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Asamkirche, Munich

Asamkirche, Munich
Asamkirche, Munich

St. Johann Nepomuk, better known as the Asam Church (German: Asamkirche) is a church in Munich, southern Germany, built from 1733 to 1746 by the brothers Egid Quirin Asam and Cosmas Damian Asam as their private church. Due to resistance of the citizens, the brothers were forced to make the church accessible to the public. The church is considered to be one of the most important buildings of the main representatives of the southern German Late Baroque.

The Asams had bought four houses for their project, the southern house was built already in the 16th century. When Egid took possession of the house as his home, he sculpted lavish stucco ornamentation for the exterior, as it was typical for the South German rococo, an ornament technique inspired by Lüftlmalerei (an artistic expression of paintings on the outside walls of houses in Bavaria and Tyrol). The two houses in the middle were demolished to build the church. The northern house became the house for the priest, it also shows a rococo facade.

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Address: Munich
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