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Putbus - Rügen's "white city"

Putbus - Rügen's
Putbus Orangerie on Rügen

Putbus was founded by Count and Lord, later Prince and Lord Wilhelm-Malte zu Putbus as his town of residence. Wilhelm-Malte also introduced sea bathing to Germany at Lauterbach which is about 2 km from Putbus. The former Schloss was destroyed by the East German régime after World War II but its orangery and stables survive in the very beautiful park. The town is also notable for the small theatre and the Crown Prince's residence (now a tourist office and museum). The town is connected to the rest of Rügen by the narrow gauge steam railway known as Rasender Roland and by good roads and cycle tracks.

The former royal residence with its 29 little districts stretches all along the Rügen Bodden. As ordered by Prince Wilhelm Malte in the days of yore, eight local elders and protectors of historical monuments are charged with the task of ensuring the classic look of the city centre is preserved.

The whitewashed houses with their rose bushes are a treat for the eye. The Prince had intended Putbus to become his official summer residence and a spa town of note.

A visit to the theatre in Putbus is an absolute must. Built in 1819 and extensively renovated in 2002, the theatre is once again open for business.

Putbus park is a further attraction, complete with mellow hills covered in fruit trees, rolling lawns and meandering paths, an orangerie, a church, the royal family’s mausoleum, the Rosencafe and much more.

[ Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Putbus ]

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Address: Markt 8, 18581 Putbus
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Location of Putbus - Rügen's "white city"

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