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Leysieffer Confectionery

Leysieffer Confectionery
Chocolate by Leysieffer - take one!

Since 1909 the family Leysieffer titillated the customers palates with selected confectionery and pastry shop specialities like about 80 different kind of chocolates and truffles, about 60 different kinds of chocolate bars in different flavours, pastries, more than 20 sorts of jam and a lot more.

Leysieffer concentrates mainly on the production of chocolates and truffles. One of the most well-known of these products are the Himmlischen a fantastic cream truffle chocolate with a melt-in-the mouth filling and rolled in sugar.

Using the long experience Leysieffer had gained over the years in the confectionery and cafés business, the company developed a new kind of bistro catering market by opening 1985 the first Leysieffer Bistro in Westerland on the island of Sylt situated in the North Sea. The aim was to offer guests a different menu of good, but simple food every day. The top quality required by Leysieffer meant that the bistro had to have its own production department around where all served specialities are produced every day fresh such as the well-known red fruit jelly called Sylter Rote Grütze, mousse au chocolate, fruit and cream gateaux as well as savoury dishes which change daily in response to the season. This exclusive catering concept has enabled Leysieffer to continue to expand, and now the company runs bistros in the most exclusive locations in major cities in Germany.

  • price level: budget
  • opening hours: Open Mon-Sun
  • address: Krahnstraße 41, Osnabrück 49074
  • telephone:+49 541 338150
  • email:verwaltung@leysieffer.de
  • fax:+49 541 3381549
  • rates and features:Top value restaurant. Main course about € 4.00 - € 11.00

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Address: Krahnstrasse 41, 49074 Osnabrück
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