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Hi there! Ummanz is a beautiful island next to the "big sister" island of Rügen. A seemingly endless landscape. Thus, for reprimanding little sister Ummanz best describe. There are no large hotels, promenades and highways. For this distance, silence and seclusion. As in another time land fishermen in the early morning hours at their fish. In spring and autumn rest here thousands of cranes. In the evening the sun sets fiery red in the sea. Only one bridge connects surrounded by reeds and dikes island Ummanz with complaints. The island promises peace and quiet away from the tourist centers and scores with quiet corners and hidden treasures. Small farm shops with individual products and cafés overlooking the bay make the Rügen island Ummanz a popular tourist destination. It is worth to the region from time to time to pay a visit. Because recently the Café Sugar Kiss has opened in Wusse on Ummanz. In the smallest café in the island Andrasch family serves homemade cakes. Here you can also look at antiques. A look Waase. The coffee roaster in Rügen Rügen Waase on the island Ummanz you can already sniff from a distance. Here fresh roasted coffee is served. A few steps from the coffee roasting away, there is the famous Ummanz ceramic. A loaded with ceramic handcart on the island road to heath points the way to the only pottery of Rügen island Ummanz. Behind the thick brick walls of St. Mary's Church in Waase on the island of Rügen Ummanz hides a real treasure: a Gothic carved altar, which was made in 1520 in Antwerp and was originally intended for the Nikolai Church in Stralsund. But in 1700 we gave away at him Ummanz. Worth seeing in the 1440-built church are the murals that date from the period around 1470. In the shadow of St. Mary's Church, behind the old vestry, the only pottery is located on the island Ummanz. In thatched barn of the listed parish ensembles potter champion Susan Schmorell sold her bright white painted with landscape motifs typical products ... Suhrendorf is the meeting place for water sports on the island of Rügen Ummanz. In the lagoon between the islands of Rügen and Hiddensee slide surfers, kite surfers, stand-up paddlers and beach sailing. The mere spectating is a spectacle. On the beach is natural to families frolicking with young children. Because the water here is shallow and guarded the beach by lifeguards. Directly on the natural beach, the Baltic Suhrendorf is with modern holiday chalets, caravans and camping parking bays, boat moorings, sauna and golf café. On the site there is a surfer meadow with the surf school Windsurfing Rügen. The island is located off the major seaside resorts and has thus retained its natural charm. As elsewhere, there is much excitement, scores the Rügen island Ummanz with silence, solitude and a wild coastline. On the meadows to graze Haflinger, fields raced in the spring and in the fall of tens of thousands of cranes on the bay shore and breed rare water birds. In Tankow there is a wooden lookout, from where you can watch the cranes wonderful evening when they fly to their roosts in the Udarser Wiek. The trumpets of the impressive birds for miles to hear. With a little luck can be on Ummanz also eagle watching. Is the tenth largest boulder of the island of Rügen on the north coast at Tankow. This is called seagulls stone and is 73 tons. Around Ummanz there are some small islands like Ürkevitz, honey and hay meadow. Last-mentioned island is uninhabited and is since 1939 as a breeding ground for shorebirds under protection. In Suhrendorf there is one of the few sandy beaches in the Bodden coast. Here you can also experience fantastic sunsets. I hope to be able to help you as and would be pleased to have made you curious about Ummanz. Greetings Wencke Hallaschk
Answer provided by Peter Dargatz on 07/02/2014
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Hello, there are nature, the birds, the sea, and the atmosphere. You can find some tips online. Gut Rattelvitz
Answer provided by Chris Neuschild on 07/02/2014
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Ummanz Overview

Ummanz is located about four kilometers southwest of Gingst and about twenty kilometers west of Bergen on Rügen.

Things to See in Ummanz


Boddenküste, Deichradweg

Alte Reetdachhäuser

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More about the History of Ummanz

Ummanz was first mentioned in 1326.

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Ummanz is a municipality in the Vorpommern-Rügen district, in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany.

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