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"I am Canadian but I was born in Wildlecken in 1948 to Polish parents. I would like to visit Wildflecken on December 21 to December 23, 2015. I will be travelling from Hedeilburg. What is the best way to get to Wildflecken. I do not have the confidence to rent a car. I would like to stay in Wildflecken for one or two nights." (posted 04/22/2015)

By train, it takes about 4.5 hours. Heidelberg-Mannheim-Hanau-Schlüchtern-Jossa (- = change) by train, then by bus over Bad Brückenau for game patches.
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 04/23/2015
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"Hi...my husband was stationed at Wildflecken in the early 80's while in the Army. We are planning a trip next spring to Wildflecken and wondering if we can still get on base? We understand it has closed as an official military base, but hoping they are still allowing the public to visit. Thank you so much for any info." (posted 07/16/2014)

Today, wild spots are still sometimes used as military training areas. The residential buildings, which were built during the deployment of American troops, are for the most part empty and left to decay. Today, the military training area is still a security area and no one may enter. The church "Maria Ehrenberg" can be visited only on Sundays and public holidays from May to October, 10 am - 5 pm. I hope I could help.
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 07/17/2014
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"I was born at Wildflecken on Feb.9 1947 and would like to visit the area. Is it possible to visit the camp now. Barbara Blinman" (posted 11/26/2014)

The place wild spots can be visited, of course, under http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wildflecken you will find information about the US camp.
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 11/27/2014
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"I was stationed in Wildflecken in the mid-eighties, I know I cannot get on post any more; however, I was wondering about the town itself. I have not been there in over 25 years, and will be there in June of 2016 - how has it changed? Is there anyplace recommended for former service members to visit? I am bringing my son and want him to see the wonderful hospitality I experienced when I was not much older than him and far from home. " (posted 10/12/2015)

About Wildflecken, especially the changes, I can say nothing. About the website of Wildflecken one finds the town hall. Maybe the tourists should ask on the way to information.
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 10/12/2015
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"What is the name of the Catholic Church on the U.S. Army base in Wildflecken? My parents were married there in 1947." (posted 04/17/2014)

Hello and Good day from Bad Kissingen, - that was the Andrew Chapel (# 1), which was housed in an old Nissen hut and later burned. Then, next to it, a new church (# 2) was built (1967 - 1987) and used, until it was replaced in 1987 by another church (# 3). The now-desecrated church (# 2) is now home to a museum in which many original artefacts from Church # 1 are kept, including a bell which was specially cast in Frankfurt for the American Church in Widflecken. A very kind gentleman named Kreuzpointner (09745 3038), who is part of the site administration, has offered to guide the interested parties through the museum! Regards Norbert Borst
Answer provided by Norbert Borst on 04/17/2014
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It can really only be the pilgrimage church of Maria Ehrenberg. Maria Ehrenberg is a pilgrimage site dedicated to the Holy Virgin, situated on the military training grounds Wildflecken, on the 674 m high Ehrenberg mountain in the Franconian Rhön. It is located in the Neuwildflecken district of the municipality Wildflecken. Best, Inge Radtke
Answer provided by Inge Radtke on 04/17/2014
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To my knowledge, that would be the church Maria Ehrenberg. Greetings from Bad Kissingen Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz
Answer provided by Sabrina Wiedamann-Lenz on 04/17/2014
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The Catholic Church in Wildflecken is called st. Joseph. The Catholic Church in Oberwildflecken is St. Kilian's. Both places are in the military training area: https://maps.google.de/maps?q=oberwildflecken&ie=UTF-8&ei=fINPU6rIFIPYtAbhm4DICw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQhttps://maps.google.de/maps?q=oberwildflecken&ie=UTF-8&ei=fINPU6rIFIPYtAbhm4DICw&ved=0CAgQ_AUoAQ
Answer provided by Kristina Albrecht on 04/17/2014
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"Is it possible to visit the chapel fo the US Armed Forced on the Wildflecken base?" (posted 07/18/2015)

I would advise you to search the Internet. I myself can not comment on it.
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 07/18/2015
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"Where is the Polish memorial cemetery located. We are planning a trip to Wildflecken in September and need a street address if possible" (posted 04/12/2016)

http://www.volksbund.de/bayern/kriegsgraeberstaetten/kriegsgraeberstaette-wildflecken.html the link above you can find the information on the military cemetery in Wildflecken. MfG M. Tessmann
Answer provided by Maria Tessmann on 04/13/2016
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Wildflecken Overview

Wildflecken is a municipality in the Bad Kissingen (Bad Kissingen vacation rentals | Bad Kissingen travel guide) district, at the border of northeastern Bavaria and southern Hesse. In 2005, its population was 3,285. Wildflecken is in the picturesque Rhön hills and nature-park.

Its range served as a U.S. Army training base operated by the 7th Army Training Command in Grafenwöhr (Grafenwöhr vacation rentals | Grafenwöhr travel guide),and it was home station for several U.S. Army units including Armored, Infantry (Mech), Military Intelligence and logistical units. In the early times it also served as a base for Bundesgrenschutz (border police) units and later for the new German Army (Bundeswehr). The Wildflecken Kaserne was decommissioned by the U.S. Army and transferred to the Bundeswehr in 1994.

Things to See in Wildflecken

The most important monuments of the community are the Catholic pilgrimage Church of the Assumption and the parish church of St. Joseph.

Near the old Army camp Wildflecken is' The Cross of Nations'. The trail has a length of 1000 meters and ends at the fence of the present Rhön barracks. It is a memorial for the war, illustrating the bloodshed from the war.

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More about the History of Wildflecken

In 1937 the German Army established a large training area in the Rhoen area. Northeast of the village a camp, large enough to house about 9,000 soldiers and 1,500 horses was built. The camp (Camp Wildflecken) and training-area was primarily used by the German Army (Wehrmacht) as well as by the Waffen-SS. During the war several Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS divisions were activated and trained for combat in Wildflecken. Also located in Wildflecken was an ammunition factory and two POW camps, one for Russian POWs and one for POWs of Belgian and French origin. In 1945 elements of the U.S. 14th Armored Division took control of the camp and the training area in April 1945.

From April 1945 to 1951, the base was a displaced persons camp housing approximately 20,000 displaced persons (DPs), primarily Poles, operated first by UNRRA, then by IRO. A Polish cemetery holds the camp's residents who died during those five years.

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Wildflecken is a municipality in the Bad Kissingen district, at the border of northeastern Bavaria and southern Hesse. In 2005, its population was 3,285. Wildflecken is in the picturesque Rhön hills and nature-park.

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