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Usingen is centrally located near Frankfurt, Wiesbaden, und Weilburg. Hesse Park in New Anspach Roman castle Saalburg historical tour with Prince Walrad in Usingen Beautiful hiking trails through the High Taunus.
Answer provided by Frank Spitzenberger on 07/02/2014
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The proximity (15 km) to the spa towns of Bad Homburg and Bad Nauheim, where even emperors, kings, and sheiks found healing and recovery. Peaceful and safe suburb of Frankfurt (30km), weekend area for recreation seeking: Frankfurt, romantic half-timbered, limes. Wooded Taunus ideal for hiking (castles, ruins) and culinary delicacies. Tourist attractions: Roman Saalburg (UNESCO World Heritage), open-air museum Hesse Park, Amusement Park Lochmuehle, Bad Homburg Casino (the first casino in the world, the mother of Monte Carlo)
Answer provided by Reinhold Wolf on 07/04/2014
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Usingen is a boring backwater. But the environment ... Weilburg an der Lahn with castle and river tunnel - 20 km Castle Braunfels (the Hessian Neuschwanstein) - 20 km Saalburg (2,000- year-old Roman fort) - 8 km Hesse Park (large open-air museum - Hessian country living 100 to 200 years ago ) - 7 km Bad Homburg - 10 km (the summer residence of the last German emperor) Bad Nauheim - 20 km (art nouveau style) Feldberg / Taunus (800 m)
Answer provided by Gisela Simon-Berger on 07/02/2014
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Usingen

  • Kransberg Castle
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    Kransberg Castle

    Kransberg Castle is situated on a steep rock near Kransberg (incorporated into Usingen in 1971), a village with about 800 inhabitants in the Taunus mountains in the German province of Hesse. The medieval building, which acquired its current appearance in the late 19th century, served military and intelligence purposes in World War II and during the Cold War. Kransberg Castle was returned to its original representation purposes during the second half of the 20th century, and briefly became a business park for small information technology and internet companies in the early post-millennium years.

    The original Kransberg castle was constructed around 1170, presumably based on a fortification that dates back to the 11th century. The first documented owner (in 1250) was Erwinus de Cranichesberc (Middle High German for Kranichsberg = Crane mountain). In 1310 the castle was sold to Duke Philipp IV. von Falkenstein. It was inherited by the nobility of Eppstein in 1433, and briefly fell to the Königstein line in 1522 when Gottfried X. von Eppstein died. Kransberg Castle passed on to the County of Stolberg in 1535, to the Archbishopric of Mainz in 1581, and was sold to the Waldbott von Bassenheim family in 1654.

    Kransberg castle fell into disrepair from the late 18th century onward until it was sold to the Duchy of Nassau in 1853. It fell to the state of Prussia in 1866 which in 1874 sold it to Arnold von Biegeleben, a Baron from Darmstadt who recreated and extended it in the neogothic style. Only parts of the outward fortifications and the central tower remained essentially unchanged.

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Usingen Overview

Usingen is a small town in the Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany. Until 1972, this residential and school town was the seat of the former district of Usingen.

Usingen an der Usa lies about 35 km north of Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) am Main and 50 km northeast of Wiesbaden (Wiesbaden vacation rentals | Wiesbaden travel guide) in the Taunus, putting it on the edge of the Frankfurt Rhein-Main Region. The town core is about 300 m above sea level. The highest elevation in the main town of Usingen is the Hohe Berg ("High Mountain"), 414 m above sea level. Usingen borders in the north on the town of Butzbach (Butzbach vacation rentals | Butzbach travel guide), in the east on the communities of Ober-Mörlen (Ober-Mörlen vacation rentals | Ober-Mörlen travel guide) (both in Wetteraukreis) and Wehrheim (Wehrheim vacation rentals | Wehrheim travel guide), in the south on the town of Neu-Anspach and the community of Schmitten, and in the west on the communities of Weilrod and Grävenwiesbach (Grävenwiesbach vacation rentals | Grävenwiesbach travel guide).

Things to See in Usingen

In the middle of downtown Usingen is Usingen's stately home, the Usinger Schloss. The home's exact origins have yet to be fully explained. It is assumed that it was built in the 14th century as a castle under Johann I of Nassau-Weilburg. Prince Walrad had a new stately home built on the castle's site in 1660–1663. The architect Friedrich Joachim Stengel (1694–1787) remodelled the Usinger Schloss into a Baroque residence between 1733 and 1738 as instructed by Princess Charlotte Amalie, Prince Wilhelm Heinrich I's widow. In 1873, a great fire destroyed the Schloss, which was afterwards built anew. Today it is used as a Gymnasium (Christian-Wirth-Schule). Bordering right on the Schloss is the Usinger Schlossgarten, the stately home garden.

Another great fire in 1692 destroyed the so-called Usinger Oberstadt (Upper Town). The overlord at that time, Prince Walrad (1635–1702) gave orders for its prompt reconstruction. Symmetrical rows of houses, which still form the townscape now, were built, and along the Obergasse (Upper Lane) appeared representative buildings. The so-called New Town's heart was shaped by the Hugenottenkirche with what is nowadays the old marketplace. Benedikt Burtscher was the building master of the church, built in 1700 and showing in its building style certain commonalities with the well known church at La Rochelle. After the Huguenot church fell out of use with the union of the Lutheran Protestants and the Reformed Church, it was soon converted into a school. Today, however, it houses the Usingen library. On the upper floors are found many places where concerts and gatherings can be accommodated. The wedding room is a favourite place for couples to plight their troth.

At the north end of Eschbach stands a group of cliffs up to 12 m high and made of quartz. The cliff wall is the visible part of a roughly six-kilometre-long quartz seam which continues slantwise across the Usa Valley to the Wormstein in Usingen town forest. From a geological standpoint, it is an oblique upthrow (fault with one side thrust up higher than the other) formed by faulting in the mountain range. The erosion-resistant quartz has lasted to this day and can be seen in many places in the Taunus, but nowhere is it more spectacular than here. The Hattsteinweiher near Usingen is the only bathing lake in the Usinger Land. In summer, when the weather is good, it is the centre of attraction for many visitors from the Taunus and the Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) Rhein-Main Region.

Climbers use the steeper walls for training.

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More about the History of Usingen

Usingen (Latin Osinga), which in Frankish times likely existed as a fortified stopping place at an old crossroads, was first mentioned in a document in 802 in the Codex Eberhardi from the Fulda (Fulda vacation rentals | Fulda travel guide) Monastery, although what exists nowadays itself dates from the late 12th century, referring to an earlier document. This codex, however, contains quite a few falsifications, which has led to doubts about the reliability of the statements. Archaeological proof of a settlement on the modern town's site back in Carolingian times has yet to be unearthed, although not far from town, the remains of a Carolingian courtyard were once dug up. The possibility therefore exists that today's Usingen might not lie on the same spot as it once did, having relocated at some time in the past. More investigation will be needed before this is ascertained.

Usingen was until 1886 the seat of an Amt and thereafter, until 1972 a district seat. The scant industrial development in modern times could not even be strengthened by the railway connection that came in 1895. Usingen has been since the time of the Reformation a school town: Latin school until 1817, teachers' college from 1851 to 1926, Christian-Wirth-Schule (Gymnasium) since 1926 – today together with many other kinds of school. As part of municipal reform, the communities of Usingen, Eschbach, Kransberg, Merzhausen, Michelbach, Wernborn and Wilhelmsdorf merged in 1972 into the town of Usingen. Even after losing its function as district seat (Usingen district was merged with Obertaunus district to form the Hochtaunuskreis with its seat at Bad Homburg) Usingen is more than ever the midpoint of the Usinger Land.

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Usingen is a small town in the Hochtaunuskreis in Hesse, Germany. Until 1972, this residential and school town was the seat of the former district of Usingen.

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