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Zapfendorf Overview

Lying as it did on a transport corridor along the Main running east-west as well as from Thuringia to Bavaria, Zapfendorf in the Main Valley was always a way station. On the Main itself, log drivers floated wood from the Frankenwald (forest) down to the Rhine and even as far as Rotterdam.

Things to See in Zapfendorf

Valentinskapelle (chapel) by Johann Jakob Michael Küchel

Schloss Unterleiterbach (castle) in Unterleiterbach

St.-Laurentius-Kirche (church) in Oberleiterbach with settler Ivo Hennemann’s grave, from 1859 to 1897 he was a hermit on the Staffelberg (Lichtenfels district), and the poet Joseph Victor von Scheffel’s friend

Abtei Maria-Frieden (abbey) in Kirchschletten

Oberleiterbach with its lovely timber-frame houses won the gold medal in 1977 in the contest Unser Dorf soll schöner werden (“Our village ought to become lovelier”)

Within Zapfendorf’s municipal limits, one brewery may still be found, the Brauerei Hennemann in the outlying centre of Unterleiterbach. Until a few years ago, the Drei Kronen brewery had also been brewing in Zapfendorf. In Unterleiterbach, there was until the mid-1990s another brewery, the Brauerei Mahkorn.

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More about the History of Zapfendorf

The place was already settled quite early on, as witnessed by finds from the Bronze Age. Zapfendorf had its first documentary mention in 904. The name stems from “Zapfo” (Dorf means “village” in German), and may well refer to an innkeeper who tapped beer (zapfen means “draw”, as from a beer keg, in German). The original overlords were the Meranians, who were followed by the Truhendingens, who in turn sold the community in 1390 to the High Monastery at Bamberg (Bamberg vacation rentals | Bamberg travel guide). Since the Reichsdeputationshauptschluss of 1803, the community has belonged to Bavaria.

On 1 April 1945, a munitions train on a siding in Zapfendorf was struck by low-level bombers. Burning parts of this train rained down on the village and destroyed it utterly, leaving only a few houses unscathed. In 1955, Zapfendorf was designated a market. In 1972, the communities of Lauf, Oberleiterbach, Kirchschletten, Sassendorf, Reuthlos, Roth and Oberoberndorf were amalgamated with Zapfendorf, as was Unterleiterbach in 1978. Until 1972, Zapfendorf belonged to the Staffelstein district before it passed to the Bamberg district. Today, it is classed as a small centre in the Upper Franconia-West region.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Lying at the intersection of two main transport corridors, Zapfendorf in the Main River Valley has long functioned as a way station. On the Main River, log drivers floated wood from the Frankenwald (forest) down to the Rhine and even as far as Rotterdam. When in Zapfendorf, be sure to take time to visit the Valentinskapelle, as well as the Unterleiterbach Castle and the Maria-Frieden Abbey in neighboring communities.

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