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Sparrenberg Castle

Sparrenberg Castle
Sparrenberg Castle

The Sparrenburg (actually: Castle and Fortress Sparrenberg) is a restored fortress in the Bielefeld-Mitte district of Bielefeld, Germany. It is situated on the Sparrenberg (180 m/591 ft altitude) in the Teutoburg Forest and towers 60 m (197 ft) above the city centre. Its current appearance mainly originated in the 16th and 19th century. The Sparrenburg is considered to be Bielefeld's landmark.

Sightseeing and events

The above-ground parts of the Sparrenburg can be visited year-round, free of charge. The rest of the castle can be visited daily from April to October, includingthe ascent of the 37 m (120 ft) tower and the front part of the 285 m (935 ft) subterranean corridor (Casemates). The northwestern part of the underground corridor is not accessible with the exception of three tours per year, as it is home to bats.

An attraction is the annual Sparrenburgfest held on the last weekend of July, where carnies and merchants re-enact the medieval way of life.

In order to financially secure the preservation and restoration of the complex, the campaign Ein Stein für die Burg (One stone for the castle) was brought to life, where a stone of the castle's wall can be adopted for a donation. For higher donations a personal engraving of the stone was possible. A total of 3,100 adoptions were made. The possibility of an adoption no longer exists since the end of 2006, because the engraved stones were used for paving the roundels of the castle, and thus the number of adoptions was limited. In view of the estimated restoration costs of 7.5 million euro Bielefeld's Townsmen Foundation continues to seek further donations even after the end of the adoptions.

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Location of Sparrenberg Castle

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