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Unterhaching Overview

The municipality Unterhaching and its enterprise Geothermie Unterhaching GmbH & Co KG are now able to profit from a combined heat and power plant exploiting geothermal energies. The project was successfully realized together with Rödl & Partner, a globally operating auditing and consultancy firm. It is the first German project in this dimension, as well as the first time to use the power generating technology known as the KALINA-process on an industrial scale in Germany.

Things to See in Unterhaching

Unterhaching is well known in Germany for its football (soccer) team SpVgg Unterhaching, which played in the Bundesliga during the 1999/2000 and 2000/2001 seasons. In 2001 SpVgg Unterhaching won the DFB indoor soccer cup (DFB Hallenpokal).

The Unterhaching SpVgg also has a very successful bob-sledding team, with multiple world and European titles. The Olympic gold-medalist Christoph Langen is a member.

The volleyball department is just as successful TSV Unterhaching and played for six years in German Bundesliga (first division).

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More about the History of Unterhaching

Based upon the discovery of graves, the settlement of the Haching Valley can be traced back as far as 1100 B.C. The settlement of the Bavarian tribes is believed to have occurred between the fifth and eighth centuries.

The name "Haching" comes from the family name "Hacho" and the aristocracy of the Hahilinga. The name Haching is first recorded in a document from the Schäftlarn monastery in the year 806, left by the abbott Petto. Therefore, Haching is hundreds of years older than Munich.

The name "Unterhaching" (lat. inferiori hachingin) emerges for the first time in the year 1180 in a possession listing of the bishop of Freising (Freesing).

Up until the 1803 secularization the surrounding monasteries were the primary landowners in the area. Also derived from this is the municipal coat of arms, which today shows the abbott staff of the Schäftlarn monastery and the sea-rose sheet from the coat of arms of the monastery Tegernsee. Unterhaching began the 20th century as purely a farming village. The number of inhabitants exploded from 616 inhabitants in 1900 to 20,545 in 2000.

In 1955 Unterhaching split from Ottobrunn and became an independent municipality.

In 1968 the building of two new large housing estates began, "Grünau" and Fasanenparks, which began the development of the City into a modern housing development.

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Unterhaching is the second largest municipality in the district of Munich in Bavaria, Germany.

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