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Castle Frankenstein

Castle Frankenstein
Castle Frankenstein

Frankenstein Castle is a hilltop castle about 5 km south of Darmstadt in Germany. Modern claims of the castle having an influence on the work of Mary Shelley remain controversial.

Before 1250, Lord Konrad II. Reiz von Breuberg erected Frankenstein Castle and since named himself von und zu Frankenstein. The first document proving the existence of the castle in 1252 is bearing his name. He was the founder of the free imperial lordship Frankenstein, which was subject only to the jurisdiction of the emperor, with possessions in Nieder-Beerbach, Darmstadt, Ockstadt, Wetterau and Hesse. Additionally the Frankensteins held other possession and Sovereignty-rights as Burgraves in Zwingenberg (Auerbach (Bensheim)), in Darmstadt, Groß-Gerau, Frankfurt am Main and Bensheim. The hill whereupon the castle stands was probably occupied by another castle since the 11th century, which fell into ruins after Castle Frankenstein was built a couple of yards to the northwest. Claims of an even older predecessor upon the hill are widespread, but historically unlikely.

Address: Darmstadt
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Location of Castle Frankenstein

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"What are the hours during December and January for Castle Frankenstein? Thank you." (posted 12/20/2014)

hi out there in the www. frankenstein`s castle is about 5 km from my home. it is the beginning of the "Hessian mountain road" in the south of Darmstadt. opening hours tuesday till sunday dec.23 till jan 1st pre order (lots of X-mas parties and special arrangements) dec.27 a few tickets left in january They Are open from 6 pm to midnight, DEPENDING on snow situation. right now there is no snow at all, and we don`t expect any this year. the castle: It`sa old rocky wall and one tower, what is almost demaged During the past. last time (10 years ago) i was there and Didn`t understand what is the idea of. i think it`s Reduced to a tourist trap - if you expect horror and crispy skin ..... a big restaurant is the major reason to go there. They offer food in old fashion old fashion outfit and sometimes - in summer - They organice knight games arround the castellated wall in old traditional way. think the restaurant May handle up to 200 people. They offer at restaurant "creepy dinner" what is little horror show. SA | 12/27/14 19:30 | Clock | Bride of Frankenstein | 55 remaining tickets FR | 02/01/15 19:30 | Clock | Jack the Ripper FR | 09/01/15 19:30 | Clock | Dracula FR | 01/30/15 | 19: 30 clock | Dracula FR | 20/02/15 19:30 | Clock | The experiments of Dr. Frankenstein FR | 03/13/15 19:30 | Clock | Dracula SA | 03/28/15 19:30 | Clock | Bride of Frankenstein FR | 10.4. 15 19:30 | Clock | Jack the Ripper DO | 04/30/15 19:30 | Clock | Dracula the same owner so runs the same cocept at "auerbacher closed" what is about 15 km the south. by the way: did along road (better walk in the hills) you can find lots of castles and old broken walls. i never counted them, but i think its about 50 from Darmstadt to Heidelberg plus going east the Neckar-river. for any other questions please write back to me marry x mas and a "full horror" new year gerd
Answer provided by Gerd Glaser on 12/23/2014
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"Hello, my name is Emily I am in the 8th grade, and I am doing a school project on castles in social studies, I chose the Frankenstien Castle.( I came to it when I was younger) I live in the United States so I speak English. In the project I am required to contact a worker of the castle and ask for information, pictures ect. I was wondering if there was someone that I could contact, but I have to send the request in the form of a business letter, so if there was a person who knows a lot about the castle and speaks English that I could contact could I please have there email and address? Thank you very much." (posted 10/16/2015)

Hi Emily, what a project !!! Frankenstein castle is rented by a private company. Lake http://frankenstein-restaurant.de/content/e566/index_ger.html you find a live cam and a "burgfuehrer" (tourist leader) he is the one to contact, i think. all other people work for the restaurant. the restaurant owner (GmbH = limited company) is offering a lot of events during the year. theyhave knight festivals and as a high light hallooooweeeeeen nights They Do It very nice with actors from theater with awfull masks and lots of red cetchup !! nobody realy works for the castle. all work for the restaurant. Send me more input about your project - work and i want to See What I can do for you. i live about 3 miles away from castle did. so easy for me to find out what is importend for you. give a feed back if you want more and what informations. have a great day Gerd B & B bergstrasse boardinghouse www.bannwaldgang.de bannwaldgang@arcor.de
Answer provided by Gerd Glaser on 10/17/2015
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