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Popular Points of Interest in and near Zschopau

  • Wildeck Castle
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    Wildeck Castle

    The Bohemian Route used to link the trading center of Leipzig with the royal residence of Prague. Goods from all corners of the continent were transported along this trading route including the silver from the Ore Mountains which made its way from here to the European treasuries. No wonder that it needed protection. Therefore, Wildeck Castle, built on the foundations of 12th-century fortifications watched over the Zschopau river passage by night and by day and made the town of the same name a safe harbor for merchants from all directions. Today only Fat Henry, a more than 30-meter-high residential watchtower with meter-thick walls, is a reminder of the once defiant fortification. In the middle of the 16th century Wildeck was converted by order of Duke Moritz of Saxony into a far less martial hunting castle and from the 17th to the early 20th century the Higher Forestry and Game-keeping Authorities were accommodated there.

    Today, the white Renaissance castle that can be seen from afar, houses several museums especially devoted to the industrial history of the region. Bikers will be thrilled by the many two-wheeled treasures from the DKW and MZ motorbike works that can be admired at Wildeck Castle today, for Zschopau used to be the center of Saxon motorcycle manufacture in the 20th century. A book-printing museum, a collection of historical foundry moulds and coin dies and a fascinating collection of minerals should be reason enough to pay respect to this dominant building.

    Hours: Open Daily 10am - 6pm; holidays 1pm - 6pm.

    Admission: Adults 6 €, Concessions 3.50 €.

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Zschopau Overview

Zschopau is part of the Erzgebirgskreis district. Its population is 11,584 (2005). Zschopau has a handsome parish church dedicated to St Martin, a town hall and a castle (Schloss Wildeck), whose construction started in the twelfth century. Zschopau is famous for its motorcycle industry, particularly the MZ and MZ Motorrad- und Zweiradwerk GmbH brands, and the toy business VEB Plasticart.

Things to See in Zschopau


  • Museum of automobiles
  • Museum Schauwerkstätten
  • Münzprägemuseum
  • Museum of the city's history
  • Erzgewölbe


Regular Events

  • Frühlingsfest
  • Blasmusiktreffen
  • Konzertreihe in the castle
  • Burgenlauf, Bootshausfest
  • Schloss- and Schützenfest
  • Wein- and Altstadtfest
  • Herbstfest
  • Weihnachtsmarkt

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More about the History of Zschopau

The castle was built in the middle of the 12th century. Industrialization of the city began in the early 18th century. After 1900, the city underwent rapid expansion, mainly more suburban and eastwards.

[ source: wikipedia ]

Zschopau is a town in the German state Saxony, is located on both banks of the river Zschopau, 9 miles (14 km) south-east from Chemnitz.

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