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I love Oberstdorf. It's one of the most beautiful regions in the German Alps. It's just nice there and even though I live 250 km away from there it feels like home. I've mostly been there in the winter to follow my greatest passion snowboarding but last year I went there for summer vacation and it blew me away all over. It's gorgeous!

Shared by powderpunk, Jul 2008

Baden Baden

... I like Baden Baden because it has such an unique mood, it is the entrance to the beautiful Black Forest coming from the north, and its offers wellness and relaxation in the Friedrichsbad and Caracalla Thermen.

Shared by mazdamiata, Nov 2008


... I like Bacharach am Rhein because of its romantic buildings, the beautiful views on the Rhine river and the nice wineries.

Shared by mazdamiata, Aug 2008


... I like just chilling out, visiting the markets, watching the boats on the Rhine. I like evenings at Em Pootzke on Mertengasse, or sometimes if a good band is playing, Dr Jazz in Flingerstrasse. For meals, just about anywhere, but Zum Schiffchen is my favourite.

Shared by Clayton West Scouts, Jun 2009


Be sure to visit this restaurant: Alt Hendesse - Mühltalstr. 4, Heidelberg, +49 (0) 6221-480517. Real German food, it is always the first place I take tourists and they never forget that one... has also a wonderful terrace for summer days.

Shared by Mónica (Monguinhas), Nov 2008


Das finde ich erst einmal toll, daß Deutschland hier so wundervoll präsentiert wird. Ich kann da nun meine Heimatstadt Magdeburg empfehlen. Wir haben den gotischen Magdeburger Dom, das Hundertwasserhaus und viel Grün um die Elbe.

Shared by diwan, Nov 2008


Bad Orb

A very popular trip to do in Bad Orb is visiting Cafe Waldfrieden. They are famous for its tortes and cakes, and especially for their Mohrenköpfe. Also, find some great German cake at Cafe / Pastry Shop Kowalski (Ludwig-Schmank Strasse 3). They are particularly famous for their Bienenstich (bee sting cake), but all their other cakes are also gorgeous. Last not least, find the best wholesome and organic bee honey at Oma Erika. For more information about this local specialty call +49 (0) 6056-8105

Shared by Kathrin Haas, Jan 1970

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