Germany Trip Plan:
Rejuvenate in the Spa Towns Baden-Baden, Bad Herrenalb and Bad Wildbad

Germany trip plan: Rejuvenate in the Spa Towns Baden-Baden, Bad Herrenalb and Bad Wildbad
Baden-Baden from Mount Merkur, author: Ramessos
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Baden-Baden at the foot of the Black Forest has natural hot springs and numerous spas. Rejuvenate your body, mind & soul in the world of wellness at CaraVitalis, in the spa and climatic health resort Bad Herrenalb with its Siebentäler Therme and Prießnitz-Spa, and Bad Wildbad in the picturesque Enz-valley, home to the Vital Therme and Palais Thermal.

Note: This is a trip plan (self-driving, stay in a vacation apartment, explore on your own)
Duration: 7 days
Recommended Destination Airport: Stuttgart Airport

Trip Plan Details:

Baden-Baden is nestled in a green valley at the foot of the Black Forest and has natural hot springs and numerous spas. Rejuvenate your body, mind & soul in the world of wellness at CaraVitalis, in the spa and climatic health resort Bad Herrenalb with its Siebentäler Therme and Prießnitz-Spa, and Bad Wildbad in the picturesque Enz-valley, home to the Vital Therme and Palais Thermal.

Already 2000 years ago the Romans discovered the special healing effects of thermal spring water and with Emperor Caracalla, the spa culture in Baden-Baden began to thrive. Thermal water is rarely as pure as it is in Baden-Baden. It flows from 12 springs, reaching temperatures of up to 68 degrees Celsius, unfolding its famous soothing effect on the body and soul. The uniquely well-balanced mineral content gently activates your whole organism and you succumb to an incomparable feeling of relaxation. The thermal water is particularly effective in the treatment of the following conditions: spinal and locomotive disorders, chronic inflammatory rheumatic conditions, rheumatoid arthritis, arthrosis, progressive degenerative joint and spine diseases, post-operative treatment and locomotive injuries, functional circulatory disturbances, nervous system disorders, gynecological disorders and respiratory tract disorders.

Cost Estimate:

We compiled some starting prices and rough estimates to help you better with your Germany trip planning.

Lodging: starting at $657 for 2 persons / 7 days
Admissions: starting at $550 for 2 persons / 7 days
Car Rental: starting at $420 / 7 days
Gas: starting at $250 / 7 days
Estimated Total Cost:2 persons, starting at $1877 / 7 days
 4 persons, starting at $2742 / 7 days

Travel Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at the spa and wine town Baden-Baden

Day 1:  Arrival at the spa and wine town Baden-Baden
Old town Baden-Baden, GNU, author: Sebastian Wallroth
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Move in your fully equipped holiday apartment which is conveniently located and get to know your new surroundings. You will find many grocery shops and nice restaurants offering typical Badensian cuisine accompanied by exquisite local grown Riesling wine.

Day 2: Baden-Baden: modern days and historical splendor

Day 2: Baden-Baden: modern days and historical splendor
The Trinkhalle, pump room, in Baden-Baden, author: BuzzWoof
[ source: Wikipedia]

The town center is in the area of Leopoldplatz and Augustaplatz and regular public bus services connect these town-squares with the surrounding towns and villages. The main shopping streets are Lange Strasse, and in the so called spa quarter the Sophienstrasse and Gernsbacher Strasse, which is a pedestrian zone and full of exclusive boutiques and cafes. Designer brands and exquisite items are here in abundance: fashion, antiques, toys, jewelry and gifts. The steeply rising Küferstraße leads you to the picturesque court yard of the Baldreit, already serving as a health resort in renaissance times and nowadays as a romantic backdrop for guests of traditional vine taverns. Climbing the narrow, steep Schloss-Staffeln, you reach a plateau offering an overwhelming panorama of Baden-Baden.

Baden-Baden is widely known as one of the world's most prestigious health resorts and the former summer capital of Europe. The center of society life has always been around the Kurhaus. The building with its beautiful candelabras is one of the most renowned exponents of classicism and the shell-domed outdoor stage is the town's landmark. The most beautiful Casino in the world and the largest in Germany is also located here. It is more than 200 years old with the rooms designed in the style of a French chateau. If you don't like gambling you can take a tour in the morning. Walk along the Trinkhalle, pump-room, whose covered walk is decorated by 14 frescos still reminding passers-by of the myths and legends of Baden-Baden and its surroundings. To learn more about Baden-Baden's history take a guided tour which is regularly offered to visitors.

With its beautiful parks and gardens, Baden-Baden is a paradise for people who appreciate a relaxing break. Start your afternoon walk after a healthy lunch at the Götheplatz and follow the Oos River upstream along the left bank on the Lichtentaler Allee. Part of the spa garden it runs for several kilometers from the pump room to the Lichtental Convent. The original river path was laid out as an avenue of oaks in 1655 by Moritz von Lassolaye and later developed into a large country-style park at the behest of the casino owners. More than 300 different native and exotic plants and trees including limes, chestnuts, oaks, planes, alder, ginkgo, silver maples, magnolias and azaleas line the avenue. Also the Lichtentaler Allee Park boasts a number of gardens, including the rose garden with 300 different varieties of roses.

Day 3: CaraVitalis, a day at the Caracalla Therme and Friedrichsbad

Day 3: CaraVitalis, a day at the Caracalla Therme and Friedrichsbad
The Florentinerberg with the New Castle, the Caracalla Spa ,bottom right, and the Friedrichsbad, bottom left, author: Kirillll
[ source: Wikipedia]

The Römerplatz is the heart of the Badeviertel, bath-quarter, only a five minutes' walk from Leopoldplatz through the pedestrian zone. Here you can see the ruins of the Roman baths and dive in the healing thermal waters at Caracalla Spa and Friedrichsbad. The basic principle of wellness is the harmony of body, mind & soul and here you can breathe deeply and forget the stress of everyday life. With more than 3,000 square meters the Caracalla Spa offers a lot to unwind and bathe at leisure in the healing thermal water. The bathing area with its large variety of bathing pools and the Roman sauna facilities with its mosaics and pillars as well as various exhibits and antiques and an outdoor area in the picturesque castle gardens invites you to relax and enjoy. It also houses a rock grotto with hot and cold water, a regenerating aroma steam bath and a saltwater inhalation room. The massage and air jets as well as the neck showers complete the unique experience of well-being. The WellnessLounge in the Caracalla Spa offers massages, body wraps and beauty treatments, alone or for couples, and a lounge area with a sun terrace and Wellness-Bar is nearby.

17 different stages of wellbeing are offered at the Friedrichsbad. The changing temperatures and the healing thermal water in the various baths have a regenerative effect on body and soul. The healing benefit of its thermal water will be unforgettable, as it has been for many others for over 130 years. Here the action comes in form of shower, warmth, heat, shower, scrubbing, shower, steam, hot steam, water, bubbles, floating, shower, cold, rubbing, moisturizing and relaxing. Traditionally men and women bathe separately in the Friedrichsbad since no any clothes are aloud throughout all stages! However, some days couples can use all of the 17 stages together. Get your information first!

The ArenaVita - Caracalla Fitness World, reminds you that health can be maintained through physical exercise. It is a health studio in which everyone, regardless of age, should feel comfortable with their own individual training requirements.

Day 4: Spa town Bad Herrenalp, the Siebentäler Therme with the Prießnitz-Spa

Day 4: Spa town Bad Herrenalp, the Siebentäler Therme with the Prießnitz-Spa
View on Bad Herrenalp, GNU, author: Profi
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Enjoy a full day in the Black Forest! The double title spa and climatic health resort already implements that in Bad Herrenalb the mineral-water and air is particularly pure. Whether you enjoy a day relaxing in fresh air or prefer a walk in the beautiful nature, here you will find your favorite leisure activity. Siebentäler Therme offers special spa services such as the unique Prießnitz-Spa- Sound-Swimming. Your body will drift weightless in warm water hearing and feeling music, even under water. Additional light effects will immerse you in a fantasy world of color and music. The Siebentäler Therme focuses on typical regional products available in form from bubble baths, massage or cosmetics lines. Spa facilities include the Black Forest sauna, a hay-bath in the Kraxenstube, a barefoot-course and sound tree, an ice fountain and aromatic steam bath under the starry sky. Spa treatments feature a healing clay bath, goat milk-, elder flower- and bubble massage bath, Thalasso treatment, Prießnitz wrap, salt and oil rubs and massages such as aqua-healing deep relaxation massage. Other offers include water aerobics, holistic back exercises, and progressive muscle relaxation according to the Jacobsen method.

Day 5: Baden-Baden wine district

Day 5: Baden-Baden wine district
Benedictine Abbey Church at Schwarzach, author: Immanuel Giel
[ source: Wikipedia]

Explore the local vineyards and the Romanesque Cathedral of the former Benedictine Abbey at Schwarzach, which is located in the beautiful Baden-Baden wine district. It is considered to be one of the largest and most important Romanesque monuments in Baden-Württemberg. Not far away from here you will reach Castle Windeck - a former knights' manor whose origins can be traced back to the 12th century. Two huge towers offer a spectacular panorama of the region. The vineyards at its feet offer guided tours and a wine tasting afterwards.

Use the evening to explore the Badensian cuisine, which is highly respected. This region has more award-winning restaurants than any other in Germany! Right in the middle of Baden-Baden's old quarter, in a 300 year old timber-framed building you will find a cozy restaurant serving typical local dishes. A special treat awaits you in one of southern Germany's top restaurants, the Alde Gott. It is an elegant country house restaurant amidst Baden-Baden's vineyard. Many other restaurants offer wonderful Badensian dishes for any budget.

Day 6: Bad Wildbad in the picturesque Enztal, Vitaltherme and Palais Thermal

Day 6: Bad Wildbad in the picturesque Enztal, Vitaltherme and Palais Thermal
Palais Thermal, GNU, author: Andreas Praefcke
[ source: Wikipedia]

The Black Forest is one of the most beautiful regions of Germany and people often associate it with extensive coniferous forests and fascinating mountains; like in Bad Wildbad! The town itself and the element of water are inseparable. That's maybe why it has the luxury of two thermal baths - the Palais Thermal and the Vital Therme. The latter offers besides the classic, proven remedies various spa applications, such as soothing cream and oil baths. A wide range of aqua-training sessions are on offer and with aqua-biking something very unique. In- and outdoor- pools, saunas and steam room, infrared cabin, several relaxation rooms, spacious outdoor terrace and a solarium are features here. Spa treatments include classical and relaxation massage, full body massages. Milk-, evening primrose oil and Cleopatra bubble bath, orange blossom and rose petal bath and Thalasso treatments; medical baths with carbon dioxide, Stanger-bath, natural mud baths and underwater massage.

Palais Thermal is an architectural jewel from the 19th century that has been lovingly restored. The outside features a neoclassical style while the interior has a touch of the orient. Wellness treatments such as brush-or feel-good massage and cream wraps leave your worries outside the door. The oil treatment with a mixture of warm oils of the Macadamia nut, almonds, wheat germs, jojoba oil and aloe Vera make your skin relax and offers unique care. Spa Facilities include a Finnish sauna, Oriental sauna, Tepidarium, steam temple, meditation sauna, an ice fountain and a solar garden with desert sand, a sun canopy and solarium. Treatments include water shiatsu, traditional massage, evening primrose anti-stress bath, hot stone massage, grape seed oil massage, mocha peeling and a white chocolate bath! If the white chocolate is not enough for you the cafeteria with an adjacent bar in the Moorish hall offers a selection of small dishes.

Day 7: Departure

Day 7: Departure
Baden-Baden, author: Martin Dürrschnabel
[ source: Wikipedia]

Today you will return to the airport for your flight home. You had to choose between so many options of treatments and wellness methods and maybe you already found your personal favorite. Best is to incorporate some of the things you have learned into your daily life and of course you can come back anytime to enjoy and learn more.

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Baden Baden

Baden Baden
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