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Saxon Railway Museum

Saxon Railway Museum
Saxon Railway Museum

The Saxon Railway Museum (Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum or SEM) is located in Chemnitz, in the state of Saxony, eastern Germany. It is situated on the site of the former locomotive depot (Bahnbetriebswerk or Bw) for goods train locomotives in the district Hilbersdorf.

After the locomotive depot was closed in 1992, the society moved into the buildings which were protected as historical monuments. As a result the museum has two roundhouses with 20-metre (66 ft) turntables. In addition there are coaling and sanding facilities, water cranes, a working jack for inspection pits and a range of other equipment found in an operational depot.

The exhibition area describes and portrays the evolution of the railway in Saxony and especially in the area of Chemnitz. In addition to an extensive range of steam, diesel and electric locomotives, the museum also has a large collection of operational, narrow-gauge, Feldbahn engines.

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Address: Chemnitz
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Location of Saxon Railway Museum

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"Can you kindly tell me if the museum is open on Monday Jan. 2, 2016 if so what are the hours? We would love to see this beautiful train exhibit" (posted 11/03/2016)

Dresden Transport Museum Transport Museum in Dresden is always open from Tuesday to Saturday, closed on Mondays. Warning: From 31.12.2016 to 01.02.2017 the museum is closed. This museum is also very old golden steam. Bahnbetriebswerk Dresden-Altstadt This museum with the many other historic steam locomotives is not open between October and March. In the low and high seasons spring, summer and autumn, the museum is only opened every second Saturday. The museum is run by volunteer members of the association. The old steam locomotives are the winter not in operation because they break easily at temperatures below zero. The small narrow gauge railways around Dresden: Lößnitzgrund Switchback, Weißeritztalbahn should also go in the winter season daily. Sorry, is not published a timetable. but you should always expect that in January and February a lot of snow in Saxony is - then do not go past the small steam locomotives also. but I have a little recommendation for them. The Glühwein ride Döllnitzbahn, Oschatz - Mügeln, on January 2 Oschatz is a small town, one hour by car or train from Dresden is located. You can take the Saxony Ticket Deutsche Bahn and a small surcharge of 3, from Dresden to Riesa / Oschatz - until 6 - pay and with a very old and rare steam train - ride operated web. If you still have questions or a certain old railway / locomotive looking, I research like for them. Greetings from Dresden
Answer provided by Gaston Remels on 11/04/2016
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No, unfortunately not. Only on weekends and public holidays:
Answer provided by Sarah Herold on 11/03/2016
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