Burghausen (Altötting) Travel Tip:
Burghausen Castle

Burghausen Castle
Burghausen Castle

The longest castle in Europe (1,043 meters) and one of Germany's largest, it perches high above the small baroque town of Burghausen in Upper Bavaria on the Austrian border, just like in a fairytale. Its many towers have seen more than a thousand years of history. This monument to late-medieval fortress architecture is laid out like a vast picture spread. The castle's present appearance with its fortified towers, walls which are five metres thick in places, outer wards, keep, ditches, banqueting halls and drawbridges dates from the 13th to 15th centuries. It also has dark chapters in its history, as evidenced by the witches' tower and torture tower (now a museum), the Spinnhäusl for female prisoners and the Prechtl Tower, in which the executioner lived in the 18th century.

Hours: April - September: 9am - 6pm. October - March: 10am - 4pm.

Admission: Adults 3 €, Concessions 2 €.

[ Source: http://www.germany-tourism.de ]

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Address: Burg Nr. 48, 84489 Burghausen
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"hello is it difficult to visit the castel for 80 year old persons ? , is it whors to stay in BURGHAUSEN for 2-3 days ? thank you joseph katz" (posted 01/16/2015)

Hello, no, it is not difficult because the castle starts right at the parking lot. No difficult slopes and narrow paths. We go straight along.
Answer provided by Josef Gramsamer on 01/17/2015
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Burghausen (Altötting)

Burghausen is the largest city in the Altötting district of Oberbayern in Bavaria near the border with Austria. Its castle, atop a ridge, is the longest castle in Europe.

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