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Silberturm (English: Silver Tower), formerly known as Dresdner-Bank-Hochhaus and Jürgen-Ponto-Hochhaus, is a 32-storey, 166.3 m (546 ft) skyscraper in the Bahnhofsviertel district of Frankfurt, Germany. It had been the tallest building in Germany from 1978 until 1990. Until 2009 it had been part of the headquarters of Dresdner Bank, one of Germany's largest banks until its merger with Commerzbank in 2009. As of 2012 the main tenant is Deutsche Bahn.


Built by Bilfinger Berger, the Silberturm is located at Jürgen-Ponto-Platz, which opens onto Kaiserstrasse. The square is named after Jürgen Ponto, the former CEO of Dresdner Bank who was murdered in 1977 by members of the Red Army Faction (RAF). The Silberturm, along with the seven-story building Gallusanlage 8, formed the Dresdner Bank Headquarters from 1978 to 2008. In 2003, a new tower (Gallileo) was built.

After the takeover of Dresdner Bank by Commerzbank in early 2009, the new owner planned to sell the Silberturm because the office space was no longer needed. But since a sale of the building, which is worth approximately 200 million euros, was no longer deemed possible in the wake of the financial crisis, the complete high-rise and also the Gallusanlage 8 building were leased on long term to Deutsche Bahn in the summer of 2009. The Gallileo highrise will continue to be used by Commerzbank.

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