Germany Trip Plan:
3 Day Winery Tour in Cochem

Germany trip plan: 3 Day Winery Tour in Cochem
Hiking along the Moselle
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The Moselle is one of the most romantic places in Germany, and when you visit it will be easy to see why. Grapevines blowing in the soft wind and ripe grapes swollen in the sunlight... it will be hard to stay for only three days!

Note: This is a trip plan (self-driving, stay in a vacation apartment, explore on your own)
Duration: 3 Days
Recommended Destination Airport: Düsseldorf Airport

Trip Plan Details:


  • Apartment rental
  • all rooms with shower, toilet, kitchen, bedrooms, and living room


  • 1 x bus trip from Cochem - after Valwig to start hiking
  • 1 x guided tour of the wineries on the Apolloweg to Cochem
  • 1 x matching wines (4 samples) during the tour
  • 1 x savory snacks directly winemakers in the vineyards

Cost Estimate:

We compiled some starting prices and rough estimates to help you better with your Germany trip planning.

Lodging: starting at $175 for 2 persons / 3 days
Admissions: starting at $200 for 2 persons / 3 days
Estimated Total Cost:2 persons, starting at $375 / 3 days
 4 persons, starting at $600 / 3 days

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Friday: Arrival

Day 1: Friday: Arrival
Vineyard Welcoming
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After unpacking at your apartment rental, go out on the town and see what it has to offer, you will be surprised how romantic this nestled town is. Try doing some shopping for unique medieval trinkets from some of the many shops!

Day 2: Saturday: Wine Tasting

Day 2: Saturday: Wine Tasting
Tour of the Vineyard
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This morning we invite you to take a guided tour, along one of the best walking routes on the side of the Moselle River. Please dress in sturdy shoes and suitable clothing. Well rested from b breakfast, take the bus to Valwig to enter the Apolloweg. Here to greet us is the master vintner with delicious Moselle wines from his own vineyards. Now we start together on the Apolloweg towards Cochem. Along the way the winemakers supply the group with a fascinating combination of this unique landscape with its rare heat-loving plants and animals, rugged cliffs and terraced vineyards. The hike takes you, among other places, through the middle of the vineyard poles, as is typically only known to the winemaker. Along the way we make races and enjoy the breathtaking views of the river valley. You taste the wine from this vineyard. At noon we reach Cochem. There, a hearty snack in the winemakers vineyard is given. Here, too, enjoy the splendid Moselle wine overlooking the Moselle, and Cochem's imperial castle and the town with a drink. Here ends our tour. If you like, feel free stay and sit with friends. In the afternoon you have the opportunity to visit the imperial castle, ride on the riverboat, or take the cable car, or the Mosel-Wein-Express. There is something to do for everyone!

Day 3: Sunday: Pack it up

Day 3: Sunday: Pack it up
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The last day is reserved for eating a large, German breakfast and then using that energy to pack your things and head to the train station. Take time during the morning hours, if you haven't already, to get postcards and gifts for friends to tell them all about your journey into romantic Germany.

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Cochem is the capital of the district Cochem-Zell in Rhineland-Palatinate. It is situated in the valley of the Moselle River, at the foot of a hill surrounded by a feudal castle, the Reichsburg, dating from 1051. The town is surrounded by vineyards.…  [ + ] More Details

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