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Weilmünster Overview

Weilmünster is a community in Limburg-Weilburg district in Hesse, Germany. Weilmünster is among the most richly wooded places in Limburg-Weilburg. The forestry office looks after not only the State Forest but also twelve municipalities’ woodlands in the south of the Limburg-Weilburg and Lahn-Dill districts.

The market community of Weilmünster lies on the north slope of the Taunus in the Weil valley, the Weil being a tributary to the Lahn. The nearest major cities are Wetzlar (Wetzlar vacation rentals | Wetzlar travel guide) (20 km) to the northeast, Limburg (25 km) to the west and Frankfurt (Frankfurt vacation rentals | Frankfurt travel guide) am Main (50 km) to the southeast. Weilmünster borders in the north on the towns of Weilburg (Weilburg vacation rentals | Weilburg travel guide) (Limburg-Weilburg) and Braunfels (Braunfels vacation rentals | Braunfels travel guide), in the east on the community of Waldsolms (Waldsolms vacation rentals | Waldsolms travel guide) (both in the Lahn-Dill-Kreis), in the south on the communities of Grävenwiesbach (Grävenwiesbach vacation rentals | Grävenwiesbach travel guide), Weilrod (both in the Hochtaunuskreis) and Selters and in the west on the communities of Villmar and Weinbach (all three in Limburg-Weilburg).

Things to See in Weilmünster

Old Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals | Nassau travel guide) Amtshaus

Evangelical church with Wehrturm (“Defence Tower”)

Timber-frame houses

Kirbergturm (lookout tower)



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More about the History of Weilmünster

In 1217, Weilmünster had its first documentary mention as Wilmunstre. It was, however, by this time already a sizeable village with its own church. History hints that the Fulda (Fulda vacation rentals | Fulda travel guide) Monastery, which had holdings in the village, had this church built sometime in the 9th century. The church that stands today was built in the early 16th century, and its square defensive tower sometime around 1300. As of 1601, a regular market is known to have been being held in Weilmünster. The community belonged to Nassau (Nassau vacation rentals | Nassau travel guide), and after the division of inheritance to Nassau-Weilburg. From From 1806 it belonged to the Duchy of Nassau. In 1866 it passed to Prussia, becoming part of the Province of Hesse-Nassau.

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