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Schleswig-Holstein Open-air Museum (Freilichtmuseum)

Schleswig-Holstein Open-air Museum  (Freilichtmuseum)
Schleswig-Holstein Open-air Museum (Freilichtmuseum)

This is the biggest open-air museum south of Kiel in northern Germany. On the 140-acre site with meadows, gardens, fields and ponds you can see seventy historical buildings, farmyards and mills from Schleswig-Holstein, complete with furniture, household equipment and tools. There is also a historical funfair with a roundabout and a swingboat. Household animals and pets that the children are permitted to touch are an added attraction. Craftspeople demonstrate their trades and sell their products. If you feel in need of refreshment you can stop off at the restaurant and try the products of the museum’s own bakery, dairy and smokehouse.

Hours: April 1 - October 31 open daily 9am - 6pm. November 1 - March 31 – 31 open 11am – 4pm on Sundays & public holidays.

Admission: Adults 4.50 €, Concessions 2.50 €, Children under 6 years free.

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Address: Hamburger Landstrasse 97, 24113 Molfsee
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Location of Schleswig-Holstein Open-air Museum (Freilichtmuseum)

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"How easy is it to get from our cruise liner to the open-air museum" (posted 03/03/2016)

There are open air museum in Schleswig-Holstein Molfsee a bus (501) from the main station. From the cruise terminal is about 15 minutes there. Departure times are certainly to check there as well. MfG I. Pusch
Answer provided by Ingrid Pusch on 03/03/2016
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"We are arriving in Kiel by cruise ship on July 13 and would love to visit this museum. Can you please tell us how we may get to it? thank you" (posted 06/05/2016)

Dear Sirs, the museum is located in Molfsee. This is 5 km south of Kiel. It is possible to go by Buis KVG there. He leaves from the station. We look forward to hearing from you again. Sincerely Götz Daniel Eco-Holiday-Kiel Family Monika and Daniel Götz Ringelnatz Straße 20a D- 24159 Kiel Tel 0431 338701 mobile 01708028261 contact (at) website:
Answer provided by Götz Daniel on 06/05/2016
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There is a bus to Molfsee open-air museum. check departure times on ship terminal. # MfG I. Pusch
Answer provided by Ingrid Pusch on 06/05/2016
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"Where do the cruise liners moor?" (posted 06/11/2014)

unfortunately I can not help you. In the open-air museum Molfsee you can visit old mostly thatched farmhouses and experience ancient craft. "Moor ships" does not exist there, perhaps my guests from the bog salvaged old Viking Schiffe.Da example, is the Nydam ship to Schleswig. LG I. Pusch
Answer provided by Ingrid Pusch on 06/12/2014
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On the route through the North Sea Canal to Scandinavia and the Baltic states attach great many cruise ships in Kiel, inter alia, Hapag Loyd or Aida. There are Kaldener from which ersichtlichist when each cruise ship comes. In Kiel there are a number of interesting attractions, including the open-air museum Molfsee with a large area of ​​the old farms and houses from Schleswig-Holstein, which were built here in the original again. Of course, there are other museums, including the just re-opened Schifffahrtsmuseaum. Many tourists like to come for shopping to Kiel. Sincerely, Daniel Götz
Answer provided by Götz Daniel on 06/12/2014
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The Cruise liners moor in the bay of Kiel. This is about 600-700 distance from our apartment block at the mountain.
Answer provided by Matthias Kern on 06/12/2014
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