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That is the biggest cuckoo clock I have ever seen....I can't believe it's still there in Wiesbaden...hope it's still there when I visit again one of these days. I love it!

Shared by Josie Cruz Patton, Jun 2011



The man who owns the [Cuckoo Clock (Kuckucksuhr)] shop is really really nice and speaks great English too!

Shared by Tamberly Jones Klemmer, Jun 2011



Around city central is a cool walking path, the "promenade", which is where the old city walls were. There are great biking tours and modern art stations throughout the city. Its a cool mix of modern and old.

Shared by Traci Wightman, Jun 2011



Charming little town, Waffeln mit heisser Himbeersosse :) a real treat, historic won't be disappointed.

Shared by Ingrid Rowe, Jun 2011



We went one cold,frosty December morning-it was lovely. Sweet little Christmas Market and small shops open. Very pretty little town.

Shared by Sorrel Jane Willis, Jun 2011


Freiburg im Breisgau

Amazing scenic beauty with relatively warm climate. The cablecar ride to the nearest mountain added to the excitement. It probably has the most extensive zone for pedestrians.

Shared by Arindam Sen, May 2011



And if you like to come to Munich earlier - here an overview of summer higlights and events in Munich - Bavaria -

Shared by Ivonne Wolter, Jun 2011



Spent many a weekend here when I lived in Germany attached to Hahn AB. It was my favorite city. The most beautiful churches and Porta Nigra or the fountain was a resting area I just loved that city . I miss it so much.

Shared by Carla Tucker Johnson, May 2011



This is a fantastic walled city. The churches are so historic. Besides the Dom, the churches of St. Matthias dating back to the 5th Century, Liebfrauenkirche (next to the Dom), St. Paulinus, built in the 12th century and St. Maximin Church are also noteworthy. We were there during the 2000th anniversary of the town. Absolutely beautiful, as was Market Place.

Shared by Janet Masly, May 2011



Everything is beautiful and historic, Clara Zetkin Park, Altes and Neues Rathaus, all the churches, museums and the little bars, coffee shops and stores. There's lot's do, I LOVE Leipzig, hey, it's my home town!

Shared by Connie Kurtew, May 2011

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