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Herrenchiemsee Abbey (Old Palace)

Herrenchiemsee Abbey (Old Palace)
Aerial view of the abbey on Herrenchiemsee

Herrenchiemsee Benedictine Abbey was established about 765 at the northern peak of the Herreninsel by Duke Tassilo III of Bavaria. In the course of the German Mediatisation in 1803 Herrenchiemsee Abbey was secularised and the Chiemsee bishopric finally dissolved in 1808. The island then was sold, various owners demolished the cathedral and turned the abbey into a brewery. Plans for the complete deforestation of the island were blocked by King Ludwig II, who acquired Herrenchiemsee in 1873. He had the leftover buildings converted for his private use, the complex that later became known as the Old Palace, where he stayed while surveying the construction of the New Herrenchiemsee Palace.

The four wings of the monastery enclose a large, almost rectangular courtyard with an idyllic rose garden. The convent tract (east wing) with halls and monks' cells was built in 1645-49, the brewery tract (west wing) in 1661-65. In the princes' tract (south wing), which dates from 1700-16, were the monastery kitchen, state halls and accommodation for noble guests. The courtyard was closed off with the prelacy tract (north wing), built in 1727-30. In 1998 a Bavarian history museum was opened in the convent tract and princes' tract. The prelacy tract (north wing) houses the Julius Exter Art Gallery with around 100 works of the artist. The Platanensaal (Hall of Planes) with its view of the Fraueninsel was created in 1893.

Hours: April – mid-October: 9 am – 6 pm. Mid-October – 31 March: 10 am - 4:45 pm.

[ Source: http://www.herren-chiemsee.de/englisch/o_palace/index.htm ]

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Address: Altes Schloss 3 · 83209 Herrenchiemsee
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Herrenchiemsee is a complex of royal buildings on the Herreninsel, an island in the middle of the Chiemsee, Bavaria's largest lake, 60 km south east of Munich. The Augustine Monastery Herrenchiemsee, later converted into the Old Palace (Altes Schloss)…

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