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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

"Hello! I have lots of questions. First being, are there any restaurants that deliver??" (posted 06/17/2014)

Hello, Most Italian restaurants in the area have delivery service, but you will need to ask about the limitations. Most other restaurants do not provide this service, but you can order from a menu and pick up your food. You should call ahead of time. Greetings, Maria Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 06/18/2014
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Good day, I cannot answer this question unfortunately. But I believe that the 2 or 3 restaurants do not deliver. However, there might be some in Grafenwöhr (northern entrance of the base). I have never tried to have something delivered from Vilseck. Here in Königstein, there are 6 restaurants. Although they also do not deliver, you can pick up your food, because all the restaurants are within sight of the historic marketplace. These restaurants are also very popular among Americans. If our American guests from the U.S. Army base (at Vilseck) have something to do, they bring their food from there because they can pay in dollars, it is inexpensive, and their eating habits are catered to. I hope I can help you and send you sunny greetings from Koenigstein. House on the Market, Irene Scharmacher
Answer provided by Irene Scharmacher on 06/19/2014
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"I have two questions. I am only in Vilseck for a short time, but I am looking for some good local eateries. I also am looking for any local places that sell Ritter sports chocolate. Can I get that at a general store, or do I need to go somewhere special?" (posted 08/11/2014)

Hello, below are listed some places to eat in Vilseck, and there are also good restaurants in Amberg, Grafenwoehr, and Weiden that can be reached by car, taxi, bus, or train. You can get more information at the Tourist Information in Vilseck or at the station, or ask one of the taxi drivers who drive between Rose Barracks and Vilseck. Ritter Sport chocolate is available in any supermarket to buy. Greetings, Maria Drechsler ---------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Zollhaus Daniel Liermann Grabenstraße 1 Greek restaurant "Crete" Alkis Stavrou Marktplatz 15 (0 96 62) 42 08 80 Malt Shop "La Piazza" Filippos Spyropoulos Marktplatz 15 (0 96 62) 42 08 80 "Zum Hirschen" Hotel Angerer and Tower Hotel GmbH & Co. KG (0 96 62) 709-0 Gasthof Hammer Peter Sichelstiel and Alexander Kreuzer Vorstadt 1 (0 96 62) 4 12 10 Pilspub "Rose'n Crown" Claudia Specht Marktplatz 5 (0 96 62) 74 15 "No Name" Alexandra Ion Vorstadt 7 KK's Music Cafe Kesha Keaton Str. 7 (0 96 62) 4 02 60 "Prince" Alexandra Ion Kürmreuther Str. Pilsner 57 and cocktail bar "Tender / Casablanca" Alexandra Ion Bahnhof Str. 22 (0 96 62) 72 42 Pub "JP's" Joachim Pospischil Herrngasse 8 (0 96 62) 70 28 80 restaurant "The White Horse Inn" Schlicht Ingrid Lederer Marktplatz 36, Schlicht (0 96 62) 76 67 Pizzeria "LA" Str. 20 (0 96 62) 7029377 inn "Zum Roten Hahn" Schlicht Markus Prechtl Marktplatz 35, Schlicht (0 96 62) 81 24 "The Smoke Pit" Angelo Diaz Aldridge Bahnhof Str. 26 (0 96 62) 41 30 41 Gasthof Ströll Schlicht Christian Ströll Bayreuther Str. 1 (0 96 62) 64 85 China-Restaurant "Van Ly" Nguyen Ngoc-Le Kürmreuther street 2 Sorghof (0 96 62) 62 22 "Cheers "Henri Erez Robert-Bosch-Strasse 6
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 08/12/2014
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Hello, I am aware of no good restaurants in Vilseck. I do not know anyone that goes to Vilseck to eat well. Ritter Sport chocolate is available in Germany in any supermarket. Their guest can see all this himself when he is in Vilseck. Regards, Irene Scharmacher
Answer provided by Irene Scharmacher on 08/12/2014
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Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"I want to visit my Grandson who's stationed at the Vilseck army base. What would be the closest place to stay? Also What Airline and destination city has major airports? " (posted 08/01/2015)

The nearest airport to Vilseck is Nuremberg, about 70 km away. Munich Airport to certainly direct flights offered is 225 Km. There are accommodations in Vilseck directly or in the environment. A rental car is available at all airports. Greeting Helmut Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 08/02/2015
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On www.vilseck.de/unterkunft.htm they find accommodation in Vilseck. The nearest major airport is in Munich (Oktoberfest), which are located 200 kilometers from Vilseck.
Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 08/03/2015
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Dear Guest, I would suggest to stay in Königstein (Bavaria). It's a ten minutes drive to vileck. It's a small village with a shop, restaurants and the best Holiday Apartments of the Region "Haus am Markt". The next Airport is Nuremberg. Hope I could help. Kind Regards Irene - Haus am Markt
Answer provided by Irene Scharmacher on 08/03/2015
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"Flying in to Frankfort on Aug 3rd. Heading to Vilseck. What is best train to catch after 9:30 am from airport? What is best on-way rail ticket for my wife and me to purchase? And should we pre-purchase tickets? If yes, how?" (posted 07/18/2016)

Hello, So, that is more a matter of the German course, as to us. With nice regards from Hirschau Helmut Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 07/18/2016
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"Hi my name is Sylvia Hernandez. I will going to vilseck in the next couple weeks to visit my son. My question is; Is there a laundromat facility in the area where I can clean dirty clothes. I just want to have an idea of how much to pack." (posted 02/23/2017)

Hello, if your son in the US Army, a launderette is safe within the army means that you can use on your son. Otherwise they would have to apply to the Tourist Information in Vilseck. regards Maria
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 02/23/2017
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"We are an American family coming to visit our son/nephew who is stationed in Vilseck. Can we rent a car with our passport while in Germany. We also plan to go to Italy for 4 days. Can car rentals be used to go from Germany to Italy? " (posted 08/11/2017)

Hi, as far as I know, they can already rent a car at the airport with which they are then mobile. That is certainly also from America, over the internet.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 08/15/2017
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Where to find good quality groceries?

"What are some close supermarkets to Vilseck?" (posted 08/12/2014)

Hello, supermarkets are called NETTO and REWE. Pne is on the way from Rose Barracks Vilseck by at the entrance to Vilseck, the other along the road from Vilseck to Schlicht. Greetings, Maria Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 08/13/2014
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Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

"Hello, My name is ElizaBeth. I am emailing to find out info for a friend that has found out he will be stationed there. He wanted me to do a bit of research and find out information for him. What is a typical day in Vilseck like? Country, city, busy, quiet, relaxing, etc? What is there to do around there? Stores? Hope to hear from you, ElizaBeth " (posted 03/14/2014)

Hello, here is the information I can give ... We live about 15 miles from Vilseck. Your friend will then be stationed in Grafenwoehr Training Area in Vilseck. This training area is the largest in Europe. The area around the "camps" is very rural, in typical Bavarian style. There are nice little towns, for example, Amberg ... Nuremberg and Regensburg are 60 km, Munich 200 km away ... Usually, tours or trips are regularly scheduled, which one can take advantage of. In the camp there is everything you can imagine, it lacks NOTHING: Europe's largest supermarket, leisure facilities that we do not have outside though we may dream of them ... It is manned by thousands of soldiers . Everything is super organized and everything has its place. Regular people do not have access ... all high-security area. Many American soldiers with their families live around the camp... therefore we know a lot from them. We also have regular company and business travelers that rent and stay with us, which have business to do there. The camp area has a diameter of 40 km ... just to add as extra info on the dimension and size ... In recent years, billions of euros have been invested and much is NEW ... In the the camp everything is American style, even the food and groceries are flown in ... cars, buses , money, language ... traffic signs ... all american ... Hope this is helpful - warm, Bavarian Regards, Anita Biehler
Answer provided by Anita Biehler on 03/23/2014
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Here is a good starting point for information about Vilseck: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vilseck http://www.vilseck.de/index1.htm
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 03/16/2014
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"I currently have a friend who is the U.S. army and he is going to be stationed in Vilseck. What kind of things are there to do in Vilseck?" (posted 07/18/2014)

Hello, here are some addresses to help. Greetings, Maria Drechsler http://www.vilseck.de/ http://www.grafenwoehr.army.mil http://www.amberg.de/index.php?id=4044
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 07/19/2014
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Good day, I live not far from Vilseck in Königstein, a resort. As head of the regional tour guide, I can give advice on cultural places worth seeing. In Vilseck, there is the Dagestein castle and a very nice museum about watchmen, especially geared for children. To my knowledge, the church has not yet been rebuilt after a recent fire. In my opinion, restaurants and lodging are not of the same quality as in Königstein (where most of the hotels and restaurants of the region are). That's all I know, unfortunately. Perhaps you can take look at the homepage of Vilseck. Sunny greetings are sent to you by Irene Scharmacher, Haus am Markt, Königstein
Answer provided by Irene Scharmacher on 07/19/2014
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"I am traveling g to germany after thanksgiving to be with my daughter in law and grandaughter through the month of December. I want to make my visit special as they have just arrived a month ago and my son is ready gone for several months on a training mission. I have never been to Germany. I need some advice and guidance. Btw. I love German food. " (posted 10/07/2014)

Hello, I advise you the Tourist Information in the cities Vilseck, Grafenwoehr and Amberg seek, there you will find lots of information about our region. If your loved one is stationed with the U.S. Army, is also available in the US locations Vilseck Rose Barack's and U.S. Army Grafenwoehr information. For US citizens and your family I wish you a pleasant stay Maria Drechsler PS: Also visit the Christmas markets in our region.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 10/08/2014
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Tipping: Tipping is in Germany an absolutely voluntary additional power, there is no obligation. Round up to the nearest euro amount, but enter at least 50 cents. In higher-priced restaurants you should raise the tip accordingly. Park Homes: Before you bring your car, you have to at the pay station (usually in the entrance area) pay the fee for the car park. Then you have about 15 minutes to leave the parking garage with your car. Shopping: When shopping in the supermarket, you have to pack your purchases themselves. Plastic bags must be usually paid separately. Large enclosed shopping malls are not typical for the region. Instead, you will find great shops and of course, high street stores in the pedestrian zones of the cities. The opening times of shops can be found here. Lift: After the ground floor (button "E") in Germany follows the 1st floor (1), then the 2nd floor (2) etc ... basements are marked with a "U" or "K". The elevator doors close automatically. Restaurant: The restaurant you will always find itself a place in the rule except in higher priced restaurants. When the tables are full, you can always ask if you can to set. Except in fast food restaurants, you pay at the table. Smoking is not allowed under the current legislation, in Rhineland-Palatinate in restaurants and pubs, except in specially marked adjacent rooms or in very small restaurants where operated by the owner. Credit Cards: Credit cards are widely used - particularly MasterCard and VISA. Gas stations always usually accept credit cards, supermarkets often only the Maestro card. Travellers checks can be redeemed as a rule only in banks. Even large amounts you can easily pay cash. Language: The English language is widely spoken and understood, especially by young people. An important tourist spots the signs is also bilingual. Climate: The climate in Germany is very pleasant, the winters are often cold and wet (snow). The best time to travel, but at the same time the peak season is from April to October. The other months are very pleasant travel months. Passport controls: Between Germany, Luxembourg, France, Belgium and the Netherlands there are no passport controls, since all countries belong to the Schengen Agreement. Please note however, the entry requirements and customs regulations. Occasional mobile controls of federal police and customs ensure compliance. Driving: In Germany driving on the right side. At a red light you can only turn right, if this is indicated by a green arrow. An activated police siren behind you does not mean that you should stop, but that the vehicle wants to pass you. If you want to stop, you indicate this to you with a trowel or a neon sign. On the highways in Germany there is no speed limit, if it is not marked otherwise. On main roads 100 kph applies, within the localities pace 50 if no other signs are present. Distances are given in kilometers. It may be outdated just left. Refueling: At gas stations is always self-service. A Pay directly at the pump is only very rarely possible. In general, you simply recharge themselves and then pay inside the gas station building. Car: Almost all car rentals have manual transmission, only high-priced vehicles have automatic (possibly before extracting an automatic vehicle reservations). Clothing: In general, you can dress in Germany as you wish. In churches and churches Men should avoid a hat, and generally shoes should be worn. Please do not enter a church without a T-shirt. Jogging suits are usually only found in athletic training or at home. Phone: Since virtually everyone has in Germany on a cell phone, there are hardly any telephones. In the telephone booths select long distance calls always even, an operator does not exist. If your wireless service provider has a roaming agreement with a German mobile network, you can use your own mobile phone without any problems. The coverage is usually very good! The mobile phone is called in Germany "mobile phone".
Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 10/07/2014
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"considering taking a job in Vilseck....what is living here like for an American" (posted 08/27/2015)

Hello, Please inform yourself on the homepage of the city or town Grafenwoehr Vilseck. Greetings Maria Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 08/30/2015
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"What are some of the must do things in Vilseck? And trips from vilseck to other places in Europe l." (posted 12/16/2015)

Nuremberg, with its great old town, especially now the Christmas market, the Lorenz church, Nuremberg Rathasus with the hole prisons, Nuremberg bratwurst, roast pork .... Fränkischer (Schäufele) .... Regensburg with its medieval old town and the stone bridge, nor built by the Romans, and Weiuhnachtsmarkt Wurstküchel where allegedly the sausage was invented ... Amberg with its historic old town, the mountain with a beautiful church Mariahilf and good gastronomy, ....., pastures as well, .... Munich with a city tour, the Hofbräuhaus, Weltenburg with the sensational beer and very good cuisine, the Walhalla, the German thinkers, the Danube breakthrough, as cruise from Regensburg to Weltenburg, .. The Franconian Switzerland with its caves, Devil's Cave. .... I believe that someone within 75 kms to watch enough ... with the Hirschau Monte Kaolino, ....
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 12/16/2015
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"what is there to do in vilseck we are currently on military base and new to the area " (posted 12/22/2015)

If you are just new to the area, is an excellent Chinese restaurant, address in Amberg: Fuggerstraße 9A, 92224 Amberg, with rnuning sushi and very good breakfast. Here, it often makes a visit to the castle Dagelstein in Vilseck to (medieval) there are also ideas instead, Amberg and Weiden with the medieval town centers, it is also not far, here's all very good food! In Amberg of Maria Hilf mountain, with its monastery, a baroque church and a very very good restaurant. In Hirschau, the Castle Hotel, in the great hall, medieval with a good restaurant. I am disposal for questions. With nice greetings from Hirschau Helmut Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 12/23/2015
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"I have one week. When is the best time to visit?" (posted 03/07/2016)

The ideal period is from July to September at this time the weather is very good with us and there are also many festivals and events. To answer the question more precisely would be the exact date of the trip important, then you could create a little trip plan. On jedcen case should Weltenburg, a Marine standing by the Danube Gorge and visiting the town of Regensburg, Nuremberg, Amberg and Weiden on the program. With nice greetings Helmut
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 03/08/2016
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In summer, July or August, then we have nice weather. Currently it is very cold, rainy and snow.
Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 03/08/2016
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"We are a family of 4 that just got here. We would like to explore our surroundings. What would you recommend in vilseck for us to check out?" (posted 04/15/2016)

Hello, you can inquire information in Vilseck at the Tourist. The cities of Amberg, Nuremberg and Regensburg are worth seeing (old historic towns) Greetings M. Drechsler
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 04/16/2016
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Take time to Hirschau Monte Caolino because you can ride or sleigh in summer on sand ski, you can drive up the huge Sandberg by gondola or walking, that is a very special experience in the summer in the pool there. You can go there also Segway, it is also a small playground here for the kids. The summer toboggan run is also very great. In the near is a climbing forest. In the Franconian Switzerland in Pottenstein, there is a e-fun park, you can go there with the kids Quad, Go Kart, also very nice. In the Franconian Switzerland there are many Tropfsteinhölen. You can climb there, hiking .....
Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 04/16/2016
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"My husband and I are about to be stationed their in Vilseck, we are excepting a little one by the end of the year and I'm just curious as too a few things we can do as a couple before our child is born as well as places to visit after he is born. " (posted 07/26/2016)

Today you can find on the internet about all cities Information. Best get information and request information from the tourist, or enter attractions in Germany or Bavaria. There you can always find something. I think the location administrations of US Army Grafenwoehr and Vilseck determined also have an office with information.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 07/28/2016
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"Hello... I am trying to help my boyfriend pack for a visit to Vilseck in December. What would base layers be advisable? We live in the southern United States and temperatures in the winter here are about 36 degrees Fahrenheit/ 2 degrees celsius. We are trying to be practical, but also want to dress warmly. Thank you for your time." (posted 11/13/2017)

Winter is also in Germany. Although no Siberian temperatures, but warm clothes are advisable.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 11/26/2017
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

"Is their alot of hiking trails/lakes/forests near Rose Barracks? " (posted 04/27/2016)

Yes, please inquire at the tourist office in the city of Vilseck.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 04/28/2016
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Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 04/28/2016
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"We are moving to Vilseck this summer. Are there any nearby riding stables or horse clubs that teach dressage or jumping lessons?" (posted 02/23/2017)

Please contact the Tourist Information in Vilseck Greetings Maria
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 02/26/2017
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Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

"Hi, how is the weather in the month of June ?" (posted 09/26/2015)

http://www.wetter.de/cms/wetter-im-rueckblick-so-war-das-wetter-im-juni-2015-2362849.html Hello, please read here might use a translation program.
Answer provided by Maria Drechsler on 09/28/2015
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With June begins in Germany the summer. But in addition to warm days with maximum temperatures above 30 degrees cooler sea air only maxima are at advances now also possible from below 20 ° C. On average, the temperature is 15.5 ° C. Outside the mountains the temperature drops at night not much below 10 ° C. The monthly rainfall continues to increase. You now stands at an average of 80 mm, so is June the wettest month in Germany. Statistically must be counted every other day with rain. The longest day of the year around the sunshine duration in Germany reached its maximum. In preferred regions like the Markgräflerland in the southwest or on the island of Ruegen in the extreme northeast are now eight hours a day is the rule. Down it remains in the Allgäu in the rain jam of the Alps. There are often only four hours per day.
Answer provided by Birgit Steger on 09/27/2015
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Popular Points of Interest in and near Vilseck

  • Castle Dagestein

    Castle Dagestein

    The earliest documentation of the castle was in 1190; however it dates back to the year 930 when it was built to protect the trade route from Nürnberg to Eger (the so-called Golden Street)against enemies. During the centuries parts of the castle were destroyed through war and pillage, but afterwards rebuilt with new buildings added. Between 1269 and 1745 Burg Dagestein was the residence of the local representative of the Bishop of Bamberg, who was the ruler of Vilseck during that time. Afterwards the buildings were used as a storehouse for corn.The basement of the castle tower is the oldest preserved section of the castle and dates back to the 12th century. During the restoration of the castle tower in 2000-2001, a Romanesque portal was uncovered which is a rarity throughout Germany . Wall paintings from the 14th century were also discovered.

    The Bergfried Tower is approximately 75 feet high and offers an excellent view of the old town and the surrounding area. During summer time the tower is opened on Sundays and public Holidays from 2pm - 5pm, April - September. The castle’s outer premises can be visited at all times.

  • Vogelturm Tower and First German Watchman's Museum

    Vogelturm Tower and First German Watchman's Museum

    The Vogelturm is the town’s landmark and part of the old city wall. It was built in 1466, extended in 1568 and restored in 1994-1996. A small museum is contained within and various programs are offered throughout the year.

    Hours: Open Friday - Sunday and holidays from 2pm - 5pm.

    Admission: Adults 2 €, Concessions 1.50 €, Children up to 16 years .50 €.

What is your insider travel tip for Vilseck?

Travel Insider Tips for Vilseck

Vilseck Overview

Vilseck is a town in the Oberpfalz region of northeastern Bavaria, Germany situated on the river Vils, a tributary of the Naab river. The town is geographically separate from a nearby large American military base known as the Rose Barracks but more commonly referred to as Vilseck. The base, built in 1937-1938, was captured during World War II from the Germans; it was previously known as Südlager.

The town of Vilseck's population was 6,484 citizens living within its area of 64.71km² (25.2 square miles) in 35 hamlets and villages as of December 31, 2005. The town is 402 meters (1,300 feet) above sea level. Its name comes from the location of a castle built in the year 920. "Eck" is the German word for corner. The Vils river has a tight bend where the Burg is located. Thus, the name Vilseck. Vilseck is home to Rose Barracks, a U.S. Army base located just outside the town.

Things to See in Vilseck

Worth seeing is the cityscape and the first German tower museum in the so-called bird tower and the Hafnertor.

The castle Dagestein is a weir, which was used until the 10th Century.

Castle Dagestein hosts a classical castle concert annually in July and a festival in October.

[ source: wikipedia ]

More about the History of Vilseck

Construction of the castle at around 925. Primary wooden watchtower with piling and moat, stone watchtower built in the 12th century. At this time a "Burg" (castle) was called an "Eck"; thus the name Vilseck derived from: City next to the Vilsburg. (Vilseck). It is also possible that the name comes from the fact that the city is situated on the Vils on a west to east stretch between two distinct 90 degree bends in the river. The German word for "Corner" is "Eck". From 1981 to 1993, the US Army extended and enlarged the Rose Barracks for about DM1,000 million marks. In 2000 the Erstes Deutsches Türmermuseum (1st German museum of tower watchman or tower keeper) had its grand opening.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Vilseck is a town in the Oberpfalz region of northeastern Bavaria, Germany situated on the river Vils, a tributary of the Naab river. The town is geographically separate from a nearby large American military base known as the Rose Barracks but more commonly referred to as Vilseck. The base, built in 1937-1938, was captured during World War II from the Germans; it was previously known as Südlager.

Where to stay in Vilseck?

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