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The Grand Garden of Dresden (Großer Garten)

The Grand Garden of Dresden (Großer Garten)
The Grand Garden of Dresden (Großer Garten)

The Großer Garten (English: Great Garden) is a baroque style park in Dresden. It is oblong in shape and covers an area of about 2 km² in a central location of the city. Established in 1676 as a hunting preserve, it has been a public garden since 1814. Pathways and avenues are arranged symmetrically throughout its area. The Palace at the point where the avenues meet is a jewel of early Baroque. It is still used today for festive events in the middle of green surroundings. In the summer, the open-air stages and the puppet theater are always popular. Other attractions include the Botanical Garden and the zoo, while Volkswagen's manufacture of luxury cars in its Transparent Factory on the edge of the park is a symbol of the modern. For the journey into the wide landscape of experience, visitors young and old like to use the park railway, which is traditionally operated by Dresden schoolchildren.

[ Source: http://www.dresden.de/dtg/en/sights/the_old_city/grosser_garten_park.php ]

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Address: Kavaliershaus G, Hauptallee 5, 01219 Dresden
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"What is the history behind the Grosser Garten? Who built it? Who lived in it? Why did they build it? Any information like that please." (posted 02/17/2016)

About 'Grosser Garten' in Dresden The large largest Baroque park in Dresden which given in order by King Johann George III in 1676. An area of ​​1.8 square kilometers changed through the years. Georg Starke established the 'summer palace' House in 1680. Today this park is not a formal French (Baroque) Garden (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_formal_garden) but very beautiful, with 300 years old trees, the Dresden Zoo, Botanical Garden, railways for small trains (narrow gauge railway), typical in Germany around 1800, a football stadium (Dynamo Dresden Football Club), a cafe and a private School for Languages ​​and Art. Highly recommend for all Dresden and Germany # vistors is 'German hygiene Museum' - not far away and one of the most interesting places in Dresden / in Germany! The Great Garden was from 1676 on behalf of the future (from 1680) Elector Johann Georg III. planned and designed. First archival references relate to the necessary land purchases. The original plan of the court gardener Martin Göttler saw a square base with an edge length of 1.9 kilometers, which located at the heart of the Palais, and also star-shaped running avenues before. The park should be divided by a likewise guided in the square channel in an inner and outer zones with different functions. This plan was implemented to 1683, was used as a commission to review the progress of construction and the further development, only in its infancy. As a result, Johann Friedrich Karcher was commissioned to redesign and appointed head gardener of the Great Garden. This office he held until 1722, as an increasing blindness it impossible for him to continue his work. [1] In the revised Karcher plan that explicitly referring to contemporary French models, there was the at that time at least in the shell completed Palais at the center the plant. The layout of the garden, however, was no longer square, but crosswise as well as the diagonal avenues favor of a system longitudinal and transverse alleys were abandoned. In addition, the base of the garden was reduced, which resulted in 1692 previously bought or expropriated land was returned to the former owners. 1693/94 were based on a design Karchers eight pavilions, the so-called cavalier houses built. They were joined by chains and walls and enclosed in this way the inner garden area around the Palais. more information: https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Großer_Garten_(Dresden)
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Dear Sirs, "Great Garden" is the O-Schatz Park, 100 meters from our apartment. There are deer enclosure, for fallow deer, meerkats, pigs, rabbits, goats, sheep, birds, wild ducks and entirely, on the Rose Lake. In a large hall, a "Coffee Pots Collection" and is also in Giniss - Book of Records. The park is free entry. Opening times during the winter season: open from October to March 9:00 to 16 pm in the summer months from April to September 9 o'clock to 18 pm The park was newly Designed in 2006 for Landesgartenschau Sachsen, will very well maintained by the Oschatzer life e. V. Regional Association Oschatz. From 1st to. June 6, 2016 will take place again a small garden show and we look forward to many visitors. Sincerely Ruth Thieme
Answer provided by Ruth Thieme on 02/17/2016
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