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Drachenfels (Siebengebirge)

Drachenfels (Siebengebirge)
Drachenfels (Siebengebirge)

The Drachenfels ("Dragon's Rock", German pronunciation: [ˈdʁaxənˌfɛls]) is a mountain 321 metres (1,053 ft) in the Siebengebirge mountain range between Königswinter and Bad Honnef in Germany.


The rock and the ruins gained popularity in the romantic era, after the Napoleonic Wars had ended. The visit of Lord Byron to Mehlem and its appearance in Childe Harold's Pilgrimage provided the rock with international attention and it became a highlight of the so-called Rhine romanticism. Poems were composed by people like Edward Bulwer-Lytton and locally by Heinrich Heine. Thus popularized, it quickly became a tourist attraction, which it still is.

A neogothic castle, lower on the mountain, is named Schloss Drachenburg and was built in 1882 by Baron Stephan von Sarter. Both the top and Schloss Drachenburg can be reached by the Drachenfelsbahn, a rack railway built in the 19th century to satify demand from growing tourism. The Drachenfels is sometimes irreverently called Schwiegermutterfelsen (mother-in-law rock) or jokingly referred to as "the highest mountain in Holland" because of its popularity among Dutch tourists.

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