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Church of our Lady (Liebfrauenkirch)

Church of our Lady (Liebfrauenkirch)
Liebfrauenkirch and Oberwesel

Even from a distance, the Church of Our Lady, which is in a slightly elevated location at the southern end of Oberwesel, defines the appearance of the town. It is one of the very important high Gothic churches in Germany.

Formerly a collegiate church, the present construction was started in 1308, consecrated in 1331 and completed up to the base of the polygonal tower in 1351. Besides the fine structures of its components, the church’s architectonic quality is first and foremost revealed in its proportions. The flat surfaces of the structure were made possible by locating the buttresses inside the church. The rhythm of the exterior wall arises solely from the regularly spaced rows of slender, trefoil windows.

An exceptionally large stock of furnishings, dating back to the time of construction, has been preserved in the Church of Our Lady. Among other things, the furnishings include: the high altar, the choir screen, the tabernacle, the choir stalls, the preserved remains of stained glass and the bells. The bells were all cast upon or shortly after the completion of the church, during the course of the 14th up to the beginning of the 15th century.

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Address: Martinsberg 1, 55430 Oberwesel
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"Can I please have a contact number or email address for the Church of our Lady?" (posted 09/29/2014)

So - if the Church of Our Lady is meant in Oberwesel, you actually need to enter it only on the Internet. - It is a very beautiful Gothic church in Oberwesel. It's worth it to see. For more information available on the Internet at Oberwesel. - I think this church is meant. - Of course there are many other churches in Germany, which are so called. Also in Munich. But Oberwesel located 6 km from Bacharach down the Rhine and I think this church is meant. I wish you a nice day! Gisela Ginsberg
Answer provided by Gisela Ginsberg on 10/04/2014
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Good day, many greetings from Bacharach I know only one Church of Our Lady in Oberwesel. You can find description under www.oberwesel.de sights the Church of Our Lady in Oberwesel. I hope I could help you Dietmar Marckert
Answer provided by Dietmar Marckert on 09/29/2014
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Please contact Catholic parish office Tel +49 (0) 6744 94077 (I do not know If They speak english) I found Following information at wikipedia. The Church of Our Lady in Oberwesel is a Gothic ecclesiastical architecture on the Middle Rhine. Since 2002, the Church of Our Lady part of the UNESCO World Heritage Upper Middle Rhine Valley. Contents 1 History 2 Construction and Equipment 2.1 2.2 Outside Internal 2.3 Organ 3 External links 4 See also History Originally outside the city walls at the foot of the beautiful castle situated, the 1213 first Mentioned church which probably Send founded in the 12th century. In 1258 it Became a collegiate applicable. The present building which created in the first half of the 14th century. Construction is an inscription, Which Consists of 44 letters and runs on Glass windows in the tracery of the choir, End of month 30 have received in Their original, [1] dating back to 1308 Although the inscription Itself Arose later, probably Send at the 1331st [2] The choir consecration in 1331 is documentary evidence, the completion is accor ding to dendrochronological dating of the west tower to be set after 1351 in the Following years therewere Hardly any significant structural changes. By 1400 the church which Involved in the enlargement of the city walls in the town fortifications. The most serious incision what the demolition of the monastery buildings and the cloister after the secularization 1803rd Construction and Equipment Outside The three-aisled basilica with western cross houseless tower and choir in the 8.5 for the late Gothic period typical of the mendicant orders -influenced architecture reductive Gothic is Relatively short, exceptionally in the length contrast in Their slenderness and steepness. The exterior comes up on the West tower without buttresses, the supporting columns are Moved as pilasters inside. The relative brevity of the building in favor of its steepness is even more striking inside. The actual longhouse is less of a rood screen demarcated by deeply indented pin choir and the lower Turmjoche with three bays just as long as high (this proportion of the interior recalls, more over, to the Romanesque parish church in the Neighboring Bacharach). Interior The pin choir, Which is the sanctuary of Measured longer than the actual longhouse is completed by a filigree rood screen from the time it what built, with open tracery and two (originally six) statues in the spandrels. The high altar, Which was probably Send done already in the choir consecrated in 1331, is a miniature reproduction of Gothic portal sculpture (after stealing the altar figures in 1975 are now the most returned). A arisings to 1340 Crucifix oak was stolen along with other characters already in the late 19th century from the high altar, and came into the Mainzer Antiquities Museum, today Landesmuseum Mainz. [3] The "architecture" of the altar shrine memories of Their tracery and rosettes on the south facade of the St. Catherine's Church in Oppenheim. In addition, there are several grave monuments from the 14th to the 17th century, highlight the epitaph for Ludwig von Ottenstein [4], Gothic murals on the pillars (16th c.) - Are the so-called single out, length of Christ ' [5] as a special late medieval piety and Example of the representation of St. Rochus [6] -, the Baroque organ by Franz Joseph Eberhard (1740/45) and Baroque ciborium, chalice and monstrance of the 18th century in the sacristy. Organ The organ of the Church of Our Lady of Franz Joseph Eberhard what rebuilt several times, expanded and renovated. Recently on electronic combination system which installed in 2001 The instrument Has a total of 54 registers on three manuals and pedal. The Spieltrakturen are Mechanically, the Registertrakturen are electric. Kind regards, Ingrid tile www.fewo-kachel.de
Answer provided by Ingrid Kachel on 09/29/2014
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Oberwesel is a town in the Rhein-Hunsrück district, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany. It is situated on the left bank of the Rhine, approx. 30 km southeast of Koblenz. It is part of the Verbandsgemeinde ("collective municipality") Sankt Goar-Oberwesel.

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