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The train station is the largest in Europe by area. When I lived in Germany I loved to go shopping there. Went to visit the zoo last year and got to feed sea lions. the kids had a ball.

Shared by Andrea Larkin, May 2011

Angela Madcke


Leipzig is a wonderful city to visit. The city has amazing buildings and the history is also amazing. The zoo is worth a visit also. If I was still a vis Germany I would go visit this amazing city again.

Shared by Angela Madcke Ohlin, May 2011



The Zepplin Museum really a worthwhile stop to make while in Germany. I loved the town,, the waterfront and pier. I can still remember the church bells from the chapel next door to my hotel room.

Shared by William Metzgar, May 2011



I love Friedrichshafen. My cousin lives there. I am always looking forward to visit her when I travel to Germany. Be sure you eat a "Bodenseefelchen" ( fish from the Bodensee) and drink a glass of I am homesick!! :-)

Shared by Ilona Yagyagan, May 2011



The Zepplin Museum was very interesting. My husband really wanted to see it so we took a weekend trip. The town is Georgeous! My only advice is, if you visit during the summer or any warm weather time and are staying in a local hotel, make sure you include a parking spot because parking is really hard to find!

Shared by Tamberly Jones Klemmer, May 2011



The Zepplin museum is great. I also love the town. I spent 5 days there two summers ago and had a great time. Go there if you are in the area.

Shared by Tia Saletta, May 2011

Beth Ann


We've walked by it on all 3 trips to the city, but haven't ventured past the gift shop. Too much to see on the waterfront. That's a great place to stay for a weekend exploring the Bodensee.

Shared by Beth Ann Myers, May 2011



I just was there last September, but I had forgotten my camera that day :-) One thing though, you have to try the chocolate from Cafe Gerlach....mhhhhhhhhhhh....or have a cup of coffee and one of their scrumptous cakes!

Shared by Ilona Yagyagan, May 2011



if you are staying within 1 city for a week or more, check out the subway passes for longer time periods. For example, Munich has an Isarcard that is valid for 1 week within the inner 2 rings which is less expensive than a 3 day ticket that is valid for the entire system (which you likely wouldn't use anyways)

Shared by Jennifer Pryne Moak, May 2011



Lived there during my time in the Army and loved every minute. Such a wonderful town with so much to do year round. A must-see place for people of all ages.

Shared by Vicki Diane Elder, May 2011

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