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LLAG Debuts Germany Travel Search Feature to Save Travelers Big Bucks

LLAG has today announced the debut of their powerful Germany travel search feature, which enables customers to save considerable time and money.

Gilroy, CA (PRWEB) August 25, 2011 - LLAG (Live Like A German), has announced the availability of their advanced Germany travel search capability. This feature enables customers to locate lesser-known travel destinations, saving them an enormous amount of money. The tools provided are powerful, concise and simple to use, saving time and effort as well as money.

Travel accommodations can be enormously expensive, particularly when they are made in tourist destinations. LLAG provides the means for customers to locate Germany travel destinations that are less well known than most, but nearby the most popular sites. That equates to considerable savings on accommodations, without sacrificing proximity to major tourist areas. Of course, an added benefit is that travelers will be able to immerse themselves in local German culture far more easily than by booking accommodations within major urban centers.

In addition, Live Like A German also provides customers with the ability to directly book their Germany vacation rentals through their intuitive online interface. All payment processing is done via their secure website, offering a simple, convenient solution to what can often be a time-consuming, frustrating problem.

Of course, there are other companies that offer something similar. 9Flats, Wimdu and AirBnB offer access to apartments for those interested in Germany travel. However, LLAG goes several steps beyond this. Customers interested in Germany travel will find vital travel guides, unique trip ideas, travel tips from insiders and locals, and more. All the information provided is developed hand-in-hand with local German property owners.

LLAG provides a one-stop solution for anyone planning a Germany vacation who truly wants to experience all the rich culture and heritage of this nation, but still be close to major attractions for convenience. To find out more about Live Like a German, their information about Germany vacations and to experience the difference LLAG can truly make in your next trip, visit the company at

Small Travel Startup Empowers Their Customers during Germany Vacations

Live Like a German, a small travel startup, gives their customers the ability to live like a local during a Germany vacation.

Gilroy, California (PRWEB) 18, April 2011 – Live Like a German, a small travel company based in Silicon Valley, gives their customers the ability to live like locals and save a tremendous amount of money during a vacation in Germany. When talking about vacationing in Germany, the first thing that comes to a traveler’s mind is probably Oktoberfest, Neuschwanstein and Lederhosen. A small Silicon Valley based company called "Live Like a German" is changing all that.

Live Like a German, the brainchild of founder Bettina Kraft, is determined to help vacationers planning a Germany vacation by offering them the ability to live in a vacation apartment within an actual German community, as well as by providing vital insider tips, great local recipes and more.

What Live Like a German really offers customers is the chance to enjoy a new type of family vacation – one that flies in the face of traditional options. Rather than spending an immense amount of money on tourist attractions and hotels, Bettina Kraft gives customers the chance to really live like a German, living in a nice vacation apartment in different locations, such as an authentic German village, within a German city or in a historic downtown district. Not only does this help her customers save 30-40% on the costs of a hotel rental, but it also offers full immersion into the German culture, in a way never before possible for the everyday traveler.

LLAG offers handpicked apartments chosen for their proximity to lesser-known cultural events or locations, enabling customers to enjoy attending events and seeing sights that are slightly “off the beaten path.” In addition, the company also offers an immense amount of information about each apartment and location, including photographs, local owner reviews of area highlights and much more. This vast array of information enables customers to shop at local German markets, enjoy real German cuisine at local favorite eateries and truly experience living like a German.

To find out more about Live Like a German, their information about Germany vacations and to experience the difference LLAG can truly make in your next trip, visit the company at

About Live Like a German: Live Like a German was founded by owner Bettina Kraft to help others experience her native country as only locals can. The company is committed to providing their customers with all the help and information needed to really experience living like a native German while on vacation.