Get LLAG-Prime Now: The hassle free and convenient way to book your Germany vacation ...

LLAG-Prime We're now offering LLAG-Prime with the following benefits to you:

Faster response times from property owners - we personally call each owner on the phone as soon as possible to obtain your quote.

Best rate - we verify that you will get the lowest possible rate.

Priority booking - LLAG Prime members will have priority, useful during popular events or places, when inventory is scarce.

Only $20 - valid for 3 months from the day you purchase!

PayPalClick here to pay $20 and we will activate your LLAG-Prime benefits immediately

Your LLAG-Prime Benefits in more detail:

1) Faster response times from property owners

Many property owners are very busy and response time to email can be slow. Especially for popular rentals, where owners receive multiple requests per hour, it can take them time to respond. We personally call them and ask for availability and a quote as soon as possible. Please note that because of the time difference we are waiting to call after 7am in the morning until 9 pm in the evening (German time GMT+8). In most of the cases you will receive a reply in less than 24 hours.

2) Best Rental Rate

During the phone call we ask for the best possible rate and deal for your situation. Often time this can result in significant savings, or owners are able to offer alternatives that are not available yet on our web site. We will work hard to make sure you get a good deal or find a place to stay even when availability is extremely limited.

3) Priority Booking

Multiple inquiries from differnet customers for a specific date and apartment can happen. If you are a LLAG-Prime customer, we will make sure that your reservation receives highest priority.

4) Stream-lined Processing

We speed up your reservation, confirmation from owners, booking confirmation and, given there is a security deposit refund, mail it back to you in less than a week after you depart the apartment in Germany.

PayPalClick here to pay $20 and we will activate your LLAG-Prime benefits immediately


This is a one-time purchase, not a membership. LLAG-Prime is valid for all your booking inquiries within 90 days of your LLAG-Prime purchase.

If you make an inquiry after 90 days and would like to have LLAG-Prime benefits, simply by a new LLAG-Prime

Once we receive and confirm your payment we will immediately activate LLAG-Prime. You will see this in our booking emails that LLAG-Prime is activated. We will also let you know when it expires.

There is no need to cancel LLAG-Prime. It simply expires after 90 days.

We're planning to add more useful benefits to LLAG-Prime to make it even more valuable. If you have ideas for improvements please send us an email.