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Popular Points of Interest in and near Viersen

  • Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen
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    Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen

    Die Städtische Galerie im Park Viersen i.e. the municipal art gallery of Viersen is located in a fine old town house making an impressive home for the gallery, with its valuable collection of graphic reproductions. It is surrounded by a beautiful park with huge old trees housing the Viersen sculpture collection.

    The Galerie im Park houses several collections, one of which is the important collection already started in the beginning of the sixties by the then head of the cities administrative staff van Kaldenkerken called Grafische Sammlung i.e. graphic collection. To the now more than 1000 pieces dating from the end of the 15th century to the present time belong precious works f. i. by Rembrandt, Rubens and Albrecht Dürer, but also by Marc Chagall, Picasso (La Poule), Braque, Fernand Léger and Joan Miró, graphic works of German Expressionists such as Lyonel Feininger, Kokoschka, Paul Klee and Emil Nolde, a collection of Rhenish artists as well as of contemporary art bought on the occasion of exhibitions by the artists in the gallery. 40 photographs by the famous Rhenish photographer August Sander belong to the collection too.

  • Viersen sculpture collection
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    Viersen sculpture collection

    The Viersen Sculpture Collection belongs to the major sculpture parks in Germany and is located in the center of Viersen (North Rhine-Westphalia).

    The Viersen Sculpture Collection was built up during the last 25 years by the donation of the American businessman and former Viersen citizen William Pohl[1] as well as by other donations and funds from the “Stiftung Kunst und Kultur” of North Rhine-Westfalia. So the park surrounding the City Art Gallery “Galerie im Park” developed into a fine sculpture collection to which contributed well renowned artists with remarkable works.

    When in 1992 the 12 meters high steel sculpture New Star consisting of five parts, which was already created in 1986/87 by the US-Artist Mark di Suvero, was first erected on loan on the Diergardt-Place, a storm of protest against it arose via letters to the editor of the local paper by Viersen citizens. This example of modern art was too alien to many of them. Meanwhile repeated information over the artists and their works, the international acceptance of the exhibition shown by numerous visitors form all over Germany, as well as other countries and extensive media coverage have led to a change of heart among the citizenry.

  • Festhalle Viersen
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    Festhalle Viersen

    The Festhalle Viersen (Festival Hall Viersen) is a performance space in Viersen, a town located in the Lower Rhine region of Germany. It is well known for its theater and concert programme and is also the annual venue of the UMB World Three-cushion Championship of national teams as well as of the annual international Jazz Festival.

    Between 1947 and 1949, due to the war damage to other concert halls and the splendid acoustics, the large radio station NWDR, later WDR, recorded and broadcast many symphony concerts in the hall with its own NWDR-Rundfunkorchester as well as radio shows such as Das ideale Brautpaar, legendary in the mid-fifties. The outstanding acoustics drew many internationally well known conductors such as Wilhelm Furtwängler, Thomas Beecham and Ferenc Fricsay, orchestras such as the Berlin Philharmonic conducted by Sergiu Celibidache or Herbert von Karajan and international star soloists such as Gidon Kremer, Lang Lang, Nigel Kennedy and David Garrett to the Festival Hall. Famous theatre companies also used the Festival Hall for their guest performances in the region, such as the Düsseldorfer Schauspielhaus with the famous actor and director Gustav Gründgens.

  • Bismarck Tower (Viersen)
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    Bismarck Tower (Viersen)

    The Bismarck Tower located in Viersen (North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany) was erected in honour of the chancellor Otto von Bismarck and has since become an icon of the city of Viersen.

    Geographical situation

    The Bismarck-Tower is situated in hilly woodland to the north west of Viersen called "Hoher Busch" namely on a hilltop called "Wilhelmshöhe", with a height of 84.94 metres above sea level the highest point of Viersen. At the time of its erection the view from the top reached far out over the low-lying areas along the river Niers. Today this view is blocked by tall trees.

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Viersen Overview

Viersen is situated approximately 8 km north-west of Mönchengladbach (Mönchengladbach vacation rentals | Mönchengladbach travel guide), 15 km south-west of Krefeld (Krefeld vacation rentals | Krefeld travel guide) and 20 km east of Venlo.

Things to See in Viersen

Regular Events

  • International Jazz Festival in Viersen's Festival Hall (Festhalle). September
  • The World Championships of Carom Billards take place in Viersen's Festival Hall (Festhalle). March
  • Big Carnival Parades in all 3 city parts. The one in Dülken is one of the biggest and most traditional Parades in North Rhine-Westphalia. February
  • The "Schöppenmarkt" in Dülken, a type of flea/junk market, which takes place on the day after the last Carnival parade, is one of Germany's biggest. February
  • Big free-of-charge flea market in the Viersen's pedestrian zone where only children are allowed to sell. Biggest market of this type in Germany. Summer
  • "Viersen blüht" (Viersen is blooming) is a voluntary initiative which places arrangements and sculptures of flowers all over the city's pedestrian zone. Summer
  • International Biker Meeting, organized by the local biker-club "MC Viersen 1980 e.V.". 2nd weekend each September
  • Viersen Jazz Festival. 4th weekend each September
  • Big kite-flying-festival. Autumn
  • Eier & Speck Festival ("Eggs & Bacon Festival") is an Alternative/Punk- and Indierock-Festival, grounded in 2006 by the singer of the local Band "Ranzig", Christoph Tappeser ("Tappi") and is organized since 2006 every year in summer at a forest-area, called "Hoher Busch". Line-up for 2008 were Clawfinger (Sweden), Knorkator (Berlin), The Shanes, Blue Babies, Custard Pies and others. 3000 visitors came in 2008 and the tickets included the shows, camping and breakfast. July or August



Stadtkirche St. Cornelius

Dülken is a vibrant destination in the Lower Rhine. Here you can find (usually in February), one of the longest carnival parades take place on this side of the Rhine.

Local shooting matches are where it often goes up here. These are usually in May, June or July.

In July last few years is the beer market held at the "Old Market" in Dülken. There you can test over 250 beers from around the world.

In September there is the Mill Festival


Freilichtmuseum Dorenburg in Grefrath

Cities of Krefeld and Mönchengladbach

Düsseldorf (40 Min.)






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More about the History of Viersen

In the municipal reorganization of 1970, the cities of Viersen, Dülken and Süchteln were combined into one. The area has since existed since 1815.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Viersen is the capital of the district of Viersen, in North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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