of the Schloss. From back here there is a path that will take you along the wall of the castle and through the woods, ending up on Haagasse very near the Marktplatz.
  • It's an easy day trip to see the Burg Hohenzollern, a fairytale castle dramatically set on top of a conical hill.

Things to Do in Tübingen

  • Tübingen is situated at the southern rim of the Schönbuch, a large forest reservation area which offers some beautiful scenery for hiking, cycling, etc.
  • If you arrive in Tübingen in summer, make sure you take some time to stroll along the Neckar river, maybe get some ice cream and sit on the old city wall above the water.
  • If you are more adventurous, you might give punting a try: push a large wooden boat with up to 14 passengers along the river using a long wooden pole. It's not as easy as some of the professional punters make it look.

Getting there

By Air

Stuttgart Echterdingen is the closest airport. From there, the easiest way into Tübingen is the 828 Sprinter bus, which runs hourly and takes approx. 48 minutes to about an hour. For bus schedules, go to www.naldo.de. At the bottom left of the page under Mini-Fahrpläne, type in 828 and choose the one with the RBS company.

Alternatively, take the train to Herrenberg (Herrenberg vacation rentals | Herrenberg travel guide), and then the S-Bahn train from there to the airport.

If coming from Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide), it takes about 2 to 2.5 hours with at least a change in Stuttgart (Stuttgart vacation rentals | Stuttgart travel guide) and sometimes in Mannheim (Mannheim vacation rentals | Mannheim travel guide) as well. See www.bahn.de and click on the 'international' tab for English pages.

By Train

The train from Stuttgart takes about 45min by IRE train or around 1hr by normal train. If you arrive at the main station of Tübingen, don't let the ugly and uninviting surroundings of the train station put you off. Just leave the station behind and keep going (north) and after 10min. walking you'll be right in the old town center.

By car

With Tübingen's terrible traffic system, lots of one-way streets and some eager ticket officers, it is best to park your car as soon as possible and then explore the city on foot or bicycle.

[ source: Wikitravel ]

More about the History of Tübingen

Tübingen itself dates from the 6th or 7th century, when the region was populated by the Alamanni. There are even some arguments that the Battle of Solicinium was fought at Spitzberg, a mountain in Tübingen, back in AD 367, though there is no evidence. The city officially first appears in records in 1191, and the local castle has records back to 1078. By 1231, the city was a civitas indicating recognition of civil liberties and a court system. Its name ends with the familiar suffix -ingen, indicating it was originally settled by the Alemanic tribes. In 1342 Tübingen was purchased by count Ulrich III and incorporated into the County of Württemberg.

Although it is largely impossible to notice such things today, as recently as the 1950s Tübingen was a very socio-economically divided city, with poor local farmers and tradesman living along the Stadtgraben (City Canal) and students and academics residing around the Alte Aula and the Burse, the old university buildings. There, hanging on the Cottahaus a sign advertises Goethe's stay of a few weeks while visiting his publisher. The German tendency to memorialize every minor presence of its historical greats (comparable to the statement "Washington slept here" in the United States) is parodied on the building next door. This simple building, once a dormitory, features a plain sign with the words "Hier kotzte Goethe" (lit.:"Goethe puked here").

In the second half of the 20th century, Tübingen's administrative area was extended beyond what is now called the "core town" to include several outlying small towns and villages. Most notable among these is Bebenhausen, a village clustered around a castle and Bebenhausen Abbey a Cistercian cloister about 2 miles (3 kilometers) north of Tübingen.

Tübingen's scenic location between the forests, the Swabian Jura (Schwäbische Alb), and the river Neckar make it a beautiful locale in southwest Germany. The city dates back to 1078 and is remarkably well-preserved. The old town, which lies along the Neckar River, looks much as it would have in the 1600s. Its crooked, cobblestoned streets will have you walking in circles, when you're not climbing up and down the stairs built into the sidewalks! Tübingen's population of about 85,000 people is a mixture of students, researchers and academics, medical specialists, and those whose families have been there for generations. The university, Eberhard-Karls-Universitaet, founded in 1477, is reputed to be one of the top 5 German universities for studies in German, medicine and law. The high concentration of educated folks means that there are plenty of things to do for a town of its size. There are 16 choirs, 3 theaters, a fine art gallery, and a special lecture series at the university to name a few. Additionally, one can explore the Schloss, an old castle, try punting (large wooden boats propelled by poles), or enjoy hiking or cycling in the nearby Schönbuch, a large forest reservation area.

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