Bad Doberan Travel Tip:
Kamp (Bad Doberan)

Kamp (Bad Doberan)
Kamp (Bad Doberan)

The Kamp is a triangular, lime-fringed park, about two hectares in area, which was laid out in 1800 in the centre of the small German town of Bad Doberan. In the 19th century, the Kamp was the social hub of the Doberan, because it was surrounded by the most prestigious buildings in the town.


In 1793, following the foundation of Germany's first seaside resort in Heiligendamm, the Duke of Mecklenburg, Frederick Francis I, pressed ahead with the development of Doberan (the name was changed to Bad Doberan in the 1920s) as his ducal summer residence. As well as being the residence of the Duke and his court, Doberan also became the meeting place for the social elite of the state. Whilst Heiligendamm attracted visitors with its bathing establishments, Doberan drew them mainly with its variety of amusements and social events. But the town need to be further developed. The triangular cow pasture situated in front of the Logierhaus was fenced off with barriers, footpaths were laid and it was turned into a park. Thus, the Kamp became the centre of Doberan. A restauranteur from Milan, Gaetano Medini, offered food in a tent, and concerts by the Duke's orchestra were held here. The Kamp was festively illuminated during the bathing season and there were firework displays. Since the original thatched houses of Doberan's villagers were not in keeping with the image of a ducal summer residence, the Duke forbade their construction and paid subsidies for the construction of tiled houses. With the engagement of Carl Theodor Severin, an architect, in 1802, several prestigious buildings were erected around the Kamp, including a theatre, the Logierhaus, a palace and a salon building (Salongebäude).

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Bad Doberan

Bad Doberan is a town in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, Germany. It is the capital of the district of Bad Doberan. As of 2007 its population was of 11,294.

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