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very beautiful old cottage on the lake direckt something very good for the elderly restaurant s ferry across Lake Constance
Answer provided by Nikolaus Freericks on 09/03/2014
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Is there a good local deli or restaurant with lunch menu?

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" ist wasserburg nahe zum Strand. ?? ist da was zum aus gehen Abends ??" (posted 07/20/2015)

Wasserburg is located directly on Lake Constance, and therefore very close to the beach. There are some ways to go in the evening meal and some wine arbors, moreover is there in the evening but not much on offer - it is just a small and cozy village at Lake Constance. For a vibrant night life I recommend Lindau, Bregenz, Ravensburg or Friedrichshafen. All locations are easily accessible within half an hour by car.
Answer provided by Petra Hartmann on 07/21/2015
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Wasserburg is a kind of peninsula and is thus directly at the waterfront. There is a small port and several nice places right on the lake. Besides restaurants it does not offer many nightlife options, but Lindau is indeed very close and there is evening relatively busy.
Answer provided by Joachim Bertsch on 07/23/2015
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Wasserburg am Bodensee Overview

The city includes the communities of Wasserburg (Wasserburg vacation rentals | Wasserburg travel guide) (Church and Castle), Mooslachen, Mitten, Reutenen, Hengnau, Hattnau, and Hege.

Things to See in Wasserburg (Wasserburg vacation rentals | Wasserburg travel guide) am Bodensee

Wasserburg is famous for its picturesque peninsula, on which stand the Church of St George (14th century), Wasserburg Castle, and the Malhaus (Law courts, now a museum). Also on the peninsula are the quay, from which passenger ferries leave for Lindau (Lindau vacation rentals | Lindau travel guide), Bregenz, Konstanz (Konstanz vacation rentals | Konstanz travel guide) and Rorschach, the fishing harbour and the marina. From the castle there is an outstanding view towards the mountains of Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria

The Antoniuskapelle in the Selmnau district was first consecrated in 1492. Among its ornaments are a gothic Madonna and several baroque sculptures. The chapel stands on a glacial moraine and gives a broad view over Lake Constance.

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More about the History of Wasserburg am Bodensee

Wasserburg (literally: a castle in the water) was originally founded in 784, at which time it lay on an island. It was part of the lands of the monastery of St Gallen. In 1384 it came within the power of the Counts of Montfort, who sold it in 1592 to the Fuggers. In 1720 the island became a peninsula when it was linked to the mainland by a causeway, some of whose sandstone columns still remain.

In 1755, the Fuggers gave up sovereignty over Wasserburg (Wasserburg vacation rentals | Wasserburg travel guide) to the Habsburgs in settlement of some debts, so the town then formed part of Austria, under the governance of Tettnang (Tettnang vacation rentals | Tettnang travel guide). In 1806 Napoleon Bonaparte transferred its sovereignty to the kingdom of Bavaria.

A steamship pier was built in 1872, the first railway station in 1899, and electric lighting was introduced in 1911/12.

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Wasserburg am Bodensee is one of the three Bavarian municipalities on the shores of Lake Constance. It is a well known resort, sought out for the supposedly healthy nature of its atmosphere.

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