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Woltersdorf Overview

The municipality is located at the three lakes Flakensee, Kalksee and the Bauernsee, between Schöneiche, the Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) forest and Erkner. Beside its touristic relevance, Woltesdorf is also known for its "unique educational conception" (newspaper "Neue Zürcher Zeitung", 2006-08-07).

Things to See in Woltersdorf

Evangelische St.-Michaels-Kirche

Woltersdorfer Schleuse

25 Meter Aussichtsturm

Ehemalige Sanatorium


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More about the History of Woltersdorf

  • About 1240 14 farmer families settled on a bank. Today the church, the city hall and the "old school" (German "alte Schule") are located here, representing the Woltersdorf "downtown". The first residents were farmers and mariners.
  • In 1319 Woltersdorf was documented first as Waltersdorf slawika. Waltersdorf means "the village from Walter".
  • For the first time Woltersdorf was noted 1375 in the "Landbuch". Together with Rahnsdorf, it had to pay taxes for the castle of Köpenick.
  • In 1487 Berlin (Berlin vacation rentals | Berlin travel guide) acquires Woltersdorf.
  • In 1550 a lock was built between the Flakensee and the Kalksee.
  • In 1550 the first church of Woltersdorf was built up.
  • From 1618 till 1648 Woltesdorf was desolated (Thirty Years' War) and temporarily uninhabitated.
  • About 1886 a touristic observation tower is built on top of the Kranichsberge. Its grants a great perspective from a height of 105 meters. At clear days you are able to see the Berliner Fernsehturm. In the inside of the tower you can visit the exhibition "When Woltersdorf still was Hollywood" (German "Als Woltersdorf noch Hollywood war"). It recalls the 1920s, where Joe May shoot famous movies (Das indische Grabmal (1920), Herrin der Welt (1919) and Der Tiger von Eschnapur). Today you are able to find leavings of the movie scenery near the see.

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Woltersdorf is a municipality in the Oder-Spree district in Brandenburg. It is often referred to as "near Berlin" (German: "bei Berlin") or "near Erkner" (German: "bei Erkner") as there are a number of other places bearing the same name in Germany.

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