Schwangau, 4 Season Family Fun on Mount Tegelberg

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Winter Wonderland Schwangau
Winter Wonderland Schwangau

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In every season of the year, Schwangau (Schwangau vacation rentals | Schwangau travel guide), Füssen (Füssen vacation rentals | Füssen travel guide) and the surrounding part of the Eastern Allgäu in Bavaria, are worth a holiday. Visit Schwangau and you know why this region of Germany is so famous. A most impressive Panorama View will unfold in front of your eyes once you reached the Mountain Station of Mount Tegelberg. (Cable Car operating daily from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.) High Mountains and the fascinating world of the foothills of the Alps from a bird’s eye view will amaze you and you will understand why this corner of the world is called the King’s Nook, Königswinkel. This is a part of Bavarian romantic and you might like to enjoy it a bit longer at the Panorama Restaurant, together with typical local food and drinks and the view at the Castles and Lakes, from 1,700 meters above the sea level. The Mountain Top of Mount Tegelberg is also the gate to the biggest Nature Reserve in Bavaria, the Ammergebirge. A wide net of trails suit a family trip as well as for experienced mountaineers.

The Romans

As well known, the Romans conquered the foothills of the Alps in the Schwangau area in the year 15 B.C. and Augsburg (Augsburg vacation rentals | Augsburg travel guide) (Augusta Vindelicum) became the capital city of the new province. The Romans constructed roads and bridges and made it easy for traders, settlers and veterans to follow and settle down. In return they set the foundation for the quick economical growth and success of this region. It was only in 1966, when the construction of the Valley Station Tegelbergbahn started, that a part of a residential house and a bathing building, dating back to the second century A.C., were discovered. The estate building and the bathing house were re-constructed and are open to the public, next to the Valley Station. The decoration displays the functionality of a bath at the times of the Romans. A servant brings oil and towels, Fishes, Water Gods, Mythical Creatures and Dolphins cover the walls and the ceiling.

Summer Fun

The foot of Mount Tegelberg has a lot of fun and activities to offer for the whole family. Well, if you don’t like to join in on the fun of your kids, you might relax in the Hütten-Imbiss Restaurant or in the Beer-Garden and watch them play. A big hit is the Summer Toboggan Run, daily opened from 9 A.M. to 5 P.M.. A huge Adventure Playground with a trampoline, mini-motorbikes and many other play-options which test the skills of your kids will excite them. Even if you travel without kids you will like your stay here and find a lot of things to do on your own. On Mount Tegelberg you can learn hang- and para-gliding or only watch this fascinating sport. A school is directly located next to the Valley Cable Car Station.

Winter Wonderland

Mount Tegelberg offers a 4,2 km long valley run and is and always has been a classic. The altitude difference is 900 meters and great fun for a sporty skier. 4 T-Bar lifts and 1 Cable Car are in service and between November and March you can enjoy Night Skiing, also when you are a Cross Country Skier. Schools offer Snowshoeing, tours on a steered Bobsled or show you how to build an Igloo. Here in the Schwangau region, you can learn Alpine- and Cross Country Skiing, Snowboarding, Carving or Ski-Skating, all choices are yours in this great location.

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Location: Münchener Strasse 2, 87645 Schwangau, Germany

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