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We recently introduced a new category of LLAG Luxury Apartments - basically the best luxury apartments in Germany on our site, that we can highly recommend. Each luxury apartment has to fulfill our luxury criteria as part of our review process to receive the LLAG "Crown". As of now we have nominated and identified several hundreds of those nice and high quality apartments across Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Simply click this link here to start browsing them:

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You can identify an LLAG Luxury apartment by looking at the crown symbol in the title and the prefix "LLAG Luxury". Also you can filter the search results and select to only see luxury apartmentsin your serach if you like (see refinement box on the top right of the apartment listing page).

Criteria for LLAG Luxury Apartments

Good quality is very important to us at LLAG. Therefore, we have recently introduced a new category: LLAG Luxury. Here, we will promote vacation apartments which offer better furnishings and fit into this our category. As a rule, what this means is that we will check, when an apartment has been added, if it qualifies for this standard. If it does, we will mark it as such and make it thus visible on the website.To define what makes for a LLAG Luxury Vacation Apartment in a more systematic manner, we have settled on the criteria described in the following. The label LLAG Luxury is independent of any classification by the German Tourism Association (or others), and we reserve the right to cancel this categorization at any time should the quality of the apartment change or customers complain about the standards of the apartment.

one bathroom or at least a separate toilet per bedroom

washing machine (and optionally, drier) in the bathroom

modern standard of bathroom furnishings

at least one chair at the dinner table per person

same with couches and chairs – at least one per person

kitchen equipped with a stove with four burners, fridge, dishwasher, dishes (tableware) sufficient for more than the number of potential guests in the apartment, kitchen window(s)

in the kitchen, full range of equipment such as toaster, water kettle, egg cups (with spoons), lemon squeezer, bottle opener, can opener, cooking spoon, strainer, cleaning equipment, matches, etc.

modern or at least stylish furnishings, lots of light, terrace or balcony, if possible backyard/garden

TV (LCD, LED or Plasma), radio, DVD player, internet access

storage room for luggage (may be an unused bedroom with bunk bed)

bed room: double bed at least 1.8 x 2 m, single bed at least 1 x 2 m, no fold-away beds, cots, extra beds or similar.

Night stand next to the bed, lights at the bed (not just a ceiling light which has to be turned on/off at the bedroom entrance)

good cotton bed sheets and linens

sufficient number of towels in the bathroom, as well as towels, napkins and table cloths in the kitchen

good flooring (tiles, carpeting, wood, possibly some carpets)

if there are stairs, they need to be real stairs, not some space-saving devices of whatever kind

parking spot at the house, not just nearby (outside of a pedestrian area leading to the house, perhaps)

light; large windows for daylight and various lights and lamps for the night

space in wardrobes and cupboards. Too often, living room cupboards are just filled up so that nothing else can fit, drawers and dressers somewhere hidden are also often filled up instead of leaving room for the guests’ things

no autobahn in front or train tracks behind the house or anything like that

extra amenities for relaxation such as a swimming pool in the house or the garden, sauna and/or Jacuzzi are not required but nice to have