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Heidelberg Castle: "Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren, In einer lauen Sommernacht. - brings tears to my eyes."

Shared by Tanya Crady, Aug 2009



I lived in Schwetzingen for three years in the military, and I absolutely love Heidelberg: the Hauptstrasse, the castle and biking on the mountain ... brings back such good memories!!!

Shared by Damon Schexnider, Aug 2009


Rothenburg ob der Tauber

This was our favorite place to go when we lived in Germany. I recommend this place to anyone who is traveling to Europe.

Shared by Aimee LeBrun Wilkie, Aug 2009



Trier is a great place to visit, the cobbled stone streets, the shopping area, the colorful flowers on the carts and the beautiful Porta Nigra. Used to shop there every chance that I could when I was there. Christmas time is even more prettier with their unique German Christmas decorations.... A beautiful little town not too far from Luxembourg.

Shared by Josie Cruz Patton, Aug 2009


Braunfels was one of the highlights of a day trip we took with some friends out of the Frankfurt area. This whole region of the "Hessian hill country" (Hessisches Bergland) is wonderful. Not spectacular or overwhelming like the Bavarian Alps, but full of quiet beauty and hidden gems. Braunfels is one of them -- a very well preserved castle sitting dramatically on a hill above the town, with many old half-timbered houses and a nice marketplace. My favorite thing was just to walk around and take pictures, always with the castle towering over everything. Another great destination nearby: Weilburg.

Shared by stevebkennedy, Aug 2008


I was fortunate to visit the Braunfels' castle while I was living in Germany, and even though I didn't get to go on a tour of the interior, it was worth the visit! The castle is known to most Hessens (Germans living in Hesse) as the "Hessicher Neuschwanstein"... It is nowhere near as grand as Neuschwanstein, but it is definitely worth a trip to check it out.
It sits atop a hill, and when you get up there from the parking lot, you can see why the locals like it so much. And not only that, but I would highly recommend bringing a picnic lunch with you when you visit, because the natural surroundings are worth taking in, and letting them just surround you in it's natural beauty.
So... if you find yourself near Braunfels, find out how to get to the castle (you can see it from miles away, as it sits on top of a hill overlooking the city) and check it out for yourself! =0) ENJOY!

Shared by photo2phantom, Aug 2008

Bad Homburg vor der Höhe

... Bad Homburg is the posh garden town for it but that's not all. It has history and is still a great place for holidays and wellness just like at times of Queen Victoria and European heads of State of the time.

Shared by gabriella_47, Oct 2008


Ulm is great too! The Munster and the fisherman's village are beautiful.

Shared by jstudts, Feb 2009


Meersburg on the Bodensee is beautiful! The sea, the old and new castles and the view of the Alps on a good day.

Shared by jstudts, Feb 2008

Burghausen (Altötting)

I like Burghausen which is a small town not far away from the Austrian border. Tourists can visit the castle of Burghausen (no entry fee) and the rest of the town is nice too.

Shared by -Igby-, Jul 2008

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