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Where can one get a great breakfast in the morning?

Are there any cultural highlights, museums?

Ideas for 2-3 activities and daytrips?

Good restaurants for dinner?

Typical tourist activities or places that one should NOT do, as they are not worthwhile doing.

Things can do to make it a fun and memorable evening?

How to get around and find best means of local transportation?

"We will be there on Sunday July 23. We want to go to Rostock first, then ride the Molli train. Will things be open and operating on Sunday? Can you give me information about St Mary's church and getting to Rostock and then to the Molli, please. We will be coming on a cruise ship and have a lot of time, but just one day. Danke!" (posted 04/29/2017)

The molli leaves every day, an hour a ride to church, I do not know
Answer provided by Enno de Boer on 05/01/2017
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Hello! Very briefly answer: - Rostock worth seeing: Innenstatdt / town harbor / eastern Old Town -> here there are also guided tours especially for cruise visitors -> St. Marys Church https://de.wikipedia.org/ (dt Mary's Church.) wiki / Marienkirche_ (Rostock) -> also very interesting as a church, including the history / Peter's Church https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petrikirche_(Rostock) -> 300 meters - Warnemünde is always worth the old current with its side streets, the beach promenade, a visit to the lighthouse, etc. - important due to the baths control all stores have also open on Sunday !! - to Molli I had in the past already much written information in German here: http://www.molli-bahn.de/ - but it starts from Bad Doberan (S-Bahn, every hour from Rostock central station, travel time 19th minutes) - Molli starts from the same station (journey to Kühlungsborn West about 45 minutes) - time extent Molli trip: get about 3-4 hours without and other things TIP: if Molli important - in the morning with the Molli ie noon back in Rostock - lunch / afternoon churches / city etc. to 16/17 hours - early evening departure to cruise ship - stroll in Warnemünde VG Steffen Gäde
Answer provided by Steffen Gäde on 05/01/2017
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Where to find good quality groceries?

Are there any special local events?

Are there any local food specialties one should try out?

What makes this destination special? Why should one spend some time here during vacation?

Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

Are there any points of interest or local attractions?

What are good places to go for shopping?

Any sporting activites and recommendations to stay active?

Questions around the weather, different seasons, ...

Popular Points of Interest in and near Warnemünde

  • City Museum

    City Museum

    The Museum is located in an old fishing house, built in 1767, in the so-called Achterreeg (second line of houses). Here, the visitor is informed by exhibits on the history of fishery, of seafaring, of pilotage and sea rescue in Warnemünde. The development of Warnemünde from a fishing village to the today seaside resort is shown. Moreover, when the guests visit the living room (Vörstuw), the kitchen (Kök), the sleeping room (Achterstuw) and the hall (Deel) of the listed house they can get an idea on the living conditions of the inhabitants in the late 19th century.

    Hours: April - October: Tuesday - Sunday from 10am - 6pm. November - March: Wednesday - Sunday from 10am - 6pm.

  • The Old Lighthouse
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    The Old Lighthouse

    You can see the lighthouse. built in 1897, from almost anywhere in Warnemünde, and from the lighthouse tower you can see most of the city. The lighthouse is open May - September: daily from 10am - 7pm.

    Admission: Adults 2 €, Concessions 1 €.

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Warnemünde Overview

Warnemünde (meaning Warnow mouth) is a sea resort and district of Rostock (Rostock vacation rentals | Rostock travel guide) in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, situated on the Baltic Sea in the northeast of Germany at the estuary of the river Warnow.

Things to See in Warnemünde

Being a center of maritime traffic, the district of Warnemünde comprises numerous navigational aids, the oldest of which is the lighthouse located near the beach promenade. The lighthouse, which is currently still in use, was built in 1897. In the summer, the 40m (135ft) high tower allows visitors to enjoy an impressive view over the Baltic Sea and the Northern districts of Rostock (Rostock vacation rentals | Rostock travel guide). The nearby Teepott (Teapot) with its slightly curved roof, the resort's second famous landmark, is an interesting example of East German (DDR)architecture. Built in the 1960’s and renovated in 2002, it today houses different restaurants and a sea voyage exhibition.

In the vicinity of the canal called der Alte Strom (Old Channel), with its various restaurants, pubs and traditional fishing boats, regional specialties are offered on a fish market.

Warnemünde's broad, sandy beaches are the largest on the German Baltic Sea coast and stretch out over a length of 3 kilometres (2 miles).

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More about the History of Warnemünde

Founded in about 1200, Warnemünde for centuries has been a mere fishing village with minor importance for the economic and cultural development of the region. In 1323 Warnemünde lost its autonomous status as it was purchased by the city of Rostock (Rostock vacation rentals | Rostock travel guide) in order to safeguard the city’s access to the Baltic Sea. It was not until the 19th century that Warnemünde began to develop into an important sea resort. Today Warnemünde has approximately 8,400 inhabitants.

If you are yearning for a little time on a beach, Warnemuende might fit the ticket. This seaside resort in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern lies on the Baltic Sea, north of Rostock. The 800-year-old town is one of the most important harbors in Germany for cruise line ships. The lighthouse here dates from 1897 and is still in use today. Take the time to climb it for a stunning view of the Baltic. Another famous landmark in Warnemuende is the so-called Teepott (tea pot), an interesting example of East German architecture built in the 1960s. Today it houses a restaurant and a sea voyage exhibition. Of course, the main reason why most people come to this area is the beach. Warnemuende is especially popular because it has the widest beaches on the German Baltic coast. And where there is sand, there is the promise of good seafood. Check out the Alte Strom neighborhood with its array of restaurants, pubs, and traditional fishing vessels. One easy day trip from Warnemuende is to Rostock, which is only 7 miles away. Here, the Stasi (East German Secret Police) Museum and the Rostock Zoo are worth seeing. Also, Wismar is only about 40 miles away. This historic and well-preserved former Hanseatic city was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2002.

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